Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012
As OF 5/30,2012 11am
US Silver Eagle U$D32.55
CDN Maple Leaf $CDN 32.73
US 90% Silver Coins 21.7X Face
CDN 80% Silver Coins 16.85X
Deliverable Silver (wholesale/local)$31.60 U$D@oz. ASE U$D 35.81CML $C 36.00.
   By the close JUN 1,   FAIR TRADED Local Deliverable Silver price for 1 CML or ASE=C$37.86 or U$D 36.36.

  Naw, the wheels didn't come off today............the lugs have been loosening for a long time and the driver just keeps turning up the radio to cover the noise.......... 

This time it was different, as TPTB realized a De-railment of "Business as Usual" was in progress.  Gold and Gold Stocks disconnected from the almost 300 Pt drop in the Dow, and it was like "Back in the Day" when the Gold Stocks countered the moves in the Gen'l Mkt.