Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now is the MOMENT OF TRUTH, and deception. TRAP PLAY ? see

Well it all looks pretty simple.  Like Jack Chan said in
"KARATE KID" when asked about rules, as such:

"...Rules simple !  You hit him !  You not him hit you !"
So elegantly simple, yet so difficult to execute.

Thus the diagram on the left is quite clear, vis-a-vis either NFL or sandlot football.  This is a Strong Right I formation, with one Tight End on the left is going to run a FLAG pattern, and the wide receiver on the right is going to go down field 8 yards as if a FLAG pattern, and then cut across the middle to run a POST Pattern.  Both the Running Backs are going to  form a pocket so the Quarterback can work his magic with the ball.

Now lets go to a less clear option, taken from a similar situation.
Same form, different composition, on the next diagram.

It is about deception.   Who has the ball, and where they might they actually take the football, and how.


Lets hide the ball ( market intentions), lets fake its whereabouts by misdirection ( get the most investor dollars we can away from them), and lets move into an area where there is no opposition ( sector rotation, overcoming price resistance or any other trick).   The trick has always  been that you have to be smarter than the animal your trying to train !!

We are at almost 1370 $USD for GOLD and 78 on the USDX, both notable, 1370 for the resistance on GOLD and 78 for the USDX.   Seemingly,  Gold MUST Decline,& US DOLLAR MUST advance.!     Now look at the position of all the equities, as the bond market is bleeding.  BACK to Gold and the US Dollar.  So Gold will decline, right?  Right ~ BUT !   Lets look at the next graphic

So gold can drop.  No question.  Where can it go?  Well so far, gold has gone down to within 1.4% of its target, 1290 which is figured on P & F charts.
To me that is as good as achieving the objective.

Now go back to the BRADLEY Chart
which identifies a window around 2/17.
Note I say a window, as the people who formulate it, call for +/- 2 days on either side.  Remember, BRADLEY does NOT specify direction or amplitude, merely CHANGE.    Well judging from global hits on this blog, there is a lot of interest in this.
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