Monday, December 10, 2012


   Over time, we can compare things, to get an idea which way the tide is flowing.   Here, I compare the Canadian Silver ETF, SILVER BULLION TRUST,
  >  SBT/Un.To < with the US DOLLAR Bull ETF UUP.   Basically this is one of what I call one of my SILVER DOLLAR Indexes, which tell you whether Silver or the Dollar is growing stronger.

  I have marked major turning points in circles and arrows, differentiated for your ease of viewing.  The ratio btwn Silver and Dollar is growing stronger in favor of silver over that last 12 mo's on a 1 year moving average basis
(30 wks  moving average), so this is a Long Term Trend, with major indications that over time, Silver, IMO, will continue to strengthen BECAUSE
in normal statistical measures, it is NOT unusual to see such ratio's up to 25% higher than their 30 week averages, and at this point we have JUST begun to average 2-5% higher, so this leaves LOTS of room to run to the upside.  Specifically this average measure has run as high as 40% above the 30 week moving average.