Thursday, May 3, 2012


not that the "60 Minutes" film crew is at your office but you boot up your laptop to see this message on NEWSER, YAHOO, and MARKET WATCH  <this is hypotethical > PLEASE NOTE !!

"Today is Monday 7th, and Gold opened at $ 3,010.24 with Silver opening at $54.21.  Markets are chaotic but the general markets appear stable to stronger led by a huge rally in the Precious Metals complex that started stealthily during the week of April 23, but appeared subdued.   Monetary Authorities, as such had mostly "NO COMMENT", except for the Dutch Govt that was concerned that popular support for the Party that released Dutch Gold into the market stream in the last decade would be summarily removed from power as early as this afternoon.  Market analysts suggested that large Asian buyers had triggered this move, as the market shuffles Gold around as the markets attempt to substitute Gold shipments for payments formerly made under the SWIFT System.  One trader suggested someone was not waiting for the June 26 deadline."

   So now you know why one member of the Rothschild family once remarked:
 " We always sell too early !" with a slight smile, it was rumored. 

Being fashionably late to this party, will probably get clock cleaned and your finances stripped, ala Argentina, 20000.  Ah but its YOUR MONEY, so why worry says TPTB.......??


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