Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Best of the Rest // Who is afraid of the Big Bad Correction ?

Best of the Rest 
  Drop in at my board on IDB.  The Best of the Rest are the finalists that didn't become Peak Peaks recommendations this week. Still pretty good when you think of the 7,000 stocks I scan weekly and put thru about 20-30  criteria to find my Recommendations, so the Runners-Up are not too shabby themselves, the .0014 % of the market with the best prospects for turning in a good performance.


 When we spotted the SEA CHANGE for the Precious Metals Complex stocks, one of the conditions we noted was that they no longer were led around by the nose by the General Market and began trading like "Stores of Value", one of the cardinal qualities of money !!  We have that here.

Face it, this is an election year and if Bernanke's boss loses his job, Ben is gone as well, so whether you see it or not, its QE to infinity with all floodgates full open.  It will work for so long.  Just so long. 

Monarchy came about because people hated civil wars of succession worse then they hated the oppression they KNEW would come from Monarchy.

Markets HATE uncertainty.  O'Romney or Ronbama don't matter much.  When one wins the market will validate it, who knows for how long.  HOWEVER this market is hollow, driven by HFT algo's and falling volume and participation.
That is one helluva receipt for DISASTER, and it will follow, but for now, "don't worry, be happy !"   I say that because worrying will not help you trade the market better.  Better you get several double handfuls of physical silver coins, ASE's, CML's and a few good stocks like SIL, GDM, CEF etc, holding them WITHOUT margin ala Jim Sinclair, and go fishing.

As to the comment about borrowing money on a 0% Credit Card and buying bundles of silver - thats risky, not good money mgmt.  Take some risk, don't bet the farm on just one deal..........Email me at "" if you have a question about it............