Monday, May 14, 2012

Logically speaking, CPT Kirk -> OUR PROBLEM

is best definded as the following:

 "From a Rabbi---- “chamas” translated as a "robbery," or "violence." Onkelos (the classical Aramaic translation of the Torah) renders it as, "seizing" or "grabbing".…a crime committed through cunning or malice, a crime which human justice has not the means to pursue, a crime which only the voice of conscience could prevent."
-> this is from a post by General ( Brig. ) Greg Zanetti,US Army, Active Duty,  whom I think has helped us define our problem best as I  have seen written.

     One of the more prescient posters, and somewhat infrequent contributors, RG, wrote the post which went on to say:

"Some present day examples of chamas::
· When Investment Banks use high frequency computer programs to front-run trades and skim “inconsequential amounts” from millions of daily trades they process, that is chamas.

· When politicians commit our children and our grandchildren to paying our debts, that is chamas.

· When generals recommend over-priced weapons systems and then, upon retirement, go to work for the winning defense contractor, that is chamas."

He goes on to say that the closest counterpart to the opposite of chamas is HONOR, examples of which would be"

" When a loan is made based on a looking into a man’s eyes and gripping his hand in agreement, that is honor.

· When a corporate officer sacrifices profit to deliver a safer product to a unknown child in Africa, that is honor.

· When a teacher stays after school for hours on end to help a student understand, that is honor.

Honor vs. chamas. Men tend to stumble and struggle as they strive toward honor. Men tend to glide easily toward chamas. "

Thus his last line is:
"History is clear, if these trends are not arrested , no nation can recover from this one-two punch….I don’t care how many weapons it boasts."