Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taking it to the NEXT level, whatever that is.......

Fairly straight forward we can see that end of JULY, the number of stocks in the GDM took off in Bullish P & F charts thus sending the BPGDM off to a flying start.
       The 2 lower gray lines underneath the advance, going up diagonally, represent the likely spots a correction may find support. 
       NOW understand this is a short term measure with longer term implications.  We, in fact, earlier in this blog, in the spring, showed how to continue the previous slaughter of Gold Miners was setting up this advance we are now enjoying.
        TIDES come in EBB and FLOOD stages, and this is no different, EXCEPT this one need not go back to ZERO or near ZERO again Right Away, but I expect it will fluctuate.

That kind of timing and  insight is what you get when you get PEAK PICKS.
We will be further analyzing that chart and others as this move unfolds and moves on up.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lucky 7 [Seven] or Wild Card

as we see Gold taking the 1700's, and Silver pushing for 33, we continue to seek ways to take part.

Long ago and far n away, I published my "Luckiest Seven Gold Miner Stocks"

Some of them are still in that category.   Here are TWO you may well agree are "Leaders of the Pack", and one quite volatile member of that previous report.

   I will be listing the entire lot this week, but my Selections will be two long-time favored Junior Producers that fell from grace this year but seem, IMO, to be about to make a comeback.

  I doubt there is any list of producers that does not have GOLDCORP on it.

  Equally I would be just as surprised to see any "Buy List" without SLW.
   El Dorado has had its Ups n Downs to say the least but that is what makes a GREAT trading stock, IMO.  I like it now.
       I put the entire GDX lineup through a series of criteria filters,  and came up with a series of stocks for minimizing risk, maximizing return probabilities, and these are some of them.

  You can get this week's issue by clicking on the SideBar Subscription Link, U$D 37.97, locking in your rate for a minimum 12 mo's, no contract period, Money Back if not satisfied.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Because you ASKED

     This is a Tide or River Gauge, to be sure.  It shows where the high water mark is and has been.   The real question is:
 WHERE DOES IT GO NOW ?    Truly if you really knew how much I HATE making predictions,  you'd wonder why I bother with this one.  

        WHY do it?

Because it is driving you crazy.......thats why.

    IMO the RED ARROW on the Right side of the chart shows where I think the
% of Bullish Point & Figure Charts for the GDM stocks will go sometime during the month of September.

     IN the simplest way I can say it, I think the % bounces off and back up form its 20 Day Moving Average.  So basically it re-traces 1/3 of the distance of its advance, and then continues its uptrend.    Typically in previous advances, a down turn in the %BPGDM, it marked a the start of a Serious Downtrend, UNTIL the Sea Change manifested in May, starting back in March.
      Interestingly, the most bullish Fibonnaci retrace is 38.2% down off the top.  Mathematically 1/3 of the advance from 0%, to 51% would be 17% which when taken off 51% yields 34%, quite similar to where the 20DMA is located.
     If you like clustering things the is gives you the 20DMA, the 38.2% Fib and the 1/3 Retrace all in the  32-34% ZONE.   Add in the Speed Resistance Lines, brain child of Edson Gould, again it bounces off that 30-35% ZONE during the month of September.

      You can decide if you think Gold Miners will get smashed in the correction.
I think this is the first step in a BULL LEG and so I think the Correction in the
%BPGDM will be accomplished in rotation.  It is also my opinion, that Silver Miners are 2/3 through their correction even at this early date.   Bad mgmt miners will get creamed here, and  others will appear as a FLAT correction.
It wont take any kind of "Scope"or Geiger Counter to tell the good from the bad.