Monday, October 29, 2012


Every picture does indeed tell a story, Intell by the bundle, just depends on what your looking for.  Seems if all you have is a hammer, you wish all your fasteners to look like nails.......

So, for all those wishing a deeper correction or a failure of support for the Gold Miner stocks en masse, can interpret the % of GDM Index Stocks in BULLISH P & F chart formations in that manner.  Perhaps however, the ARROWS point to the place of hidden riches, a place where TIME & PRICING LEVELS converge, and surprise, surprise, due to politics, reverse course.
Maybe continuation draws odds of 2::1 in favor of continuation, whereas the conventional wisdom says the chances of a reversal are 1::10.  That's the conventional wisdom, is there another path, other Intell, other wisdom ?
Which does the conventional money bet ?  What does the savvy money bet?

Care to guess where I am betting some of my money?

      Do you bet the conventional wisdom consistently ? In an "After Action Analysis" objective review, did it work out consistently well, did it yield worth while profits.

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