Tuesday, April 24, 2012


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     What is it telling us now?  That we are as LOW as we were in Oct 2011...!

     Every picture tells a story.  I like this story.......

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Interesting Chart " Got Traction ?"


NOW FOR THE UPDATE the above chart is after adjustment for PRICE INFLATION, using the $CCI, or Constant Commodity Index to take price inflation out of the chart below and show in REAL CONSTANT DOLLARS what has been taking place.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors for the Goosed 'n Juiced

Another disgusting view of the REAL MARKET, sans HFT, sans smoke & mirrors.
The blue declining line, is a trend line of the ACTUAL VALUE of market transactions for the last 2 years, 2010, & 2012, thru today.

    Remember when  you asked yourself, what the heck is going on, they say its going up, but it FEELS like its going down. YOU WERE RIGHT ! !  AND,
you were being fed a "Line" by the 5th Estate Talking Heads, simply send out more mis-direction, and confusion.
    You have seen how the volume has kept dwindling down in the Industrial Stocks while through "INDUCED VOLATILITY" the Monetary Metals and its MINERS were made to look inherently dangerous and unstable, but in fact their TRADED SHARE Value and amount of shares on the GDX are moving the opposite way, despite appearances.

   Below that is the same style Chart for the GDX, the AMEX Gold Miners Market Vector.  For sure they are not the same. I repeated the chart so you could get a good look.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mystery Stock ? Maybe

   What makes this stock different ?   First it is in a group many love to hate, or at the very least it is unloved.    When you see, as this is, a stock at a fraction of its value, giving ground very grudgingly and then blasting off with almost a 10% gain on a day where the Losers outnumber Winners over 5::1, and the DOW drops over 200 points, you have a stock with the ability to turn around.........

    Actually its pretty classic, and if you want to go farther into why and discover this stock, just sign up.  Meanwhile, stay aware.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Un-Natural ? Wow, you dont have to guess which one of the stocks from

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Now for the REST of the NEWS...........

Now lets see.  Everything was fun and games as long as we go the Good Jobs reports.  Now that we are getting the BAD Jobs reports, notice how suddenly Iran and North Korea's self abuse have become MAINstreamMedia (MSM) Next Big Thing.   Now it is time for everyone to become scared and adrenalized and fear for their safety as the FED and ECB cook the books and get Spain, Greece and a few others including US ready for their next big shot of Cocaine (QE to the Nth, in disguise).  Truly disgusting play but that is how they work the Dominant Social Themes like a pair of foxes stretching a polecat btwn them.  However as you see from the Two little Volume charts here, the 1% or 2% or the ROW smart enuf to know, have been stealthily fleeing the NYSE and NAZ under cover of the Road to Hell, rising prices, falling volume under the goosed and juiced pumping of the FED.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

WOW -> Un-NATURAL ? We can hope...........

Sometimes I use stuff from a guy named CHUCK, and he gets me going to try to do some stuff to keep up with him.  So he has this Oscillator made up of the 40 Miner Stocks that are Over or Under their 50 Day Simple Moving Average

     Now to keep up with my work, I use Stock Charts which shows me the
BULLISH Per Centage of stocks composing the AMEX GOLD MINERS INDEX, compling the number of stocks in Positive Point & Figure Charts.  It uses about 30 stocks, and a different chart formats but the idea is the same, at least close enough for me.

    The current chart above is for the last year.  And I see three bottoms, plus the current moment, each about 3 months apart.
     And authors, likely paid to do so, trumpet a Gold Bubble, a Gold Crash, and so on,  so sad and so transparent.   Who do you know, that is manic to buy Gold, or Silver.  Oh yes good old Silver is getting trashed as well.  All by a paper blizzard that trades several times Annual Global Production of both, in moments, as if a suicidal seller who wants to realize the least value possible.
Strange would you not say ??  Unless you understand that all governments issuing Debt denominated in fiat money, have a deeply vested interest in making anything BUT their bonds and currency, unattractive.   Under normal circumstances there would be no likelihood that commodities would be sold bunched to as to destroy the value being sold.  What seller cares not for his return on investment..............ponder that.            While your pondering that, read Jim Sinclair -> http://www.jsmineset.com/2012/04/05/london-trader-feds-global-war-against-gold-escalating/

   Mind you, this volatility is designed to wear  you out and disgust you, if you try to invest or speculate with NOMINAL VALUES in FIAT CURRENCIES.
   IF you REVERSE that Mindset and let the Values of SPECIE MONEY ANCHOR
your investment, then this is a PERFECT ENVIRONMENT, for this volatility gives you great oppurtunities to take advantage of the counter-intuitive selling sprees that happen with predictable regularity.  So The Force is WITH YOU, once you REVERSE your Mindset.