Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WHAT These stocks have GOT, others have NOT ???

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Yes that's an old gold dredge located out the Steese Hiway in Chatanika, Alaska, left in place after WWII, when the dredging was discontinued.  Its a bit North of Cleary Summit where the Ft.Knox mine, belonging to Kinross Gold Corp is located.   Very much of the placer gold the dredges dug up came from the tops of those domes that overlooked the Chatanika River, and very much more gold will come out it, as it is located in the Tintina Gold Belt, that arc's through the Yukon-Alaska Terrane.

Next is the representation of a hoist building housing a headframe, possibly in the Mayo-Dawson-Keno area of a silver mine, done in a style reminescent of the "Group of Seven.

   What do these miners have, that other dont.   Well its not old mines or deposits that set them apart, but it is an advantage, perhaps not insurmountable, but for sure such a head start that these companies will likely flourish where others will fail to thrive.   I enjoyed writing and researching this which turned out to be seventeen pages generously supplied with charts, including BUYZONES, plus support and resistance for each of  these companies stocks, except the last one, which I am avoiding.  Knowing whom to avoid is as important as which stock to ride.  Waiting is for the RIGHT MOMENT?  See my BUYZONES in this SPECIAL EDITION, and see what your missing.  SIGN UP NOW, No Risk - my loss  in that last stock is  your gain in knowledge !!  Oh yes, while I was checking I noticed an amazing accumulation pattern in one of my BEST KEPT SECRETS    I wonder how long the stock will wait before it breaks out.  SIGN UP and find our BUYZONE for this well kept secret.