Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whether you like Armstrong or not, the chickens are coming home to ECB

and in fact the only way they are going to resolve this issue is his idea, quoted by Simone Foxman at BI as follows :"Let's face the facts: the only plan that EU leaders are going to be able to agree to that would keep the eurozone together is eurobonds."

Thats my story and I am sticking to it..........

Search and Rescue

Is this a seach and rescue mission ongoing or are we merely looking for financial bodies ?  The money that MF was supposed to have is gone missing and probably sliced and diced like a sub-prime mortgage of recent note.
   Seems to me, with the CDS, CDO's and all alphabet instruments in mind, at best we are in for the "JAPAN MALADY". -> likely longer than 5 yrs, maybe 10 maybe 20.
Armstrong might be right that the money flows from the bond market into the stock market and makes it skyrocket, as my data occasionally hints at as well, BUT the reform of this system has past possible and now we are on a "Recovery Mission", IMO.
  Review past BK's and how they kept the smiling face on it to the last.  That's the model.  I'd be securing my bets and  only playing in markets with poker or gambling money UNTIL and IF we see the ARMSTRONG MODE kick in.
Right now at the rate they are stealing and slicing and dicing customer funds, I'd be interested to see if the ARMSTRONG MODE every happens.  If so, I'll enter ever so lightly.  If not, I have my physical............
  Precious and Monetary Metal Mining Stocks are still stocks with all the baggage that stocks and specifically mining stocks bring, so timing and selection + agility are paramount, as is savvy.