Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another day of hemming by lemmings left Jon Corizone under the bus

seems like these guys are actually going to rat out each other.  "First one to rat the others, gets the deal", Law & Order Season 1.

This might actually get interesting.   As  you all know,  some brokerages have DIRECT REGISTRATION which will (may) protect you from direct theft as happens when they go belly up.  Execute  your Due Diligence to protect yourself.

Holiday Season Shopping?  Make your Jeweler or Local Coin Shop happy and get your shopping done at these give-away prices.  I am shopping sterling and other silver pendants for ladies in my family.  Hardly a better time for a better gift.......IMO.

Your base price on Aces and Queens ( ASE and Maple Leafs) is under U$D 36.00 now, probably a small premium for amounts under 100 oz, say 5%, so this is a good time to make that move.

A number of investors were howling today they had been stung in the Energy and Agricultural sectors, and part of it was true, bad trouble they say.  Well, I dont know any other kind of trouble but bad trouble so I take that with a grain of salt(pun intended).  Lets look back to 2001.
    We see the REAL commodity Index,not the one Goldman Sachs reshuffled, divided by S & P 500( to account for the WEALTH Index), and look at where WHAT WE BUY COSTS has gone.  Pretty scare.
Seven Billion people on Planet Earth, which has about 4 Billion of those souls right there in ASIA.  Now, growth is happening in ASIA, and shrinkage in the R.O.W. ( rest of the world).  That drags us right along with them as far as having to pay more for necessities.  As a result costs rise, and friction of production increases, and REAL PROFITS in investment markets lag, falter, and drag, as is born out by the similar chart of the S&P 500 as divided by the very same CCI, commodity index.  This shows the 100 % negative correlation to the REAL VALUE of investments.

and this is why we feel pretty lousy.  We could rationalize that this was the issue of commodities and even gold or silver would not have helped preserve  our purchasing power, so lets examine that as well
And yet we get the conclusion that GOLD outpaced cost increases by a large margin.  So GOLD was quite price, spendy and a bit out of reach, so what could we do anyway........... WHAT COULD WE DO ? ?
WE COULD and STILL CAN  BUY SILVER.  Aces (American Silver Eagles) & Queens ( Canadian Silver Maples) could be your winning hand, as many of each as you can get.....as may as make sense for you.
So now its time for shopping.    And tomorrow I will try to get a new post about LINES IN THE SAND.