Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ben Bernanke smears Friedman with his quote and shows us that he is NOT afraid to use "Weimar-Like" targets for the FED.

  Of course that it will impoverish everyone but his paymasters, seems no concern to him.  So if you have Specie Money,  Gold, Silver,  you can afford to be amused by Dr. Bernank's vacuous and specious blather.  If not,
 "BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID", not because we are "uncharted waters" as his cheering section would  have  you believe, but rather because we are in the most dangerous of circumstances for your financial health and the world has been here before even if you have not yet, and it does not bode well.

I think I will be doing a massive treatment of where this market is going in the October 5, 2012 PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, please sign up if you wish to read it, there is as always a money - back guarantee of your satisfaction.