Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Prize

  Not unlike the book of the same title which delinates the struggle for control of energy assets through modern history, this post, outlines an equally and perhaps more serious point affecting us all RIGHT NOW.

The conclusion is that when the US Election is over, there will be set a course either for a Govt of Nat'l Unity or a Govt of Nat'l Retribution.  So far, Obama is in the lead with his quotes about entreupenurs owning their success to others, and his actions creating legislation and Exec orders for extraordinary powers associated with dictators.  HOWEVER it is not clear.  

   The Litmus Test, the ACID Test is the Speeches and Language that attempt to pick and set upon a group or class as a scapegoat such as Hitler did with the Jews and Communists.  When you hear that, no matter from whom, you know who the players are and their parts.  Act Accordingly

 That's the bad news rather like the Rolling Stones new release, Doom & Gloom.

       Now for a ray of hope.

This quote, penned by one of my best sources, in reply to an inquiry begins to touch on the immensity of the current problematic situation:

My job is to tell it like it is.
The economy is a drug addict. The creation of money is history making in a modern economy and money creation acts exactly like a drug. Like a drug the more you take, the more you need. The more money you create, the more money you must continue to create until it goes to infinity. You go cold turkey on money creation, you unleash the economic wrath of hell in the entire Western world. It all comes down in one great implosion.
Russia and China would act immediately economically to take full and powerful advantage of your error in application. You have to wean a drug addict off the drug in order to not kill him in recovery.
We need a new monetary system complete with a strategic plan of transitions from here and now to there. There is no politician out there that will do this no matter what is promised before the election. That will not change in November.
If I was ... Chairman of the Federal Reserve in January 2013, I would wean the system slowly down while working to recreate the monetary system with required total gold value for government treasuries tied to a world index of total Western World M3. That is a simplification, but it would be the heart of my plan.
".... I .... know that the mishandling of any situation due to dogmatic beliefs can set off a nuclear explosion. I would walk the Western World Financial System back to sobriety, not try to blast it back which would fail miserably.
I could do it.

   IMO, CLEARLY this guy understands the whole deal. He ought for he opted out of THE SYSTEM in the '80s, and HE COULD DO IT, damn right  ! ! !

  Again, IMO, what it is going to take is a Troika of Jim Sinclair, Ron Paul and Jim Grant, or similar to take control of the pivotal center of finances which impact the entire planet. When Volcker did it, there was NO debt to speak and the situation to day is more complex by several orders of magnitude IMO.

Here is the hard part.

  We will not be able to AVOID the consequences of bringing out economies back to normal

 ANY politician or economist who ways otherwise, IMO, has their fabric of denial woven so tightly that even financial light of day cannot penetrate to their retinas.

The good news of the bad part, is that WE CAN do this in an orderly fashion, so that we do not destroy ourselves in the process.   Letting things continue as they are, as in the linked article, is in fact, a sign of insanity.  LINK

Failure to do this, has the capacity to set dynamics in motion, to bring Hades to earth in a way they are experiencing in  Greece, and countries in which certain classes are demonized and turned upon each other.

The silver tongued devil that starts the "Politics of Separation and Retribution"
 in motion via his / her words and or actions, will be the INDICATOR.

I for neither Obama nor "Obama in white", Romney, but I am for a sane world, and so watch, aware and hopefully, and vote.  Your vote is yours alone, use it wisely next week