Friday, March 18, 2011

Adding a new CORE STOCK is always an exciting event BUT

it is usually a profitable event looking backwards. El Dorado Gold was just such an event as were several other Non-Gold stocks.

Certainly this Month's issue of AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION offers some seriously profitable idea, especially about CYCLICAL trading against a half dozen stocks in our C & C Review. This is the theoretical view, buying and 30, selling at 70, rinse and repeat cycle over again.
and then the smaller chart
Now of course there is the REAL WORD of Rubicon Minerals, everyone's fav stock

Yes this Month's AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION has some new cyclical positions for you, and is available monthly through our WEBSITE,  with our

 same "real world", "top down" approach and money back guarantee,  U$D 17.97 mo'ly,  no contract, or discounted in combo with PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS.  Considering what you can no longer buy for under $20, [ Silver Maples & Eagles - remember we got in them last year under $20 ?], and the guarantee, you cant go wrong.

    We will also be out with our long awaited TECHNICAL ANALYSIS WORKBOOK,

"ALL  YOU NEED TO  KNOW and NOTHING Else", which will be out in a Combo Offer with both AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION and PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS through our WEBSITE.

I want  you all to calm down this weekend, and relax a bit.  We will be back here MONDAY, with what you need to keep your balance in this crazy world.  Until then, spend some time with  your family, do things you like and prepare yourself in balance for the coming week.

Best of Luck.