Sunday, December 29, 2013

This is what a Break-Out Heads-Up in the PM Complex looks like

This is an Oscillator of the Breadth in the PM Complex, that works much like the McClellan Oscillator's work in the DJ and Gen Market sectors, and from their work we know that the Breadth Supports or resists Advances.  Here the Raw Data, in RED, has AGAIN decisively punched thru the BLUE moving Average, and the pronounced "W" pattern in the GDX is very apparent.  IMO> this is a heads up to us to watch a PM Sector rally Climb the Wall of Worry, right into the New Year.  So far it appears there is a lot of running room before it finds itself in "Over-Extended" territory, and should the $BPBDM, % of GDM Stocks in Bullish P & F Charts, tick upward, this cycle could re-cycle itself over and over until we reach a peak in the $BPGDM, which in Bull Runs has been in excess of 70+%.  Right now it stands at just 10% and thus has a lot of room to run upwards.  I think this is a major "Heads-Up".

Friday, December 27, 2013


CONFIRMED by Short, Intermediate & Long Term Breadth & Volume Measures.  Today the last of 6 of them, broke out to the Upside, into Positive territory.  Graphix will follow ASAP upon rtn home.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Stealth Advance under the smoke screen of intense pessism from MSM assualt, and Guru attack?

   I expect that over the 12 Days of Christmas we will be treated to a real and confirmed advance in the GDX, perhaps not as spectacular as last Jul's rally but none-the-less, validated an confirmed.  Its MY opinion, so lets see.  First there is this:

    Then today's action, wiped out the negative action of last week and leaves us with tomorrow's shortened Christmas Eve Session to Take-Care-of-Business.
Your call, your money, IMO, this is about as bottom as you get, or could get a position in easily, with the smokescreen of the Christmas Holiday.  I shall hope its is a gift, and I hope it  is my gift to you.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
and its counter-part that I have marked with a support line

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Somebody playing with Copper? A mystery entity engages the Copper market, and GDX does a head Fake

When I think of Wheelman, Getaway drivers, two lyrics come to mind,  "Baby you can drive my car"( Beatles) and Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild"

"Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way"
 I for sure am keeping my motor running, my launch Mission on "Warm Standby".
We experienced a let-down yesterday, not a Failure-To-Launch.  Our 5 Coal Mine Canaries with the notable exception of COPX, are all flat. COPX on the other hand appears to have left the starting line in sterling fashion. 
                 Copper Miner ETF!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Keep the motor running, Wheelman, we may need a getaway vehicle yet...........

 What you are about to see, is a depiction of the up vs. down volume in the GDX, over time.  It  appears that this advance has died out as of Dec 19.

HOWEVER, this exact pattern was seen in the beginning of the June advance where virtually EVERYONE but a couple wags were certain we'd test and break old lows.   So far those lows have held.    Considering that virtually every bit of data and every measure is tainted as in "The Books are Cooked,  The Tape is Painted, and The Money is Queer.", its hard to take seriously small % moves violating old lows.  Seems that TIME and DIRECTION are our ONLY reliable constants, with everything else suspect.   Given this, I illustrate the Up / Down volume balance of the GDX.
Small though it is, it does show in Example "Y" ( Red Circle, Green Letters), that there are head fakes even in volume measures, and even as it is, I am putting my attention on STANDYBY, Warm - i.e. keep your engines running, even if it is a No-Idle Zone.

    The entire issue is that all measures of technical movement are in seriously overextended downside positions.   Can they get deeper, yes, but at that point they flatten down on the bottom like whale manure, and cant go any lower.

Next post we will look at some "canaries in the coal mine" and see if they hold any info for us.

Meanwhile some ideas concerning "shifting sands" which it seems the Western Financial System is based on:

Charles Hugh Smith's blog

and the reference that Matt Tabbi used to QUARTZ in an block-buster article


   the Operative quote being:

"For those keeping score: That means the world’s key price benchmarks for interest rates, energy and currencies may now all be compromised."

  So the question you ask yourself is NOT " Do I feel Lucky Today" but


The real deal is you have to put on your X-RAY vision glasses, like Clark Kent to see thru the fog. 

Tune in again and see if the canaries are still singing............ 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Well it looks nice, but does it taste good ?

     Now all Christmas like see the nice big GREEN volume sticks?  Does this look like the saucer that Nana uses under the mug of hot chocolate she used to make for you ?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unnecessary risks or "My Get Out of Jail Free Card has expired ?"

As much as I like this guy,  I am quite on edge when what he says publicly contradicts what he says publicly.  It gives the case of that terrible affliction,
COGNITIVE DISSONANCE (sic), and I toss and turn, trying to pick out what doesn't fit together right, as if a puzzle created with a hammer, jigsaw and chicken soup.  Right, it makes me lose sleep.  Something is wrong here, and the more explanations we get the wronger it gets.  Judge for yourself what Martin Armstrong has to say.  All that is here, is taken from what HE says.  I enjoy reading his works, which of course leads to my surprise as he contradicts himself, and hence my discomfort.  You decide for yourself.

Lets assume that MA is a good market analyst, and student of human behavior. I do. His work on capital flows and time cycles are excellent, with certain exceptions IMO.

Now lets go to one of his most oft repeated ( and accepted ) premises about humans.

Events repeat because human passions never change” - that's a liberal paraphrase that I think will stand.

Thus, if his writings are true, they will adhere to his logic and principles or be subject to being thought false.

Human passions include, Greed, Ego, and Control, three of which we focus upon as we examine the current situation.

Note: Not all bulls must be wiped out to start a Bull market. Just the ones with effective demand, less than effective supply.

The BOYZ by Armstrong's concept, are in the biz to PROFIT, i.e. From GREED, so we see that human passion as a constant.

DIRECT QUOTE:”The Club are in this game for the quick fast buck – not for systemic manipulation.
Thus if GREED were a constant in say, manipulating Gold Paper Contracts, imagine one of the Anointed Fund Managers, in Gold, liquidating it, saying “Wow I was able to dump all my contracts AT ONCE, and lowered my realized return 12% by selling in a bunch into that Illiquidity at midnite !” I took it down so hard I broke EVERY BID so I could not make a dime. Wasn't that GREAT ? ?!?!” Please give me a break here. Do we think for a minute a profit-seeking manager would do that? Especially if they were liquidating to save their bacon...NO.

DIRECT QUOTE: Talking directly with real sources, it has been liquidation. Really ?
DIRECT QUOTE:”You simply MUST break the back of sentiment to reverse a trend be it up or down.
Wow – does anyone NOT think the Back of the Sentiment concerning Gold NOT been broken ALREADY ? Again, REALLY ??

EGO – hardly likely that MA is playing in these markets, but he is the one with the EGO on the line, so lets cross that one off for now.

CONTROL – well by process of elimination, this becomes a prime candidate. Who would want to control the Gold Paper price and make it appear less likely >? Quo Bono, or who profits from this ? A secondary question is whom is big enough to marshal enough capital or margin to make these sales.

Note: That physical demand in Asia is strong is irrelevant?

Note: If it were the CLUB with its myriad members, its likely they WOULD blow up, but if there is only ONE ACTOR and one member, its as likely NOT, IMO.

On one hand, MA suggests that without the Paper Gold Market there would be no liquidity, and the next moment suggests that “Normal Liquidations” occur at midnite with no one trading on the Paper Gold Market, so then I have to ask, where's the liquidity, and laugh as you will, but have you ever heard of e-Bay. Would someone try something like that the merchants would be cleaned OUT instantly.

DIRECT QUOTE: “From a price perspective,so far there is no indication that gold is entering a long-term bear market. We should confine the decline to 3 years max and the sharp price drop we just saw is VERY GOOD because we want to see it thrust down to achieve that decline within the short time frame. This is always about price and time. So if we can see gold break the 1,000 level in 2014, we have a reasonable shot at this being finished. If we do not see that price level, then yes, we could see it drag on for 5 years total. “ THIS is from a guy that called for $5,000 Gold BEFORE he got out of prison ON Parole, based on the same research he is using now.

So lets now look at the evidence, although incomplete, and circumstantial, and see if it worth bothering with,

Pre-Release, MA predicts “$5K gold. Post-Release – predicts Gold must go under $1K to set up the next bull move.

MA says human passions for profit never change.

MA then says, funds are the ones liquidating gold.
What fund would have such an interest in liquidating that much gold in poor trades?
What fund has the resources to margin that much gold?
What fund would NOT be prosecuted for manipulation of this sort?

MA then says, its normal for a fund manager to limit or lessen his profit by selling the worst possible quantity at the worst possible time.
WHOA is that contradiction?
MA says The Club or The Boyz are only in this for a quick profit. OK so which idea is right here? Either they are in it for profit, or is it NOT THEM but someone else?

MA says that we must break the back of the Bull sentiment in Gold.
Really, its not done yet? REALLY ?

Really Martin? I think you are doing such a bad job of covering up what, IMO, is the action of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, that if beating up gold was a condition of your parole, your take risks, as what you say makes no sense.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not only does this guy have them NAILED, it brings up a very humorous point

 He addresses a vital point, in the article "MONEYCHANGERS" - simply,
 TOO MUCH MONEY IS GOING INTO SAVINGS.   I know you'd like to know who,what, why, how, when and where, because from where I sit, I know its NOT HAPPENING to me - is it happening to you ?  NO ? Well then, WHAT is going ON ?

     Here is what I have figured out from what I found out:  


What money you say ?  I say, remember when you earned a living wage ?
Remember when you didn't need a home equity loan to have a boat and could
pay for things outright.  THAT MONEY !  The money that you got when, after WWII there was a social compact agreed upon that after winning the BIG ONE,  the working class could enjoy a bit of respite, whilst the LEISURE CLASS took their foot of the windpipe of the WORKING CLASS ?  Sadly I had an early look, at it coming to an end about 20+ years ago, reading a radical rag outlining just this premise.    Yeah, we didn't notice too much at the time, like a frog in a pot being slowly boiled by raising the temp 1 deg F per hour ........ and now we are boiled.......

      Remember when  you had equity in your home unreduced by the Home Equity Line of Credit......?  Remember when we had employment where we made things, not cleaned them?   Yep, that money.....gained in a double whammy by off-shoring our jobs, and reducing our employment classification from manufacturing, to service sector ?  Yep that money.  Oh yeah remember when you did not HAVE to have a CELL FONE ?  Oh its not mandatory you say?  Try not having much was  your entertainment and telecom bill last month ?  Yeah, That Money !.How about when your kid(s) and or grand kids come home to consolidate their bills and living quarters, under your roof or in your rental property, because 3 student loans and 2 degrees still have not produced a liveable income for them.  Yes Student Loans.  YEAH THAT MONEY !!
      Now give credit where credit is due.  All the changes were gradual, and all could be rationalized, at the time, even if it carried a 19.9% Interest rate or for those SPECIAL of us, a 29.9% rate.  No pressure, just yearning for a better life - did we fail at our due dilgence?  Maybe, but we got "F" for gullibility.!!

      For damn sure, the SUPER RICH are saving too damned much money.
The Velocity of Money has gone through the floor.  Is that because the 99% are spending too little money?  Or is it because we have too little to spend......?
Lets figure this money is in deep, deep pockets from which it NEVER emerges until our homes and farms and businesses are on the block of forclosure at 2% on the Dollar ( another joke, the corruption of the term MONEY ).
       So if we track the Velocity of the money of the 99%, it's like an F-16 on AfterBurner, and for the 1%, it might as well be a snail.    
    The old saying is that money like manure is no good in one big pile, to really work it has to be spread around.     Sitting in large piles in corporate treasuries and Bank Balance sheets, they don't have to earn anything but a positive return to be of value, and that could be as low as 0.1%.  Beings that they get the money gratis from the FED, its all gravy.  NO you and I in the 1% don't get gravy.  What we are getting now makes the daily ration of fish heads and rice water in an Asian POW Camp look like a 9 course buffet.  We get "Debt-Script" or SlaveMoney which essentially can only be spent at the Company Store.  
We DON'T get money (MONEY)(Wiki Money).   We get transactional currency, Debt-Script, which always has a counter-party paying us something in a price ratio, but no fixed value.  Dear me, do NOT bring up GOLD/SILVER unless you want to be harangued all nite till the liver is scared out of you about them.
   Apparently our part in all this as per the 1% is to work willingly and cooperatively in this system to attain their approval and "Attaboys", keeping calm and carrying on so they can claw back all the peasants managed to filch from the estate without their prior approval.

   Now friends, don't get me wrong.  I am not bitter.  I have made my million, and spent it, (well almost made a million but spent more), and have a happy life.  I just wonder when people like Summers and Geither will be laughed off the public stage telling us WE ARE SAVING TOO MUCH MONEY.
    I just wonder when people will tell governments to piss off, that the Govt does not need to know who our friends are that we play Candy Crush with,  and when said Govt's are going to UnFriend the Saudis for playing Double Agent in 9/11 against us.
   I am wondering when Governmental Double Speak, about Hope for the future, is squared up with Borrowing everyone's future, and bringing the lunacy of this "Apocalypse NOW" war machine back to normal scale.
   I am wondering when Vox Populi will realize that CHINA is not the biggest enemy of the WEST, but rather as Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy and he is US", he is the 1% that would sell us out for Vutton, Chanel, on their wrists, feet and hands........  As MA said, glad I am mortal......LOL.

Maybe in the next installment you can read why Martin Armstrong's "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" card may turn into a pumpkin if he is not careful.

One little chart to leave you with, from a guy, who knows a guy, who has a cousin that works on the inside:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oscar Wilde?

I don't know the wag that quoted they thought someone a fool because they knew the price of everything but the value of nothing but sounds like it could have been Oscar Wilde.

To SRSRocco Report - >

  In a recent article by SRS Rocco, whom I read some as we exchange ideas,  he mentioned two things, and I think in juxtaposition but I am sure he knows that........probably his editor's screw up.
   The two words are VALUE and PRICE.  As we know there are people constantly trying to misdirect concerning these two things.   Price is something that exists in a moment in time, even if it is something like the INSIDIOUS CRIMEX paper pretend prices for Specie Metals.  These quotes for paper have declined by PRICE perhaps 30% in 2013, with various interruptions up and down.  Meanwhile, real world purchases of the real delivered metals have declined in transaction price, but to lesser extent, perhaps half that.    Funny, that, since obtaining Specie Metals in small measure has become more difficult, and in large measure, exponentially so....HMMMM -  I think I know what is at the core of that.
  VALUE.    Simply that I so highly value specie in my possession no amount of monkeying around with the supposed price will change anything.  "Cold dead fingers" and such.......  and such is the disconnect.     No counter party risk exists and our ounces are constant unlike the shifting sands of fiat currencies.  VALUE is how we feel about it in our GUT.  Nothing more complex.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hilarious Rendition by Stacey Keach of JPM's Twitter fiasco

Give credit where its due, and gold to the few

and read Charles Smith's blog, its always a gem

   You don't have to wonder what goes on the macro world when you read that blog.

Hot Chart for Hot Feeds

you can see the results of this particular chart with our HOT FEEDs blog subscription
I think the results could be profitable, PROFIT NOW ! SIGN up NOW !

Time to give thanks.

For those of us reading this, let us give thanks for literacy, being connected to each other, food, clothing, shelter, family and the ability to manage the affairs of daily living.  Let us have compassion for the rest of the world, probably 80% of human-kind lacking the means to assure themselves of these things.  Simple.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

This is for everyone

     Not, “If we don't go to the Mall”, not
If there is no NFL/NHL/NBA Game”
Without fail, we will remember,intentionally all those people who made it possible for me to write these words and distribute them.
As well it means an abiding antipathy to those who would fail to defend our rights, pre-political as humans, and how we relate to each other.
I DO NOT mean this as a glorification or endorsement of war or conflict or those who fail to engage sufficient conflict-resolution as to avoid such senseless losses.
Honor those who cared for you, their memory and families, ideals and aspirations.  DG

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10:30 AM Eastern Time, N.America & Europe Web Chat

Your invited
East Coast US and all applicable time "Zones 

Web chat link =
PassWord = precious mettle
Time 10:30 AM Eastern US   Nov 5


10 spots, advance registration helps 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Land 'Ho, Whale Island dead ahead !!

Or at least that is what I take the last Blog post on Stock Charts to mean, 
concerning the Ram Bullish % of the GDX Stocks in Positive P & F formations.

     Interestingly enough two of our most outstanding topographic features, the "Straits of Hell" and "Whale Island" are featured in this Blog Post on Stock Charts (ARTICLE - Click Here).   
     What we, DENALIGUIDE SUMMIT & PEAK PICKS called Jul 1, they now see !
So clear is hindsight.  Gee, so easy a Neanderthal could do it, if they pay attention. 
           Main difference?  We did it.  Drop us a note if you'd like a copy.
   I will send you one free with your first FREE month and subscription as well, simple sign up on the sidebar. 

 Single copies from that period are free.  Drop us a note, talk to us......

   So now What >?  First, who is HOT, who is not ?  Second, how tactically to you take advantage of this without getting incinerated ? 
                                I got an "APP" for that !

   There is HOT Short Term, and there is HOT Long Term, which do you want?
DOES IT MATTER?  Yes it Does !!

    Whatever the advance that started Mid June of this year turns out to be, the horse your riding, and the race your running WILL matter.  So far we have had TWO short term Profit taking legs so far, or one very nice long term LONG
It depends on  how you play.

   Lets look at the evidence.  First, courtesy of Stock Charts, we have a good look at WHALE ISLAND, an Island Bottom in the making 7 months LARGE.   Until the STRAITS of HELL are Bridged or Jumped, its an Island.   Whether it becomes a peninsula remains to be scene, but Stock Charts and Arthur Hill seem to think there will be some kind of conflict fought over the Straits of Hell

    I cannot say, except to identify the kind of force that was used to create the Western Mouth of the Straits, by the hammer hand of the guys who created the TAX DAY MASSACRE.  Maybe they were too heavy handed, but this is now history and remains to be defined when the STRAITS are crossed on their Eastern Mouth.   The Straits were created in Violence and Conflict, and could just as well be resolved in the same manner, rather than organized Bridge building.

       Lets look at WEDGIE-360  which is HISTORY now

    As we see it is Fait Accompli, an accomplished fact that HUI broke out of a very steep falling wedge on a MONTHLY basis, implying a powerful long term formation, perhaps eliminating all buyers and sellers inside the wedge at that time.   Thus, goes the theory, the trend reverses in a decisive manner.......
  So we shall see.......

   Now lets look at the Cycle component I named X-PSYKO a few months back

  Bottoming on-time as it could, scaring all the BBQ'd Bulls, and giving false hope to the Shorts and the Bears, X-PSYKO is doing its job,  the question remains, is going to be the "GRIND it OUT ON THE GROUND" Green Bay kinda Ball-control game or are they going to go to the ShotGun Offense and bomb the opposition with lots of TD passes?

    And then again it is the matter of Nuking the Comex gold contracts that dug the Straits of HELL, and created WHALE ISLAND, the 6 mo long critical ISLAND REVERSAL Element in place and waiting.......

           In Fact, I don't see how it matters too much whether your a SHORT or a Bear, its clear that Nuking the PM Complex on the Tax Day Massacre was the wrong thing to do, either through hubris or incompetence, or so I feel.
          Since we have discussed some of these FACTS before, I repeat them knowing that as long as a play is working, you keep running it.  That applies.

  One last thing:  WHY Wait to PROFIT?   PROFIT NOW> SIGN UP NOW !

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jing Wu Men - "The Chinese Connection"

We know Krugman is not smart enuf, just another Ivy League knothead way over his head.    Now NEO might be smart enuf to pull it off, but he is not about to tell but you might know if you took the RED PILL.

Lets consider the CRIMEX price notation known my nickname of INSIDIOUS, keeps dropping and dropping, all the while the world is going to Hades in a handbasket.   
                           JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?
One of the more nagging questions has been swirling in my head as I fall asleep.   The REAL GOLD price runs a 12.5% premium to Gold's INSIDIOUS, and the REAL SILVER price runs a 25% premium to Silver's INSIDIOUS.  
      What the hell is happening.........
Well long ago and far away, there was a CHINESE CONNECTION btwn the Brits, whom now we will characterize as the Anglo Banking Cartel ( ABC for short), and Gold Metal Accumulators  (GMA) ( mostly Chinese & Indian).  The connection btwn these guys was TEA.
   And no one need look farther than the CUTTY SARK for both proof and narrative as to the connection.

   Now could it be that the ABC would like to spin out its game of FiatNam a bit farther, than they could if they had a REAL GOLD MARKET instead of a
"JUST KIDDING" Mart like the Crimex.   However we all know it takes TWO to Tango.  Just suppose we had a guy, who knew a guy, who could supply us with a lot of "STUFF" one eighth to one quarter UNDER the market, IF we kept our mouths shut.  Hmmm.  I mean who would not want that??  You, me?

  Now I think the GMA would be happy to be assured of a supply of STUFF, at below market prices in exchange for not dumping US Treasuries.  That might continue until there is no more STUFF for incentive.  The STUFF might be
 thrice owned gold known as "leased" which will never find its way home again cause its ownership chain is being erased thru re-smelting and re-casting, eliminating the danger of finding Tungsten cores in Gold Bars, hmmm.

  An interesting coincidence has been the kick off of the "Summer Precious
Metals Rally" and large sales of US Treasuries in June of 2013, by PRC.   PRC has lots of US Treas Debt, and it would be nice if they would not dump it all at the same time, but logic would dictate that they do otherwise unless they wanted to and were prepared to create havoc in the debt market.  Certainly those selling debt are far less prepared then those holding it, for such a deal.

    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ? And HOW long will it keep happening?
My Scientific wild guess is that it will go on until one or the other party decides its no longer in their interest to hold up their end of the deal.
Will it be when the West runs out of Gold to be Sold "Down the River" so to speak, or will it be when those holding Western Debt decide its no longer a good idea, that Western Currency depreciation has gone on too long ?

  Now each and every reader of this has the right, duty a, nd obligation to question what I am saying as part of their PERSONAL Due Diligence process,
so I wanted to provide some rationale for what I say here.  FIRST, like a Civil rather than a Criminal Trial, a higher level of Circumstantial Evidence is acceptable rather than direct evidence.   Circumstantial Evidence relies on an inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact, whereas DIRECT EVIDENCE supports the truth of an assertion without referral or inference.

     The following is observed and when taken together with a number of other observations, can be thought to be CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.

1/  Physical Inventories of Silver & Gold Metal, as evidenced by published reports, are dropping in the Western Hemisphere and rising in the Eastern Hemisphere.

2/  Precious Metals Refineries throughout the world, are working at fulll capacity with a large % of that operational capacity dedicated to re-casting existing larger bars into both large and medium Good Delivery Bars and Kilo Bars (previously less popular in the Western Markets).

3/ "INSIDIOUS" or CRIMEX pricing notation, is consistently 12.5% below PHYSICAL GOLD and 25% below PHYSICAL SILVER Sales especially notable since the TAX DAY Massacre.

   Now from selling our homes to selling stuff at flea markets we know that the goods flow to the  highest prices.    We are faced with watching the INSIDIOUS Pricing consistently below that of PHYSICAL pricing, thus, even in ABNORMAL Times indicates a preference for PHYSICAL METAL vs Paper Contracts.

   Please don't jump to any conclusions but apply simple logic as to Supply, Demand and Pricing Dynamics.
    I come up with the idea that it would be mutual beneficial to both The GMA & ABC to do this 
"Infernal Swap Agreement" of selling Gold as cheaply as possible to forestall chaos of dumping in the debt market.  Note that in JUNE, it was a cessation of buying, not a flood of selling, of US Debt.  I have not attempted to imagine the level of havoc that would be caused by aggressive selling.  It would NOT be in the GMA's interest to DUMP debt like I suspect the ABC has been doing with Gold Paper Contracts.  I think it would threaten the integrity of the Debt Markets were it done in that fashion.

   There are lots of other "funny" things that have happened, but based on what we know, we can conclude that higher prices and demand from the GMA are drawing Gold & Silver to it, and we also conclude they [GMA]  are primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere.  This leaves a lot of questions open, the answers to which we will likely never know for sure.  But since Actions Speak Louder than Words, we can take FWIW, the conclusions of that.

     I am never so concerned about WHY as WHAT, due to the fact that we will likely never know WHY, so I skip it, so I offer the above to support my suspicion that a "CHINESE CONNECTION" may well exist as a tacit agreement btwn the ABC & GMA.  Its a suspicion, a theory, with circumstantial evidence, not  more. Suit yourself.

   A good guy you may want to read is SRS ROCCO REPORT.
He is a good guy and publishes good stuff..

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stalingrad ? Midway ? Gettysburg ? Bastonge ?

In a rather cruel but hardly novel way, those  in control of media, oft name their foes in such fashion as to inspire negative feelings.  After much discussion, I am still not convinced the French did not cause the Lakota Indigenous Peoples to be named after the timber rattlesnake.  After all given European military tactics, I am sure the Lakota warriors could strike repeatedly without being detected, with fatal effect.......and so the name is there to this day.

I propose we name the Comex, now known as the CRIMEX for their dastardly exploitation of producers, have its supposed Gold Pricing notation, now be known as "INSIDIOUS" for the continuing ill it imposes on those who use it.

Would that profit not be a motive, anyone could unleash torrents of the supposed commodity at hand, onto a almost sleeping market with no volume and cause that commodities instant price to plummet, while using order of magitude volume to achieve it, this would be considered manipulation.
   But works like this have been pronounced "NOT MANIPULATION" by The Powers That Be, so this is no longer a crime (don't try this at home, you will be arrested and charges laid and you will ANSWER for you ACTIONS in Court.
You will.  The CRIMEX will not.  So lets just use the non-violent means at our disposal, and call it for what it is: INSIDIOUS.
    No regime ever survives being laughed at, no one can trump humor, when it is seen the Emporer has NO CLOTHES and is laughed at.  Its at your disposal, you can use it, ...........

    So what is the Real GOLD COIN price?  First, no person can buy Gold for the CRIMEX price, if you do let me far no takers.

So what does a 1 oz Real Gold Coin sell for ?  Lets look at the American Gold Eagle, pretty well accepted as a 1 oz Gold Coin.  One coin, well no, lets look at a roll of 20, selling for U$D 28,519.26 or U$D 1,425, a far cry from the last Crimex price fraud of U$D 1,318.90, seemingly a disparity until you realize the CRIMEX number is a promise to deliver .........a paper promise not, Metal Gold.

Now, U$D 1,425 is a price for a timely delivered AGE coin in a roll of 20, delivered to YOUR ADDRESS In the USA.  No defaults here, 99.99% satisfaction rating..........

This what I call GOLD COIN PRICE, done as delivery against payment, with no other fees or costs, into your possession.

     So, as in, "Turnabout = Fairplay"  we label CRIMEX pricing INSIDIOUS.
Nothing else we need do.   We know where to find REAL GOLD COIN PRICES.
No one is going to dump thousands of Coin here, at once, to sell them and lose money.  This is about the closest we can get to an honest open market.
We appreciate that it is there, and so make the most of it.........

NEXT, the Four GoldBugs from Hell, Ride again, against the chaos of the budget slowdown/shutdown.

Monday, September 23, 2013

HEADLINE OCT 3, 2013 ----->>>>>>>"THREE PIGS STURM GATES of HELL, capture Satan" <<<<< NOT ! ! !

you will not see that headline.  However, bear with me as this resembles but is not the fairytale.
"Embittered by their loss of housing, foreclosed, and dispossessed, these three pigs joined a rag tag group of rebels.   The rebels not trusting them, told them to " Go To Hell !! "  Disappointment at rejection by the rebels gave the pigs more angst until they decided to take the negative and make it a positive.  " We WILL Go to HELL, and Capture Satan to stand trial for his misdeeds !!"

   Begging weapons from the rebels, Hambo, Bacon & Pork came up with a plan.  By the dark of the moon, they would whack the sentry, Stan Morg, a known thief, who guarded the Zodiac and cross the Straits of Hell.  Once there, PORK would become Mz Pork Chop or the Pig who wore lipstick, and entice the lone sentry from Tower of Hades Command Center, out and Hambo would whack him, just like Stan Morg ( turned out he was a low level troll by the name of Frank - Morg had bolted a week earlier).  It went as planned, and
the sentry, a country boy named Po Bolony, found himself in plastic cuffs, face down Mz. Pork Chops hoof on his neck, while Bacon and Hambo C-4'd the door and detonated 2 stun and 2 flashbang grenades, stunning Satan at the Command Console. Hambo jumped him as he tried to stagger away, and Bacon tethered him with the plastic cuffs and collar, rendering him immobile.
      A thunderous noise was upon them, as Satan had started the Self-Destruct Sequence Module, which Hambo had shut off, but not before the Gates of Hell opened momentarily and sent a  2 sq. mile column of super-heated air 50,000 feet into Earth's atmosphere, starting a Super-Cell Hail Storm ( from Hell, literally) that rained 2" hail balls over all of Hell's half acre, and dropped the temperature to -20 F.  Stunned Hambo & Bacon surveyed the scene outdoors.  PO & Mz Porky were safe under cover but shivering.
      The entire landscape as far as you could see, was shining white, covered in a foot thick crust of hail.   Using their US surplus PRC-6 radio sets, the Pigs called the Rebels and this was their message in Morse Code.

" WE have Captured Satan, because

                                                     out !" 

And from that day on, it was known as THE DAY HELL FROZE OVER.

Could it be Oct 3, or Oct 4 or Oct 7 - could the day the US defaults, be

THE DAY HELL FROZE OVER ->  I bet you John Barrick Obohnema is asking himself that question over and over again.  Will Bernocchio be thrown under the bus for his Audible change up call at the line of Scrimmage Sept 18, or did "Big Daddy" BIS call that shot from their European HQ, burying it in the Sept BIS report, which was a signal for all who knew..........

    More on the 3 Pigs in our follow up report ( caution, they may appear to be Gold Partisans in disguise ).


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't matter WHO let the DOGS OUT, I havent seen this many dogs run since the start of the last YUKON QUEST SledDog Race

Amazing, scanning backwards, from today to Monday, I saw dog mining stocks I hadn't seen leave their kennels, rear up and bark like REAL Canines, about 200 of them ( two hundred). It was as if someone loosened the hounds as you see in movies about medevial nobles in their castles........Now I wonder whom the prey shall be in this macabre dance thru the snow.  Will it be like the ski-troopers chasing down the conscripts thrashing through the snowdrifts or will it be more sporting?  Considering the "Suffering but not in Silence" post, this most recent move seemed quite the poetic balance point, such symmetry.

While this month is not over, I would wonder if it makes these charts in any way less valid?  I think not, but  you be the judge:
We seem to be lining up on the Drop Zone very nicely as well as the monthly Trend & Momentum BLUE BARS of the MACD are turning up for the FOURTH Month in a row.........
Falling Wedges have high reliablity attached to them, and this one especially to me, since it is done in the Tamper-Resistant Monthly Packaging(Format).  It is generally understood that the dynamic is that Buyers & Sellers are cleared out of the formation, and when the thrust runs out of energy, it both reverses and begins to move with greater energy it acquired on the previous direction.

   So the real question is "Who Is On First", "Are We There Yet" or might be
"Is This Really  Love?".  I am prepared to provide some answers and invite you to have a FREE Month of PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS on me, so you might see, with all the usual guarantees, etc, simply CLICK HERE to subscribe monthly @ U$D 33.97, and see how you may profit from what comes next, rather than being in the dark and guessing at what you now know is our excellent accuracy of calls and tactics in this arena...........

Time for a new post

I think the Suffering but not in Silence was pretty spot on.  Post more later today

Friday, September 13, 2013

Suffering but not in Silence

Blooded & Unbowed
AH yes, Bashed and Slashed as TPTB do their very best to Psychologically neuter and paralyze the followers and participants in the PM COMPLEX, no one is inclined to just sit there and take it anymore.
Continuing Op-Ed pieces come out, scandalous disclosures happen daily and PEOPLE KEEP BUYING PHYSICAL, despite all the scare tactics of TPTB agents etc etc. Fraud in the CRIMEX pricing of PM`s and everything else for that matter, are floating to the top ( ask any farmer ).
War in Syria re-buffed by the US House, and the Rest of the World shows that the ABC ( Anglo Banking Cartel) is losing its grip and NOT able to impose its will on Everyone at the Same Time.

As the COPS theme goes, `BAD BOY, BAD BOY Whatcha Gonna Do`?    In this case, little they can do but spin out the same game and we are going to defense them in the same way we have, and figure a few new twists just as they will, but they have got themselves, in this Box known as the IRON TRIANGLE, Interest Rates, Gold & U$D.
One moves, they all move. Now Truly the FED buys a lot of US paper but they only influence, NOT control interest rates OR the rate on the 10 yr would not have doubled since Spring........Oh there are lots of more unpleasant developments for TPTB they`d rather not have anyone see, but hey, that is the way the cookie crumbles.
GOT COOKIES …..get some !
My diversion is to watch TV in the evening while watching the PM numbers and picking off some Silver Pieces when the raids are on-going. Keeps me amused.
These guys are their own worst enemies and if the `Meek`, that is, the calmest inherit the earth, then stay calm, and let these guys destroy themselves. In medieval warfare lore it was said those who STAND (fast), would end the Battle, STANDING, which makes a good argument for letting Op-Fors break themselves on the laws of nature......STACK, SMILE & NOD, and enjoy life.....its your life......

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Go Ahead, Dare ye cross the Straits of HELL ? That would make my day.........

To Neutralize this map of HELL, "THEY" are going to have to knock the floor out of of the BOX in Which WHALE ISLAND sits.   How in the heck did they they get here?  The guy who engineered the TaxDayMassacre used TOO BIG A HAMMER, and wasn't he proud of himself, of the great knockout he landed on the PM's, only to have hoisted himself on his own petard, putting HIM and his Cronies, in a box they cannot exit.............LOL,  Good Going G-Boy !!

    Stop for a moment and imagine the HELL and CHAOS that WILL occur should the GDX, or the HUI or the GDM or the XAU do the equivalent of crossing the Straits of HELL ?  A lot worse than crossing the Rubicon, because unless THEY can break the bottom out of Whale Island's box, crossing the Straits of Hell will signal that everything is NOT OK, and that the Miners of PM's and the PM's themselves are going UP, UP, and probably to that fabled place, AWAY.......

   Now while THEY could pull off the TaxDayMassacre, looking at the chart below, you must ponder whether they can or want to break the bottom out of the 2009 bottom........hmmmm, mighty tall task there Pilgrim, don't ya think?
All the more Scarier is it looks like this upleg is just getting started.  To Kill it, THEY have to kill everything.  Sounds like ' Nam all over again, "To save the village from the VC, we had to destroy it"  - "Very Logical Captn, Very logical."
    This whole thing sounds like it is right out of "APOCOLYPSE NOW !!"
Thus my operative thought is, MAYBE IT IS..............Do you like Jello?  I do.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Denaliguide Web Chat available

I am setting up some free live web chats, so please

Email me: for invitations. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Like feeling an earthquake while riding a bus, when you pass over a tsunami swell in the deep ocean, its unremarkable. When it is forced higher by the rising ocean floor it turns into a raging tidal wave, smashing everything before it. IMO, we have just passed over a GOLD Stock Tsunami wave that HAS been triggered but not broken into shallow water.

Courtesy of the same people who brought you the April 15 Tax-Day Massacre in Gold Miner stocks, the Gold Bugs Index was jammed into a falling wedge until it broke out over HUI 244 Aug 12. Closing at 253, HUI confirmed the breakout and kept closing higher, as high as 283, and may well close above the Wedge boundary on Friday of this week.

                                            POWER SURGE

Since I followed BPGDM I have never seen a Power Surge of this Breadth and Height. Starting down in Nov 0f 2012, the Index Zero'd out for what seemed an interminable time from Apr 15, to Jul 15, 2013, a Hell for PM Investors if there ever was........Until, it pivoted and reversed course, climbing to and standing at 55% today. Incredibly it doubled itself twice in two 4 day stints, and in the course of this 41 day rally turned into a majority of GDM stocks in Bull P & F formations. IMO, the immense power and incredible speed with which it reversed the fortune of Hard Money Investors, foreshadows even more power lurking underneath.  

                             HELL ON WHEELS

Abandoned and left for dead, as unloved as Detroit in Bankruptcy, the GOLDBUGS and INDEX were all but pronounced dead, and it was hell.

Hell On Wheels is going to turn out to be, imo a lot of shorts and frauds feeling as if they were run over by steel tank treads of the
2nd Armored Division. Madam Karma, being the sweet lady she is, is going to make payback quite enjoyable for Goldbugs.

Lets see what we are looking at, in the HUI Abandoned Baby Graphic. We have a “Runaway Gap” on the Left side of a completed Inverted Head & Shoulders formation, so lets see RUNAWAY GAP defined:' (courtesy of Investopedia)

A type of gap on a price chart that occurs during strong bull or bear movements characterized by an abrupt change in price and appearing over a range of prices. They are best decribed as gaps caused by an sudden increase/decrease in interest for a stock. (courtesy of Investopedia).

         Now imagine that GAP Upside Down in the LEFT Shoulder of an Inverted Head & Shoulders Formation >? !

                                        Now again, courtesy of Investopedia, we have an INVERSE HEAD & SHOULDERS formation:


Now in Martin Armstrong's words:  " the energy of an advance is stored in 
the intensity and measure of its previous decline". Since the April 15 Tax-Day Massacre was orchestrated and fueled with an un-imaginable amount of paper contracts sold pell-mell as fast as could be into a thin market, I should expect that kind of intensity to accompany a corresponding advance.
Thus the measure and intensity of this decline that created this Inverse Head & Shoulders, may well be the measure and intensity of this next leg up, even if things are not perfectly symmetrical.

So where might the igniter be for this next explosive move ?
Well, the explosive mixture of a RUNAWAY GAP + Inverse Head & Shoulders in the HUI awaits the sparks of some unforseeable error on the part of some unknown person. Maybe the guy in Syria who pushed the wrong button did it? We will never know who, or why, but we do know WHAT.


is likely the sparking electrical wire knocked loose by the Quake and Tsunami, that  threatens to ignite the fuel air mixture provided by the Five Month long Inverted Head & Shoulders form so prominent as to not even be seen, hiding in plain sight.

IMO, there will be “Hell to Pay” to the extent that either of the RED-GREEN gaps fail to fill on the GDX, from 31.25 to 32.00 and the HUI from 294 to 301. Should this abyss be jumped over to continue a gap, it would be both classic and historic, IMO, as a demonstration of the power under this Seasonal Summer Rally in Gold, Silver and their equities.

Always willing to take a “Gambler's Bet”, that is one with calculated risk and potentially discernable odds, I would wager that at least the first of these projected objectives are reached before end of 2013:
NONE means that this MUST come true by any stretch of the imagination, any more than being in a Super-Cell thunderstorm in Tornado Alley means you will have a tornado, but it does mean the necessary conditions are in place..........
    TO SUM UP:
  • Falling Wedge Breakout Accomplished (8/12)
  • BPGDM Sentiment turned Bullish (Jul 17) +50% (Aug 15)
  • Five (5) Mo. Inverted H & S still in place + Runaway LS Gap
  • Resulted in Potential ABANDONED 5+  mo form in both HUI and GDX
  • Multiple Potential Upside Targets in Place
  • DangerZone is 31.25-32 Gap in GDX, 294-301 in HUI. Any Gap of the Right Hand Inverse Head & Shoulders would be set to kick off an explosive rally to the HUI 360-400 region as the first stop

    • Should the RS gap fill, an almost normal rally can happy.

      Those are my observations and conclusions. Observe and do your due diligence.