Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A DIRTY WORD - a good reason for NIMBY, but is it too late?

Seems like that is a word we hear in the far-off distance, from the politicians and talking heads, but does not relate to our daily lives, much, ..........yet

Such a nice clean but mean sounding word, yet it is a lot dirtier than one first thinks.

AUSTERITY = not a nice clean word for saving money but a description of your life going down the toilet, for reasons beyond your control:

Middle-aged people who thought they would be unemployed for a few months have realised that they were, in fact, forcibly retired ! SACKED in other words, never to realize anything remotely approaching what they once had.

We so often hear this word bandied about without any comprehension of what it really means. I mean, hear is a very sterile definition of the word:

In economics, austerity is a policy of deficit-cutting, lower spending, and a
reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided.”
Gee that doesn't sound too bad, not really awful, at least not yet.
As good as the definitions are, I think the Synonyms are more illuminating -> : Synonyms: severe, authoritarian, flinty, hard, harsh, heavy-handed, ramrod, rigid, rigorous, stern, strict, tough.
So logically, when austerity is present and a policy in YOUR country, that is what you can expect.
Hmm, not a darned thing in that seems very appealing at least, not IMO.
Date: 1991, Situation: Russian Financial Crises,
Terrain: public dump, refuse facility, St. Petersberg, Russia
Scene: Middle Class persons, combing the dump for usable, recyclable stuff because
their jobs had “disappeared” with the “Russian Financial Crises”.(not these pictures)
Mercifully the TV clip accompanying this news story only appeared once, and it was quite heart rendering. Seeing the Russian People humiliated was quite shocking for me.
NOTE: this is why politico's carefully censor pictures that appear, for they move the otherwise unaware public, and cause honest reactions, pre-empting the craven and crass political decisions otherwise made in the dark without public input.
Wasn't it right about then that ad's for “Beautiful Russian Woman Want to meet you.” began appearing all over the media ? Gee, what a coincidence that now, many sought a better life OUTSIDE Russia?
DATE: 1980's to NOW SITUATION: Peace Corp Leaves Honduas
Terrain: Tegucigalpa, Sipile neighborhood Subtext: Poverty in Meso-America
Reality: Financial impoverishment of this country has led to a ramp-up of violence.

Men sleeping in street in Tegucigalpa, Sipile neighborhood, Honduras.
Men sleep in the street for lack of any other accomodations. These could as well have been murder victims in the endless drug wars, the drug trade being the most viable economic alternative available to the former working class.

DATE: Jan 12, 2012 Situation: Greek Financial Crises
Terrain: Cities in Greece Subtext: Greeks have ruined their own finances
Reality: Greek politicians aided by Western Financiers falsified their qualifications to
enter the European Common Market, and hence , failed.

Children abandoned by Greek parents as cuts also sees country running out of medicine
  • Youngsters abandoned as parents struggle
  • 4-year-old found clutching note: 'I can't afford her'
  • Country also running out of medicine
  • Aspirin stocks low as austerity measures bite
By Lee Moran
Last updated at 4:08 PM on 16th January 2012

BOTTOM LINE: What happens in GREECE won't stay in GREECE!
SO what is your reality going to be:
1/ When your youngest has a fever and needs asprin ? ;
2/ When your unemployed for over 26 weeks and no job prospects ? ;
3/ You Find you can't make payments on a place to live ?
WHAT WILL YOU DO ? NOW ? LATER ? Too later ?
I KNOW IT CANT HAPPEN HERE, BECAUSE IT ALREADY DIDNT HAPPEN TO ME, AT LEAST NOT #1. Numbers 2 & 3, yes it has happened. It was resolved, but it was not fun.

I think that some reduction, some pain, some sacrifice CAN NO LONGER BE AVOIDED.
OK that said, are we all “scared to death” ? NO, probably but we ought be concerned some !

IMO, politicians who tell you it's not going to be too bad, are in fact LYING to you to “chill you out” and get your vote. A politican who TELLS you it will require real pain and real sacrifice and asks your participation in these decisions, may, in-fact be the one you have to trust with this future. Without these changes, IMO there is little future except misery at the hands of the VampSquid and its money-changer accomplices.
IMO, the ONLY answer is RP 2012