Friday, January 6, 2012

Well yes, Happy Days are here Again ?? No, No I got it wrong its actuall


Actually for those who have read the "Twenty-Ninth Day", you well realize the humor in the two above headings.
Volatility is in check, for the moment.   Yet mischief is afoot in the markets on the quiet days, and only realized in those days of tumult and thunder............

     Yet  we see  a very clear buy signal as the RED LINE decisively Break Out above the BLUE line in our depiction of the $CDNX exchange, rife with its junior natural resource issues............  Just a reminder that

ZIRP - still in effect [Zero Interest Rate Policy]
GOLD - despite severe tubulence, above U$D 1,600
EUROPE - still broke, the FED Swaps  patching it for now
OIL - for whichever reason, still high, volatile
DERIVATIVES - a black swan landing at any time
TURMOIL & FOOD PRICING  ongoing issues for Planet Earth

   So far I  have not been able to resolve any of these problems for any of this planet's population and am barely able to keep ahead of it myself, so I see nothing as resolved.    True its a wonderful life, but progress is required and I see it as being both difficult and painful, like the birth of a new era might be..........

Yes I  know I have not taken my SALE Banner down off my NAV BAR (green one on top), but when I do, the FREE Issues will be 2 not 4 and the price will go to U$D 33.87.  With any luck I will change it next week.

Meanwhile, take care of business and we will meet again soon.........