Monday, December 31, 2012

Gift for 2013 + US 90% silver Walking Liberty offer

A GIFT for 2013

Actually its 5 in one, but the ONE, when composed of the five saves you a lot of grief.

Sometimes it seemed as if the the five gifts were the five torments, but taken together they help us.

What we see above is the consistent pictures we see time to time, almost weekly of
co-ordinated dumps that attempt to intimidate metal and mining investors with the volatility
of the metals. Of course if you review the longer term charts, its quite a different story such as
For many of us, this is in the least annoying, but in the end a gift of cheaper metal, whilst the supply of metal is shifted from the manipulators to the accumulators.

So then you ask yourself : Manipulated or Accumulating, which am I?

If you get sent a false “Price Signal” as so often is the case, and find yourself bailing on your well established position, you are MANIPULATED. IF YOU can find the courage to buy when all are selling, likely as not you will find yourself in a good entry position, unlikely to be shaken out by other panic selling coming after, as it usually establishes a higher bottom as seen in the above “” 5 year chart. Savvy, courage and observation save you the embarrassment of bailing out with all the panicked sellers.

None of these 5 items are my original work, but putting them together for you is.
IMO, much of a debt of gratitude belongs to Jim Sinclair, who, consistently and over time, has been there for investors, and been as right as any one can be while being “ In – Your – Face” to the clowns who have taken us down this destructive road.

A GIFT for 2013
While this picture is an imperfect example it will do none-the-less.
Pictured is a “DUMP” that occurred earlier this year.

Point #1 of this gift: Gold didn't just drift down to lack of speculative interest, it was
DRIVEN down, in less than 1hour, more like 10 min.

Point #2 of the gift: Whereas it cannot be seen here, the Volume used to do this
was LARGER than the market, some fraction of Annual Production, either
Global or National, but far larger than what is normally traded.

Point #3 of the gift : The trade(s) pictured here are Counter-Productive and Non- Economic, meaning that the seller realized far less than what would be
realized in a For-Profit-Trade, thus indicating the entities behind the trade, even
if they are BOTH sides of the trade, have OTHER OBJECTIVES than profit.

Point #4 of the gift : The trades typically ( not in this case) are done when no-one else is trading, I.E. midnite madness, early morning skulldugery and other forms of foul play.

Point #5 of the gift : Prices never remain at the spike lows long enough for most investors to obtain an entry but take a “Hockey-Puck-Richochet” bounce up so fast, that normal investors never get those prices.

Additionally, prices rebound, recover and go on to new heights, whilst the “Cheaters” that cause this action, get the low and get to play the game over and over again without regard to cost as they are funded by entities larger than the markets.

OK, I outlined the problem and the gift, so now here is one way to deal with it.
Caesar was quite rightly famous for knowing when to pursue and annilhilate, when to hang back to avoid ambush and when to offer terms generous or harsh to secure this goals.
In short his judgement was excellent. How we would emulate or reproduce such a strategy, a CAESAR STRATEGY going forward would be another gift of this season.

Since we all suffer our predjudices of stocks we like or don't, I reco'd a stock I love to hate, Stillwater Mining Co, a platinum producer in N.America. A real dog of a stock. Sometimes

A GIFT for 2013
CAESAR Strategy
RSI is circled in RED on the top panel and Bollinger Band points in BLUE.

Simply RSI and the Bollinger Band, act as your tripwires to tell you how far gone the condition of a stock's move has progressed when its LIKELY its move is Exhausted.
Extreme RSI readings can be used, as well as Extreme Bollinger Band positions.
Recommended during the summer, SWC ran hard with a $27.50 Projected Bullish Objective,
to have that projection smashed down to $8.00 while the stock is now trading where it was when there was a $27.50 projection. What does that mean? It means traditional P & F charting lags. Nothing more. It filters small moves but lags. Thats the trade-off in using it.

So acting “As if Caesar”, you could add each time the price touched the lower Bollinger Band, or the RSI went into an extreme zone. The GREEN arrows show you when the stock climbed ontop of the Upper Bollinger Band, to behave like a rocket on rails. Although a
Platinum & Rare Earth producer, it gets whacked just like the other PM stocks.

IMO, “Acting as if CAESAR” is one way to avoid being bamboozled by the manipulators.

That's my gift to you, for 2013, to avoid being bamboozled by the manipulators.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


well it might have been a political movement in the late 1800's but, in fact as CHEAP as Silver is relative to gold it might as well be FREE.!

FREE, however is what our SILVER JEWELRY RINGS are for NEW subscribers to a Special 3 mo Discounted PEAK PICKS subscription.  Sign up on our sidebar, and email  me your preferences.  As soon as payments clears we will begin creating your Unique Heirloom Ring, of Art and History in Silver.

 Now lets see why Silver is really so cheap: -> you can see above that the relationship btwn REAL SILVER and REAL GOLD has undergone a change, with Silver now re-valuing itself day by day.

   Now whether you follow JB Slear's chart of Cup & Handle or Ratio charts such as above, the one fact that stands out, IS that since the Banks, Central Banks and over Govt Interveners DO NOT hold any Silver, they are powerless to change the direction of this TREND.

  Take this moment as the first of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts from DenaliguideSummit, and get your FREE SILVER JEWELERY with your 3 mo. discount subscription to PEAK PICKS.   This offer Ends when Santa starts his rounds at MidNight Dec 24.


Monday, December 10, 2012


   Over time, we can compare things, to get an idea which way the tide is flowing.   Here, I compare the Canadian Silver ETF, SILVER BULLION TRUST,
  >  SBT/Un.To < with the US DOLLAR Bull ETF UUP.   Basically this is one of what I call one of my SILVER DOLLAR Indexes, which tell you whether Silver or the Dollar is growing stronger.

  I have marked major turning points in circles and arrows, differentiated for your ease of viewing.  The ratio btwn Silver and Dollar is growing stronger in favor of silver over that last 12 mo's on a 1 year moving average basis
(30 wks  moving average), so this is a Long Term Trend, with major indications that over time, Silver, IMO, will continue to strengthen BECAUSE
in normal statistical measures, it is NOT unusual to see such ratio's up to 25% higher than their 30 week averages, and at this point we have JUST begun to average 2-5% higher, so this leaves LOTS of room to run to the upside.  Specifically this average measure has run as high as 40% above the 30 week moving average.

Friday, November 30, 2012

SILVER's Undisputed REAL Strength Leadership

  While all about you are losing their heads about Gold, Silver has taken the lead.

  I really try not to use CRIMEX Data due to, IMO, its infestation of vermin, rat criminals engaged in cheating everyone else while they do the bidding of un-named interveners who pollute the Precious Metals pool with paper.

     On a different note, you might find a visit to:

to get an idea how we may, with our regular charitable contributions, help those unwary, young and old who are drowning in Bankster sponsered debt.
For my part, from now until the end of December I am offering
PEAK PICKS subscriptions at HALF PRICE $18.95, from which my NET of fees will go to ROLLING JUBILEE.COM.

   In addition, 10% of my sales of JEWELERY COIN RINGS will also go to JUBILEE.Com.  Whatever your taste or heritage, there is likely a beautiful coin out there somewhere, waiting to be your unique custom heirloom whether you are Scandinavian, Dutch, German, English, Irish, S.African, etc, etc, etc.  Contact me for details.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time of the Individual,12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas or if you prefer, 22 days of ADVENT
here is the LINK for the song.
If we observe last weeks perspective from here, we are unendingly grateful for the food the song sings about, especially the French Version. Seems when in English, there is an emphasis on STUFF, rather than Stuffing. Here would be that version:
In the west of France the piece is known as a song, "La Foi de la loi," and is sung "avec solennit√©," the sequence being: a good stuffing without bones, two breasts of veal, three joints of beef, four pigs' trotters, five legs of mutton, six partridges with cabbage, seven spitted rabbits, eight plates of salad, nine dishes for a chapter of canons, ten full casks, eleven beautiful full-breasted maidens, and twelve musketeers with their swords “ From Wiki.
You must admit they like their food. Now the English version costs about 5% more this year, but with food inflation running about 10-15% in the developed world, we still can obtain food.

I think no one realizes how fast a severe debacle could be upon is, with the FED buying US Debt, essentially printing “funny money” as fast as they can, just like the Russians printing planeloads of Syrian Pounds as fast as their presses could run. What no one accepts is that Cost-Driven-Inflation will overcome us like a Tsunami, because they think there is NO pressure on prices, from a bad economy. Our Grocery Stores tell a different story, completely in line with what I am saying here. When Ernest Hemingway was asked how he went broke, he said:
Slowly at first, but then it came very fast.”, and thus IMO, this is will be no different.

Considering that what WE DO will be crucial, visit this site
Since those other nasty members of the human race, BANKSTERS, have elected to screw young and old alike, it may be up to us to set the example. Buying $1,000 of someones debt for $50 seems poetic justice for predatory lending practices foisted on the young and unwary and needy. Tithing never seemed so right to me. Now since this screwing is a two way sword, with savers and pensioners getting hammered as well, it may be up to us to think of a fair way to turn that around as well. Are we that innovative? Well if the BANKSTERS can think up all these complicated ways to screw the people at large, I think someone amongst us will come up with a SIMPLE way to right this boat.........That is my hope.

I will be making a half price offer on the blog. I will charge a new subscriber HALF PRICE for his or her First Month, $18.98, and donate my NET PROCEEDS to Rolling Jubilee, minus what Pay Pal Charges me. For Coin rings, if you wish one, I will donate 10% of my sales in December to Rolling Jubilee. Its what I can do.......

Thank you for reading this........DG

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's Do the Math

Basically what you see below is the current CRIMEX Silver chart of Spot Silver
with a typical Linear Regression Trend formed on top of it.    I have picked TWO critical points with Blue Arrows, one, bouncing off the bottom line ( indeed, bouncing off the Lower Bollinger Band as well) and the current, seeming to want to vault over the  20 DMA.  I use the 20 DMA ( thin dashed blue line- get it, thin blue line?) as a trip wire for moving higher. It is also the mid-band of the Bollinger set up ( using default values), and therefore sets up a re-touch of the UPPER Bollinger Band as well which sits at 34, but will move higher with each day that Silver moves higher.  If you applied current dynamics similar to the last move, that point could be $6 higher than where the Top Band sits today.   That to me, would be the first installment on the way to $60.

   My estimate of U$D 60 as the next logical leg is supported by this Point & Figure chart which is silent as to date, but given the time necessary to form, could indicate up to 2 years to achieve it, although much, much earlier is as well possible.

   In this way, by pounding SILVER so hard on the way down, they created a Quadruple Bottom @ 26, which will be exceedingly difficult to break down due to the massively recurring demand for physical silver as the supply of deliverable physical silver shrinks.
 Whomever pounded Silver that low, Hung themselves with a Silver Rope.

Everyone Like GOLD

Does this need any comment ?

*footnote - this is the Royal Canadian Mint's Gold Inventory, held in Reserve in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, wherein the owners of the ETR's carry the cost and risk of this inventory and may present their certificates to receive physical gold.  NOTE the premium associated with being able to obtain real, certified, good delivery gold, that being $1880 Cdn @ oz, vs 1714 USD for paper gold.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Prize

  Not unlike the book of the same title which delinates the struggle for control of energy assets through modern history, this post, outlines an equally and perhaps more serious point affecting us all RIGHT NOW.

The conclusion is that when the US Election is over, there will be set a course either for a Govt of Nat'l Unity or a Govt of Nat'l Retribution.  So far, Obama is in the lead with his quotes about entreupenurs owning their success to others, and his actions creating legislation and Exec orders for extraordinary powers associated with dictators.  HOWEVER it is not clear.  

   The Litmus Test, the ACID Test is the Speeches and Language that attempt to pick and set upon a group or class as a scapegoat such as Hitler did with the Jews and Communists.  When you hear that, no matter from whom, you know who the players are and their parts.  Act Accordingly

 That's the bad news rather like the Rolling Stones new release, Doom & Gloom.

       Now for a ray of hope.

This quote, penned by one of my best sources, in reply to an inquiry begins to touch on the immensity of the current problematic situation:

My job is to tell it like it is.
The economy is a drug addict. The creation of money is history making in a modern economy and money creation acts exactly like a drug. Like a drug the more you take, the more you need. The more money you create, the more money you must continue to create until it goes to infinity. You go cold turkey on money creation, you unleash the economic wrath of hell in the entire Western world. It all comes down in one great implosion.
Russia and China would act immediately economically to take full and powerful advantage of your error in application. You have to wean a drug addict off the drug in order to not kill him in recovery.
We need a new monetary system complete with a strategic plan of transitions from here and now to there. There is no politician out there that will do this no matter what is promised before the election. That will not change in November.
If I was ... Chairman of the Federal Reserve in January 2013, I would wean the system slowly down while working to recreate the monetary system with required total gold value for government treasuries tied to a world index of total Western World M3. That is a simplification, but it would be the heart of my plan.
".... I .... know that the mishandling of any situation due to dogmatic beliefs can set off a nuclear explosion. I would walk the Western World Financial System back to sobriety, not try to blast it back which would fail miserably.
I could do it.

   IMO, CLEARLY this guy understands the whole deal. He ought for he opted out of THE SYSTEM in the '80s, and HE COULD DO IT, damn right  ! ! !

  Again, IMO, what it is going to take is a Troika of Jim Sinclair, Ron Paul and Jim Grant, or similar to take control of the pivotal center of finances which impact the entire planet. When Volcker did it, there was NO debt to speak and the situation to day is more complex by several orders of magnitude IMO.

Here is the hard part.

  We will not be able to AVOID the consequences of bringing out economies back to normal

 ANY politician or economist who ways otherwise, IMO, has their fabric of denial woven so tightly that even financial light of day cannot penetrate to their retinas.

The good news of the bad part, is that WE CAN do this in an orderly fashion, so that we do not destroy ourselves in the process.   Letting things continue as they are, as in the linked article, is in fact, a sign of insanity.  LINK

Failure to do this, has the capacity to set dynamics in motion, to bring Hades to earth in a way they are experiencing in  Greece, and countries in which certain classes are demonized and turned upon each other.

The silver tongued devil that starts the "Politics of Separation and Retribution"
 in motion via his / her words and or actions, will be the INDICATOR.

I for neither Obama nor "Obama in white", Romney, but I am for a sane world, and so watch, aware and hopefully, and vote.  Your vote is yours alone, use it wisely next week

Monday, October 29, 2012


Every picture does indeed tell a story, Intell by the bundle, just depends on what your looking for.  Seems if all you have is a hammer, you wish all your fasteners to look like nails.......

So, for all those wishing a deeper correction or a failure of support for the Gold Miner stocks en masse, can interpret the % of GDM Index Stocks in BULLISH P & F chart formations in that manner.  Perhaps however, the ARROWS point to the place of hidden riches, a place where TIME & PRICING LEVELS converge, and surprise, surprise, due to politics, reverse course.
Maybe continuation draws odds of 2::1 in favor of continuation, whereas the conventional wisdom says the chances of a reversal are 1::10.  That's the conventional wisdom, is there another path, other Intell, other wisdom ?
Which does the conventional money bet ?  What does the savvy money bet?

Care to guess where I am betting some of my money?

      Do you bet the conventional wisdom consistently ? In an "After Action Analysis" objective review, did it work out consistently well, did it yield worth while profits.

   Subscribe, take a month to look for FREE, in addition to our ALWAYS In-Place Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, and test our results either Real-Time ( that is with REAL MONEY doing it in your style) or in shadow on paper and see what you think.  On its own merits, you need only pay attention to figure if we will make YOU money, your way. 

SIGN UP   for ABOVE AVERAGE GAIN POTENTIAL & Minimized Loss profile.

  Please note our FREE Month Offer is only on our SIDE - Bar above.

Good Luck !


Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Radical Proposition

I suggest we consider implementing the following 10 ideas as a basis for governing

  ITEM #1: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
  ITEM #2: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

 ITEM #3: "No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law."

 ITEM #4: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

 ITEM #5: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

  ITEM #6: "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence."

  ITEM #7: "In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law."

  ITEM #8: "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

  ITEM #9: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

  ITEM #10: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
    Do I think it will be easy?  Certainly NOT, undoing 200+ years of prep for dictatorship and ruin, are not easily undone.  BUT IT CAN BE DONE !!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Silver ETF's & Stocks Disappearing

seems mysterious to me that a investment / speculation vehicle created specifically to mimic silver movements would disappear but that is just what has happened;

SLViShares Silver TrustNYSEMaterialsPlatinum & Precious Metals
that in this case has become  PLATINUM & Precious Metals.

  same kind of magic, IMO that allows gold to be changed into tungsten  or silver into molybdenum.  Maybe it was a mistake, right?

If that is so, one wonders how SIVR also accomplished this magic :
SIVRETFS Silver TrustNYSEMaterialsPlatinum & Precious Metals

amazing is it not, so that when newbies search for SILVER ETF's they only find Platinum ETF's.

Then there are the No-Names :

SBT/UN.TOSilver Bullion TrustTSE
 that in fact have SILVER in their NAME but not symbol, again where does a newbie go to find silver?  Lets to a favorite  AGQ  

Global X Silver MinersNYSEMaterialsPlatinum & Precious Metals SIL, the Premire Global Silver Miner ETF   classified as A PLATINUM Stock              Now lets see this is a "Screw up" which we can BLAME on someone.  Not just a comma or period out of place, but a real systemic screw up.  One that misdirects investors AWAY FROM SILVER.  A real shame, we are so sorry, HA HA HA.
AGQProShares Ultra SilverNYSEMaterialsPlatinum & Precious MetalsARE all thes guys really brain DEAD


Now SIL is my FAV ETF for SILVER MINERS globally


Friday, October 19, 2012

Situation on ONE CHART. First Majestic on TV

FIRST MAJESCTIC ON DISCOVERY CHANNEL  aired first in US Apr 28, 2012, air in Canada Oct 18, 2012.  Interesting idea that Monetary Metals are NOT negative.


    THE size and the length of this divergence btwn Price and VOLUME is truly frightening and indicative of, IMO, the extreme danger in any market decline.

Lacking a market decline, we will have, IMO, a WEIMAR Market with the consequent accompanying inflation and currency decline that is always seen when the market ramps as the currency declines.  Try to say ZIMBAEWAE !
WEIMAR is easier.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Best of the Rest // Who is afraid of the Big Bad Correction ?

Best of the Rest 
  Drop in at my board on IDB.  The Best of the Rest are the finalists that didn't become Peak Peaks recommendations this week. Still pretty good when you think of the 7,000 stocks I scan weekly and put thru about 20-30  criteria to find my Recommendations, so the Runners-Up are not too shabby themselves, the .0014 % of the market with the best prospects for turning in a good performance.


 When we spotted the SEA CHANGE for the Precious Metals Complex stocks, one of the conditions we noted was that they no longer were led around by the nose by the General Market and began trading like "Stores of Value", one of the cardinal qualities of money !!  We have that here.

Face it, this is an election year and if Bernanke's boss loses his job, Ben is gone as well, so whether you see it or not, its QE to infinity with all floodgates full open.  It will work for so long.  Just so long. 

Monarchy came about because people hated civil wars of succession worse then they hated the oppression they KNEW would come from Monarchy.

Markets HATE uncertainty.  O'Romney or Ronbama don't matter much.  When one wins the market will validate it, who knows for how long.  HOWEVER this market is hollow, driven by HFT algo's and falling volume and participation.
That is one helluva receipt for DISASTER, and it will follow, but for now, "don't worry, be happy !"   I say that because worrying will not help you trade the market better.  Better you get several double handfuls of physical silver coins, ASE's, CML's and a few good stocks like SIL, GDM, CEF etc, holding them WITHOUT margin ala Jim Sinclair, and go fishing.

As to the comment about borrowing money on a 0% Credit Card and buying bundles of silver - thats risky, not good money mgmt.  Take some risk, don't bet the farm on just one deal..........Email me at "" if you have a question about it............



Thursday, October 4, 2012

More frequents postings and updates, + TA

       Whether its helping yourself set sane stops and stick to them or finding potential upside goal projections, I will be able to post a bit more frequently at     All View Board  over on IDB.Com.   I am looking forward to streamlining things a bit..........  You can either join this particular board by signing up here or there, its FREE !

   Don't let this one throw you, its gonna be a wild ride.........


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ben Bernanke smears Friedman with his quote and shows us that he is NOT afraid to use "Weimar-Like" targets for the FED.

  Of course that it will impoverish everyone but his paymasters, seems no concern to him.  So if you have Specie Money,  Gold, Silver,  you can afford to be amused by Dr. Bernank's vacuous and specious blather.  If not,
 "BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID", not because we are "uncharted waters" as his cheering section would  have  you believe, but rather because we are in the most dangerous of circumstances for your financial health and the world has been here before even if you have not yet, and it does not bode well.

I think I will be doing a massive treatment of where this market is going in the October 5, 2012 PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, please sign up if you wish to read it, there is as always a money - back guarantee of your satisfaction. 



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taking it to the NEXT level, whatever that is.......

Fairly straight forward we can see that end of JULY, the number of stocks in the GDM took off in Bullish P & F charts thus sending the BPGDM off to a flying start.
       The 2 lower gray lines underneath the advance, going up diagonally, represent the likely spots a correction may find support. 
       NOW understand this is a short term measure with longer term implications.  We, in fact, earlier in this blog, in the spring, showed how to continue the previous slaughter of Gold Miners was setting up this advance we are now enjoying.
        TIDES come in EBB and FLOOD stages, and this is no different, EXCEPT this one need not go back to ZERO or near ZERO again Right Away, but I expect it will fluctuate.

That kind of timing and  insight is what you get when you get PEAK PICKS.
We will be further analyzing that chart and others as this move unfolds and moves on up.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lucky 7 [Seven] or Wild Card

as we see Gold taking the 1700's, and Silver pushing for 33, we continue to seek ways to take part.

Long ago and far n away, I published my "Luckiest Seven Gold Miner Stocks"

Some of them are still in that category.   Here are TWO you may well agree are "Leaders of the Pack", and one quite volatile member of that previous report.

   I will be listing the entire lot this week, but my Selections will be two long-time favored Junior Producers that fell from grace this year but seem, IMO, to be about to make a comeback.

  I doubt there is any list of producers that does not have GOLDCORP on it.

  Equally I would be just as surprised to see any "Buy List" without SLW.
   El Dorado has had its Ups n Downs to say the least but that is what makes a GREAT trading stock, IMO.  I like it now.
       I put the entire GDX lineup through a series of criteria filters,  and came up with a series of stocks for minimizing risk, maximizing return probabilities, and these are some of them.

  You can get this week's issue by clicking on the SideBar Subscription Link, U$D 37.97, locking in your rate for a minimum 12 mo's, no contract period, Money Back if not satisfied.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Because you ASKED

     This is a Tide or River Gauge, to be sure.  It shows where the high water mark is and has been.   The real question is:
 WHERE DOES IT GO NOW ?    Truly if you really knew how much I HATE making predictions,  you'd wonder why I bother with this one.  

        WHY do it?

Because it is driving you crazy.......thats why.

    IMO the RED ARROW on the Right side of the chart shows where I think the
% of Bullish Point & Figure Charts for the GDM stocks will go sometime during the month of September.

     IN the simplest way I can say it, I think the % bounces off and back up form its 20 Day Moving Average.  So basically it re-traces 1/3 of the distance of its advance, and then continues its uptrend.    Typically in previous advances, a down turn in the %BPGDM, it marked a the start of a Serious Downtrend, UNTIL the Sea Change manifested in May, starting back in March.
      Interestingly, the most bullish Fibonnaci retrace is 38.2% down off the top.  Mathematically 1/3 of the advance from 0%, to 51% would be 17% which when taken off 51% yields 34%, quite similar to where the 20DMA is located.
     If you like clustering things the is gives you the 20DMA, the 38.2% Fib and the 1/3 Retrace all in the  32-34% ZONE.   Add in the Speed Resistance Lines, brain child of Edson Gould, again it bounces off that 30-35% ZONE during the month of September.

      You can decide if you think Gold Miners will get smashed in the correction.
I think this is the first step in a BULL LEG and so I think the Correction in the
%BPGDM will be accomplished in rotation.  It is also my opinion, that Silver Miners are 2/3 through their correction even at this early date.   Bad mgmt miners will get creamed here, and  others will appear as a FLAT correction.
It wont take any kind of "Scope"or Geiger Counter to tell the good from the bad.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perspective on NO-Hyper Inflation or NOT

 So what do we have ? 1 oz of .9999
Silver.     So what do we have for indicated value ? $5.00, Five dollars.

Seems almost disappointingly shocking. 

Now lets go back to  2001, when the Elizabeth II colorized maple leaf was issued, or to 2010 when the GRIZ was issued.    Lets skip forward two years+ to 2015, and look back at when ARGENTINA defaulted on their external debt, and for every 4 peso's  you had in the bank, you lost the purchasing power of 3, you were  soooooo screwed..... except if you had Silver or Gold.

Now I won't bore you with the details but since I live in North America, that will be my perspective.

Something WILL happen.  If it is Hyper Inflation, we all know how that works.

Let's say it is NOT, but rather the sneaky kind of thing that has been ongoing
since the creation of the US Federal Reserve Bank, stealing your purchasing power since 1913.  Look it up, its sneaky cause you always think you trying hard and making more but it always ends up less and you blame your-self while the fat cats are laughing at us.

So lets assume that by some magic "THEY" let prices deflate and our Maples and Eagles are worth $5.00 or so.  The trick is, they will be worth $5 @1910 prices. ! ! !  "LOOK MA, no hyper-inflation ! ! !"  Wow.  OK now what.

Well if something like that happens there will be TWO SETS of PRICES, one for FIAT Paper, and one for REAL MONEY such as Silver and Gold.  Somewhere between 5::1 and 20::1 is how Silver might trade in relation to Gold.

IN Washington State, unskilled workers in  1912 were paid $2.50 a day, roughly equivalent to the 3 Silver Pennies labor got in the middle ages in strong economies.  So if a REAL were cut into 8 bits, it would be likely a worker would get 2 for a days labor, and each bit would, at the prices I am going to show, be worth about $1.25.  Now here are some Pre-FRB prices:

These are generally for 1 lb sizes, historically the norm, and noted if otherwise;

Sugar  5.5 cents @ lb

Cheese 17 cents @ lb

Ham, fresh or smoked 15 cents @ lb

Bacon 15 cents @ lb

Eggs 40 cents @ dozen

Florida Oranges 18 cents @ dozen

  Food for thought ? 

         If Gold is the money of the rich, silver the money of the people
       Barter the money of the peasants, and fiat/debt the money of those without other means,  then  there will be Three prices for goods people want:

        Gold and Silver will garner the lowest prices;

         Barter will arrive at prices negotiated then accepted as customary, slightly higher than Silver or Gold;

         Fiat/Debt will receive a price based on whatever the producers wish to sell for and for as much or little product they will release.  It will be the hardest with which to obtain the daily necessities for the masses.

If the debt cannot be destroyed through inflation, then it will settle on the masses like a yoke of misery, or destroy the monied classes through whatever means evolve.  Not a pretty picture, but you  know what Money  you need to have to secure the basic necessities of daily life.

Monday, August 6, 2012



This should give you a glimpse into the glitch the market is showing us, its internal contradictions that give it away.

Right now our subscribers are riding COG up from 30's to present,

 AEM 30's to Present,

 and BGM.V for a Double and rebought.  They are rockets but this is not rocket science nor is the Money Back Guarantee. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Some say NO relationship is better than a BAD relationship.  Maybe so.
I KNOW what a GOOD Relationship looks like, here it is in a picture:

Notice PRICES RISE as VOLUME RISES.  IN-fact volume, more stock buying, drives UP prices and LACK of INTEREST allows volume to decline. NORMAL !

Now lets look at the WILSHIRE 5000, which reflects the FULL MARKET Cap of THE WHOLE MARKET.   NOW simply this is NOT RIGHT, NICHT RICHTIG !!

More volume is occurring on the downside, as prices decline, as prices rise on FALLING VOLUME.  BACKWARDS from anyone's perspective! NOT NORMAL!

   If this was a PolyGraph exam, Lie Detector, the WLSH would FAIL.  So now,
we think we may trust certain stocks in the WLSH to tell us true, and we can SEE that we KNOW the GDX  IS TRUE to the NORMAL volume UP/DWN criteria.
So we then can use some other graphic and relationship tests to find stocks that are telling us the truth or not.

You can subscribe at No-Risk to actually see some stocks you can trust.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It happened in Argentina, so it could a lot of places

    I repeat this for the benefit of those of who get lost in the thicket of news and conflicting data. It may or may not happen this way, but the way things have shaped up in the last Month, make me think that any day we could awake to this News Release by the FINANCIAL AUTHORITIES as the word of their STEALTH RE-CAPITALIZATION of BANKS with UP-VALUED GOLD TIER 1 ASSETS leaks out :
Considering the talk of Re-Capitalization; the Federal States of Europe, the re-classification of GOLD as a TIER 1 Reserve ASSET, and the rest, this is not too far fetched:

 Oh yes, Bank Runs all over Europe, Spain now BEGGING for a bailout, what is next ?  Maybe this:

  Straight out of a Jim Sinclair scenario:
   "Today is Monday the XXth, and Gold opened at $ 3,010.24 with Silver opening at $54.21.  Markets are chaotic but the general markets appear stable to stronger led by a huge rally in the Precious Metals complex that started stealthily during the week of April 23, but appeared subdued.   Monetary Authorities, as such had mostly "NO COMMENT", except for the Dutch Govt that was concerned that popular support for the Party that released Dutch Gold into the market stream in the last decade would be summarily removed from power as early as this afternoon.  Market analysts suggested that large Asian buyers had triggered this move, as the market shuffles Gold around as the markets attempt to substitute Gold shipments for payments formerly made under the SWIFT System.  One trader suggested someone was not waiting for the ABCDE XX deadline, but protecting their assets before the Banks freeze all accounts."

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It will be time to re-float the ship of finance>thecrash

Gold  will probably be necessary to go to 10K or farther as Alf Fields or Jim Sinclair might calculate, to actually recapitalize the institutions necessary to the survival of the financial systems of trade.
I'll make the same case I did for it in 1974.  Gold needs to a reserve asset, valued realistically so that trade CAN float on a sea of liquidity.  Right now the tide is going out and leaving everyone stranded. We need to have enuf liquid to refloat things after they ground themselves on the reefs of derivatives.

Lets make the case.  Sovereign Gvt Debt is used as a reserve for  $ 710  Trillions of derivatives.  When that balloon goes POP, what props up the derivatives?  Gee what do we have here we can use for reserves ?  Banana's?
Quionua?  Tomatoes ?  NAW, all too perishable.  Maybe LUMBER?  How about Marble ? They wont rot........hmmm Naw.......OIL, maybe OIL?   OK, sour crude or sweet API 40 ?  What will "GOOD DELIVERY OIL" look like?  Will central banks trade it amongst themselves?

 Gee if there were  only enough Silver and Gold.  Duh....... What we have too much of, and are awash in, is currency, digital, paper, debt etc.  So as J.P.Morgan, ya know the REAL GUY, said, GOLD is MONEY, everything else is credit (debt).  WoW, now that was a FLASH !  So gold, @ USD 100 per OZ overvalues the U$D and undervalues GOLD.  NEWS FLASH, GOLD Values Paper.

Ok, lets move forward.  So Gold @ 1,000U$D per oz, overvalues U$D and undervalues GOLD.  OK, lets try this AGAIN, only this time, lets use the system that JIM SINCLAIR let out of the bag last year:  INTERNATIONAL RESERVE CURRENCY VALUATION PEG.  Gold starts out, trading @ 10,000 U$D per OZ, trading amongst Central Banks bidding on it through a SUPPLY & DEMAND algorithm calculated via an independent 3rd Party whose integrity is guaranteed by all the member banks( do you think they trust each other?LOL).
There is a Limit UP and a Limit DOWN daily.  No gold is traded outside the IRCVP system, but gold dealers are free to trade it where they want.  Currencies are thus linked to gold by their respective countries and are bought and sold thru FOREX reflecting these values and the trade balances thereof.
NOT ROCKET SCIENCE and very mundane in this day and age of computers.

IMO, Sinclair let this out of the bag, as he knows it WILL be the way, as it is the ONLY WAY it can be to maintain world trade, and finance as we know it.

Again, IMO > all the yapping lapdogs of the finance establishment can howl to their masters hearts content, but in the final analysis, nothing will stand, except GOLD, to be the foundation for the new system that will be necessary to re-kindle the fires of trade, and to float the boats carrying the goods to and from our respective countries.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012
As OF 5/30,2012 11am
US Silver Eagle U$D32.55
CDN Maple Leaf $CDN 32.73
US 90% Silver Coins 21.7X Face
CDN 80% Silver Coins 16.85X
Deliverable Silver (wholesale/local)$31.60 U$D@oz. ASE U$D 35.81CML $C 36.00.
   By the close JUN 1,   FAIR TRADED Local Deliverable Silver price for 1 CML or ASE=C$37.86 or U$D 36.36.

  Naw, the wheels didn't come off today............the lugs have been loosening for a long time and the driver just keeps turning up the radio to cover the noise.......... 

This time it was different, as TPTB realized a De-railment of "Business as Usual" was in progress.  Gold and Gold Stocks disconnected from the almost 300 Pt drop in the Dow, and it was like "Back in the Day" when the Gold Stocks countered the moves in the Gen'l Mkt.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Is this telling us something

The Old VAAL REEFS, now the Ashanti, well someone knows something but they are NOT talking, but the stock is:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Logically speaking, CPT Kirk -> OUR PROBLEM

is best definded as the following:

 "From a Rabbi---- “chamas” translated as a "robbery," or "violence." Onkelos (the classical Aramaic translation of the Torah) renders it as, "seizing" or "grabbing".…a crime committed through cunning or malice, a crime which human justice has not the means to pursue, a crime which only the voice of conscience could prevent."
-> this is from a post by General ( Brig. ) Greg Zanetti,US Army, Active Duty,  whom I think has helped us define our problem best as I  have seen written.

     One of the more prescient posters, and somewhat infrequent contributors, RG, wrote the post which went on to say:

"Some present day examples of chamas::
· When Investment Banks use high frequency computer programs to front-run trades and skim “inconsequential amounts” from millions of daily trades they process, that is chamas.

· When politicians commit our children and our grandchildren to paying our debts, that is chamas.

· When generals recommend over-priced weapons systems and then, upon retirement, go to work for the winning defense contractor, that is chamas."

He goes on to say that the closest counterpart to the opposite of chamas is HONOR, examples of which would be"

" When a loan is made based on a looking into a man’s eyes and gripping his hand in agreement, that is honor.

· When a corporate officer sacrifices profit to deliver a safer product to a unknown child in Africa, that is honor.

· When a teacher stays after school for hours on end to help a student understand, that is honor.

Honor vs. chamas. Men tend to stumble and struggle as they strive toward honor. Men tend to glide easily toward chamas. "

Thus his last line is:
"History is clear, if these trends are not arrested , no nation can recover from this one-two punch….I don’t care how many weapons it boasts."

Monday, May 7, 2012


yes big chumps, for AAPL and a whole lotta other stuff.  Wild and crazy, the NOMINAL VALUE of the WILSHIRE 5000 Index, which is the ENTIRE MARKET, continues to climb but tops out !!  Mean while the Actual amount of shares trading to the upside, continues to slide like the downslope of a roller coaster.

Now, the sitting US President, has from NOW, until Early October to produce a stupendous stock market rally.  By the time this decline ends, it seems that there will not be enough rabbits or enough hats to give the Incumbent President enough momentum to retain his office, IMO !

Maybe it has to do wit the fact that JPM alone has sufficient nominal value in DERVIATIVE CONTRACTS to equal the GDP of the entire world.  The next 8 banks in holding size have similar amounts down to almost nothing.  Basically we now have the 9 largest banks in the USA as Zombie, insolvent entities.  The UN-DEAD, that will not go away.

    Given the PERFECT STORM that will coalesce in 2013, I would not want to be the NEW PRESIDENT.  I doubt that the old President wants to be the NEW President either given what will be on  his plate.  Myself, no matter, I seriously think its going to be a seriously wild ride, with serous causualties, some amongst the same old usual suspects and some we had not anticipated.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


not that the "60 Minutes" film crew is at your office but you boot up your laptop to see this message on NEWSER, YAHOO, and MARKET WATCH  <this is hypotethical > PLEASE NOTE !!

"Today is Monday 7th, and Gold opened at $ 3,010.24 with Silver opening at $54.21.  Markets are chaotic but the general markets appear stable to stronger led by a huge rally in the Precious Metals complex that started stealthily during the week of April 23, but appeared subdued.   Monetary Authorities, as such had mostly "NO COMMENT", except for the Dutch Govt that was concerned that popular support for the Party that released Dutch Gold into the market stream in the last decade would be summarily removed from power as early as this afternoon.  Market analysts suggested that large Asian buyers had triggered this move, as the market shuffles Gold around as the markets attempt to substitute Gold shipments for payments formerly made under the SWIFT System.  One trader suggested someone was not waiting for the June 26 deadline."

   So now you know why one member of the Rothschild family once remarked:
 " We always sell too early !" with a slight smile, it was rumored. 

Being fashionably late to this party, will probably get clock cleaned and your finances stripped, ala Argentina, 20000.  Ah but its YOUR MONEY, so why worry says TPTB.......??


Since the April 23 beginning of this rally, we measured 21% average increases in some of our worst stocks that turned into our best stocks on a moment's notice.  I invite you to sign up for our Free Weekly FRONT PAGE REPORT, where you can see some of them and get a copy of our Algo-Crushing
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Here is 3PART-Chart© format with a stock like those we often feature.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


how many words would it take to interpret this picture ?   Sign up for the FRONT PAGE REPORT in the Blue Box on the right to learn more.

     What is it telling us now?  That we are as LOW as we were in Oct 2011...!

     Every picture tells a story.  I like this story.......

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Interesting Chart " Got Traction ?"


NOW FOR THE UPDATE the above chart is after adjustment for PRICE INFLATION, using the $CCI, or Constant Commodity Index to take price inflation out of the chart below and show in REAL CONSTANT DOLLARS what has been taking place.

Drop by and see the other chart that goes with this one.  Give us a "LIKE".
the FACEBOOK Page shows what really happened to these NOMINAL VAUES
when we figured it for Purchasing Power, based on what your money would buy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors for the Goosed 'n Juiced

Another disgusting view of the REAL MARKET, sans HFT, sans smoke & mirrors.
The blue declining line, is a trend line of the ACTUAL VALUE of market transactions for the last 2 years, 2010, & 2012, thru today.

    Remember when  you asked yourself, what the heck is going on, they say its going up, but it FEELS like its going down. YOU WERE RIGHT ! !  AND,
you were being fed a "Line" by the 5th Estate Talking Heads, simply send out more mis-direction, and confusion.
    You have seen how the volume has kept dwindling down in the Industrial Stocks while through "INDUCED VOLATILITY" the Monetary Metals and its MINERS were made to look inherently dangerous and unstable, but in fact their TRADED SHARE Value and amount of shares on the GDX are moving the opposite way, despite appearances.

   Below that is the same style Chart for the GDX, the AMEX Gold Miners Market Vector.  For sure they are not the same. I repeated the chart so you could get a good look.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mystery Stock ? Maybe

   What makes this stock different ?   First it is in a group many love to hate, or at the very least it is unloved.    When you see, as this is, a stock at a fraction of its value, giving ground very grudgingly and then blasting off with almost a 10% gain on a day where the Losers outnumber Winners over 5::1, and the DOW drops over 200 points, you have a stock with the ability to turn around.........

    Actually its pretty classic, and if you want to go farther into why and discover this stock, just sign up.  Meanwhile, stay aware.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Un-Natural ? Wow, you dont have to guess which one of the stocks from

that chart just kicked up.  Sign up on the BLUE BLOCK at the the right and I will send you that chart in the 3 PART CHART FORMAT.     THATS THE GOOD NEWS . LOL

Now for the REST of the NEWS...........

Now lets see.  Everything was fun and games as long as we go the Good Jobs reports.  Now that we are getting the BAD Jobs reports, notice how suddenly Iran and North Korea's self abuse have become MAINstreamMedia (MSM) Next Big Thing.   Now it is time for everyone to become scared and adrenalized and fear for their safety as the FED and ECB cook the books and get Spain, Greece and a few others including US ready for their next big shot of Cocaine (QE to the Nth, in disguise).  Truly disgusting play but that is how they work the Dominant Social Themes like a pair of foxes stretching a polecat btwn them.  However as you see from the Two little Volume charts here, the 1% or 2% or the ROW smart enuf to know, have been stealthily fleeing the NYSE and NAZ under cover of the Road to Hell, rising prices, falling volume under the goosed and juiced pumping of the FED.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

WOW -> Un-NATURAL ? We can hope...........

Sometimes I use stuff from a guy named CHUCK, and he gets me going to try to do some stuff to keep up with him.  So he has this Oscillator made up of the 40 Miner Stocks that are Over or Under their 50 Day Simple Moving Average

     Now to keep up with my work, I use Stock Charts which shows me the
BULLISH Per Centage of stocks composing the AMEX GOLD MINERS INDEX, compling the number of stocks in Positive Point & Figure Charts.  It uses about 30 stocks, and a different chart formats but the idea is the same, at least close enough for me.

    The current chart above is for the last year.  And I see three bottoms, plus the current moment, each about 3 months apart.
     And authors, likely paid to do so, trumpet a Gold Bubble, a Gold Crash, and so on,  so sad and so transparent.   Who do you know, that is manic to buy Gold, or Silver.  Oh yes good old Silver is getting trashed as well.  All by a paper blizzard that trades several times Annual Global Production of both, in moments, as if a suicidal seller who wants to realize the least value possible.
Strange would you not say ??  Unless you understand that all governments issuing Debt denominated in fiat money, have a deeply vested interest in making anything BUT their bonds and currency, unattractive.   Under normal circumstances there would be no likelihood that commodities would be sold bunched to as to destroy the value being sold.  What seller cares not for his return on investment..............ponder that.            While your pondering that, read Jim Sinclair ->

   Mind you, this volatility is designed to wear  you out and disgust you, if you try to invest or speculate with NOMINAL VALUES in FIAT CURRENCIES.
   IF you REVERSE that Mindset and let the Values of SPECIE MONEY ANCHOR
your investment, then this is a PERFECT ENVIRONMENT, for this volatility gives you great oppurtunities to take advantage of the counter-intuitive selling sprees that happen with predictable regularity.  So The Force is WITH YOU, once you REVERSE your Mindset.

Friday, March 30, 2012


the guys down manning the pumps are getting tired, as the FED has pumped the DOW up to 13K+  and everytime it gets close, POOF, it drops. HMM wonder why.   So you ask will it be an '87 POOF type FLASH Crash, or will it be a "death by a thousand cuts" over the Summer ( "Sell in May and go away") ?
Someone's blog posits the DOW could drop 1,000 pts on announcement of WAR with IRAN.  Is that NEWS?  NAW !  We already have experienced an 800 pt FLASH Crash, so its not NEW.  Painful, not NEW.

     This was one of our features on Denaliguide's FRONT PAGE, you can get FREE when  you sign up in the BLUE BOX on the Right Hand Sidebar.  Its Free, its timely and incisive.  IMO this wedge says to us that this advance pumping or not, is toast by End of April.  Good Luck