Friday, October 26, 2012

Silver ETF's & Stocks Disappearing

seems mysterious to me that a investment / speculation vehicle created specifically to mimic silver movements would disappear but that is just what has happened;

SLViShares Silver TrustNYSEMaterialsPlatinum & Precious Metals
that in this case has become  PLATINUM & Precious Metals.

  same kind of magic, IMO that allows gold to be changed into tungsten  or silver into molybdenum.  Maybe it was a mistake, right?

If that is so, one wonders how SIVR also accomplished this magic :
SIVRETFS Silver TrustNYSEMaterialsPlatinum & Precious Metals

amazing is it not, so that when newbies search for SILVER ETF's they only find Platinum ETF's.

Then there are the No-Names :

SBT/UN.TOSilver Bullion TrustTSE
 that in fact have SILVER in their NAME but not symbol, again where does a newbie go to find silver?  Lets to a favorite  AGQ  

Global X Silver MinersNYSEMaterialsPlatinum & Precious Metals SIL, the Premire Global Silver Miner ETF   classified as A PLATINUM Stock              Now lets see this is a "Screw up" which we can BLAME on someone.  Not just a comma or period out of place, but a real systemic screw up.  One that misdirects investors AWAY FROM SILVER.  A real shame, we are so sorry, HA HA HA.
AGQProShares Ultra SilverNYSEMaterialsPlatinum & Precious MetalsARE all thes guys really brain DEAD


Now SIL is my FAV ETF for SILVER MINERS globally