Monday, March 28, 2011

When is the next signal and what will it be?

It was good to be able to show you this BEFORE the move, rather than explain the move AFTER it happened. We have been setting up for this move for a while now.

The NEXT move will be published in  PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, and in an AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION Update Bulletin, since it is a monthly.   Will  you get the next signal before it happens?
Yes if you have a subscription to either DGS publication  [ ].  I know my readers are quite pleased to get these signals FIRST.  Of course,  you know that understanding there is better than getting sound advice.  Yes even the money you either made or saved on this move, stands in addition to the PEAK PICKS PROFITS our readers made.
    There is a new Selection today, but we may wait to see if the market takes it even deeper into a BUYZONE on a decline today.
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