Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lucky 7 [Seven] or Wild Card

as we see Gold taking the 1700's, and Silver pushing for 33, we continue to seek ways to take part.

Long ago and far n away, I published my "Luckiest Seven Gold Miner Stocks"

Some of them are still in that category.   Here are TWO you may well agree are "Leaders of the Pack", and one quite volatile member of that previous report.

   I will be listing the entire lot this week, but my Selections will be two long-time favored Junior Producers that fell from grace this year but seem, IMO, to be about to make a comeback.

  I doubt there is any list of producers that does not have GOLDCORP on it.

  Equally I would be just as surprised to see any "Buy List" without SLW.
   El Dorado has had its Ups n Downs to say the least but that is what makes a GREAT trading stock, IMO.  I like it now.
       I put the entire GDX lineup through a series of criteria filters,  and came up with a series of stocks for minimizing risk, maximizing return probabilities, and these are some of them.

  You can get this week's issue by clicking on the SideBar Subscription Link, U$D 37.97, locking in your rate for a minimum 12 mo's, no contract period, Money Back if not satisfied.