Friday, November 30, 2012

SILVER's Undisputed REAL Strength Leadership

  While all about you are losing their heads about Gold, Silver has taken the lead.

  I really try not to use CRIMEX Data due to, IMO, its infestation of vermin, rat criminals engaged in cheating everyone else while they do the bidding of un-named interveners who pollute the Precious Metals pool with paper.

     On a different note, you might find a visit to:

to get an idea how we may, with our regular charitable contributions, help those unwary, young and old who are drowning in Bankster sponsered debt.
For my part, from now until the end of December I am offering
PEAK PICKS subscriptions at HALF PRICE $18.95, from which my NET of fees will go to ROLLING JUBILEE.COM.

   In addition, 10% of my sales of JEWELERY COIN RINGS will also go to JUBILEE.Com.  Whatever your taste or heritage, there is likely a beautiful coin out there somewhere, waiting to be your unique custom heirloom whether you are Scandinavian, Dutch, German, English, Irish, S.African, etc, etc, etc.  Contact me for details.