Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marginal Vehicles go "Twitchy" First

Generally its the smaller boats the pick up the feel of the waves before the bigger ships can sense it, so here is a picture of the CDNX, the Canadian Venture Exchange,  with mostly Junior Mining and Energy Issues forming a majority of the listings.

THUS I think it curious as we are getting the liver scared out of us by the drops in the Monetary Metals Complex, and yet, the VENTURE Exchange is trying to form up in a preliminary BUY formation, which would be completed once those two lines PURPLE and GREEN cross over in side that circle...........  It bears watching.
That's my take and that is one of the charts I am watching - NOTE, the MACD Cross over is about to occur on the BOTTOM PANEL, my Grapix Program had a bit of an accident............LOL

The Long March

after this view, I ask myself, why I am not down at my Local Coin Shop,(LCS) or
"I BUY GOLD" (IBG)Jeweler yet:
Because I am asking myself how much they are going to have.  Ironically, the supply situation is a bit screwy.
Sometimes savvy buyers clean out all the good stuff, leaving garbage, at the bottom, while the panic that drives John Q Public, also cleans out the good stuff first when the upswing is on.

The other problem appears is that when Paper prices are slammed and we try to
STACK The SMACK(down), we do run up against minimal supplies, so FWIW, I will survey the area and see what I can find.     These reasons are why I don't mind the paper prices when I am seemingly "underwater" because I find the Supply situation validates my concern that silver is getting harder to obtain.

Just like 1947, it will be a Long March until we exit this PM exile, but we will and better for it, IMO.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ARE we There yet? And if we are, "Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

Its kinda like "WHO DO YOU TRUST".  Well truly, I trust what the market is saying to me.............. so lets look

Its certainly easy enuf to see the THREE (3) purple arrows at the  292-295 region that imply Support and in fact can form a Double if not a Triple Bottom in the Commodity Index.........
Now add in the fact that the Downside Objective for the CRB was SATISFIED by this drop to 295 or so....
So now it doesn't mean this is "cut and dried", and ALL CLEAR, but it is a start, perhaps a base..........
so again it looks more like a bottom than a top to me, FOR NOW.............lets now add something SCARY.
      Here we see a longer term (weekly) Point & Figure chart of the CRB done in an Averaged Configuration called AVERAGE TRUE RANGE, which uses the average of 20 periods as a box size for our work here.
SCARY because its next upside objective projection is for almost 603 on the CRB, more than double our current level.   So if the De-flation guys are freaking you out, just show them THIS chart.......LOL.

Now what does it mean?   We know for sure it means I know  how to use the Time "Periods"  and
"Scaling Method" on WWW.STOCKCHARTS.COM Point & Figure charts.
That's what we know for sure.   ME? What I know, in my work and in my gut ?  I "know" that deflation is a lot more temporary than the inflation we are being told is "temporary".   Any "deflation" that is real, will come at the end of this saga, not in the middle. And IMO, we are likely in the middle but beyond the point of no-return.  I think the "29th Day" in the Saga of the Lilly's in the Pond, has been reached and breached.
Soooooooo, does that look like a TOP or a Double Bottom in this Daily, year long chart of CRB ?
     Would you bet that Gold reaches $4,000 to the Upside before it reaches $700 to the Downside ?
Is that a "Sucker"  bet, or an "odds-on" Bet ?   What do you think I am betting ? ?   Better yet, sign up for the FREE 1 Mo Trial Subscription, and I'll share what I know so far......Meanwhile have a great Holiday Season.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Does this look like a TOP, or a BOTTOM?

I tend to follow the simplest explanations of things, therefore I like this chart config for a bottom, rather than top.

I realize that is a loose interpretation but I try not to overthink things:

This one is the Venture Exchange, mostly Junior Resource stocks.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

a Joyous Holiday Season to all

will try to keep posting relevant Technical Materials to assist with  your decision making.

Spend time with your family, taking care of what is FIRST.

See you soon,


Friday, December 23, 2011

All the news about GOLD Is Bad NEWS, so BUY, see this for yourself

On Thursday, my dual MACD lines, Red and Blue posted a buy signal in the GDM Sentiment Index.  The FASTER of the MACD measures (RED) has cut thru the SLOWER of the MACD Measures (BLUE), to the upside.  It is now confirmed by the Banded Oscillator on the Upper Panel, and awaiting confirmation from the conventional MACD on the bottom panel.  Does this mean Gold WILL take off to the upside ?  NO, it means we are seeing a significant signal of strength in GOLD's TREND, and must wait for it to develop. HOWEVER:   We note that  in an arithmetic chart of the $GDM, we are in a TRIPLE Bottom showing considerable support (2nd Chart)

So this concerns GOLD MINER STOCKS, Gold being the secondary play here.

The GREEN Arrows show the Points of the Triple bottom in the $GDM ( GOLD thick Dashed Line) above.

As you can see on EITHER chart, there is clear evidence of a Triple Bottom in the 1400 area.

What is pretty neat about the above chart is that it clearly shows a trading zone btwn 1467 and 1433, with a Reversal Zone @1433, which IF breeched, probably signals a down move.  BETTER than that,  if 1467 is DECISIVELY breeched to the upsides, it would be a Mini-Quad-Top Breakout which would signal a potential move to the 1580 area, which, AGAIN, IF surmounted WOULD TAKE OUT Resistance all the way to the ALL-Time-High of 1855, a fairly impressive set-up, perfectly counter-intuitive to all the news out there.  Typically it would be a 3 to 2 bet AGAINST, were it not, IMO, for the beginning of strength shown by the preliminary BUY signal of the Dual MACD measures, awaiting #2 Confirmation by the Convential MACD.

While I like betting Odds-On, I don't like betting "The Crowd", and I don't like crowds when it comes to analysis, being more comfortable doing the math myself, for myself.  I do best when I follow my own stars......

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What the HECK is going on with GOLD ? ?

If change is constant and " the more things change, the more they stay the same" holds true, then the upward bias PLUS the cyclical motion in the TRIX twin lines, what do I think will happen?

I think things will stay the same, on the same plane of upward bias, aided by the cyclical motion revealed by the TRIX.

That's my story so far, no matter how hard "THEY" try to "PAINT the TAPE".

To explain:"  Raff Regression Channel is a linear regression with evenly spaced trendlines above and below. The width of the channel is based on the high or low that is the furthest from the linear regression. The trend is up as long as prices rise within this channel. An uptrend reverses when price breaks below the channel extension. The trend is down as long as prices decline within the channel. Similarly, a downtrend reverses when price breaks above the channel extension." <- Taken from StockCharts, Chart School.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Posted new Picks

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FYI and for those of you who have wondered

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Just what is going on?

lets look at what is going on in REAL SILVER, not paper silver.   This is the Silver Bullion Trust, mate to CEF, certified bullion storage in Canada.  Looks a bit diff than the Comex charts of the "Paper Silver", so to get an idea of what silver should be selling at, simply X 1.5 and  you get a rough number.  So now theoretically you could buy silver, physical silver at about 29+ per oz, USD.      Now lets look at the available means of getting and holding Silver in a readily negotiable form, say 1 oz Govt Issues Coins, specifically American Silver Eagles, and Canadian Silver Maples.  For about a 13-17% premium over the calculated price say, either SBT X 1.5 or attempting to use the Comex price.  Perhaps I am looking at U$D 33.75 @coin ( 1 oz), which is not unreasonable.   So now, if we see the "worst case scenario" of about U$D 24 per Oz, or a Coin price of  about U$D 28-29 so if you buy all the way down, you "could" be down $4 per coin, but have the PHYSICAL, so for me that is an acceptable potential (not realized)(temporary) asset pricing.

Considering that there is an on-going degradation of COMEX delivery, and increasing musical chairs as to how the main bullion banks are shuffling to meet delivery, this is a reasonable cost of insuring yourself, and having a seat in the speculative pit when the next Silver crazy train pulls out.  I think the perceived risk of all the "Induced Volatility" is in-fact, not real risk, its probably as irrelevant as the variations in consuming rye bread part of the time and whole wheat bread at other times.   We have a current monetary system of Fiat/Legal Tender Paper money, and a fledgling circulating Monetary Metals system alongside each other, and in fact one is a very good transactional medium while the other is an excellent medium at retaining value.  If  you look at some countries such as Vietnam and India, you see the same thing in operation.  I like to buy things, but I don't like my money to lose its purchasing value over time, so I use both systems.  Might we all ?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another day of hemming by lemmings left Jon Corizone under the bus

seems like these guys are actually going to rat out each other.  "First one to rat the others, gets the deal", Law & Order Season 1.

This might actually get interesting.   As  you all know,  some brokerages have DIRECT REGISTRATION which will (may) protect you from direct theft as happens when they go belly up.  Execute  your Due Diligence to protect yourself.

Holiday Season Shopping?  Make your Jeweler or Local Coin Shop happy and get your shopping done at these give-away prices.  I am shopping sterling and other silver pendants for ladies in my family.  Hardly a better time for a better gift.......IMO.

Your base price on Aces and Queens ( ASE and Maple Leafs) is under U$D 36.00 now, probably a small premium for amounts under 100 oz, say 5%, so this is a good time to make that move.

A number of investors were howling today they had been stung in the Energy and Agricultural sectors, and part of it was true, bad trouble they say.  Well, I dont know any other kind of trouble but bad trouble so I take that with a grain of salt(pun intended).  Lets look back to 2001.
    We see the REAL commodity Index,not the one Goldman Sachs reshuffled, divided by S & P 500( to account for the WEALTH Index), and look at where WHAT WE BUY COSTS has gone.  Pretty scare.
Seven Billion people on Planet Earth, which has about 4 Billion of those souls right there in ASIA.  Now, growth is happening in ASIA, and shrinkage in the R.O.W. ( rest of the world).  That drags us right along with them as far as having to pay more for necessities.  As a result costs rise, and friction of production increases, and REAL PROFITS in investment markets lag, falter, and drag, as is born out by the similar chart of the S&P 500 as divided by the very same CCI, commodity index.  This shows the 100 % negative correlation to the REAL VALUE of investments.

and this is why we feel pretty lousy.  We could rationalize that this was the issue of commodities and even gold or silver would not have helped preserve  our purchasing power, so lets examine that as well
And yet we get the conclusion that GOLD outpaced cost increases by a large margin.  So GOLD was quite price, spendy and a bit out of reach, so what could we do anyway........... WHAT COULD WE DO ? ?
WE COULD and STILL CAN  BUY SILVER.  Aces (American Silver Eagles) & Queens ( Canadian Silver Maples) could be your winning hand, as many of each as you can may as make sense for you.
So now its time for shopping.    And tomorrow I will try to get a new post about LINES IN THE SAND.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Funny I should mention Armstrong for here is his latest piece, angry too


  His logic is good even if he is angry !!

MF Global as he says, maybe the SYSTEM BREAKER

Get Silver or Gold in your possession..........IMO, the best  insurance

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whether you like Armstrong or not, the chickens are coming home to ECB

and in fact the only way they are going to resolve this issue is his idea, quoted by Simone Foxman at BI as follows :"Let's face the facts: the only plan that EU leaders are going to be able to agree to that would keep the eurozone together is eurobonds."

Thats my story and I am sticking to it..........

Search and Rescue

Is this a seach and rescue mission ongoing or are we merely looking for financial bodies ?  The money that MF was supposed to have is gone missing and probably sliced and diced like a sub-prime mortgage of recent note.
   Seems to me, with the CDS, CDO's and all alphabet instruments in mind, at best we are in for the "JAPAN MALADY". -> likely longer than 5 yrs, maybe 10 maybe 20.
Armstrong might be right that the money flows from the bond market into the stock market and makes it skyrocket, as my data occasionally hints at as well, BUT the reform of this system has past possible and now we are on a "Recovery Mission", IMO.
  Review past BK's and how they kept the smiling face on it to the last.  That's the model.  I'd be securing my bets and  only playing in markets with poker or gambling money UNTIL and IF we see the ARMSTRONG MODE kick in.
Right now at the rate they are stealing and slicing and dicing customer funds, I'd be interested to see if the ARMSTRONG MODE every happens.  If so, I'll enter ever so lightly.  If not, I have my physical............
  Precious and Monetary Metal Mining Stocks are still stocks with all the baggage that stocks and specifically mining stocks bring, so timing and selection + agility are paramount, as is savvy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is it in a nutshell

*Silver Volatility is constantly reported- what is not mentioned is that silver has increased in value 7 times over past 12 years
*Silver volatility is artificially induced to scare off savers
*Unless the value of a legal tender coin is stable it cannot be used as money-must be given a firm value
*Need to get people off the drug habit of constant spending- people need to save again 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

here is the Ad all the major networks rejected, judge for yourself

whether it was a political ad or a commercial ad with a political slant, "INFLATOCRACY", about buying silver and gold to protect your assets against inflation.   This NOT an endorsement of the company but rather your vote on the networks. 

  Share with your social media and friends if  you wish.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

When all the news is BAD 11/29/2011 12:58 PM Post on IV-PM


well ALL the NEWS is BAD

   explosions in Iran,  Iranian Students storm British Embassy,  news from Euro-Land is all bad.  US markets rally yesterday but are mixed today.
   So what do you do when the NEWS YOUR GETTING (MOPE)is all good?  The mullets buy.
So what do you do when the NEWS YOUR GETTING is ALL BAD ?  The mullets sell. Hmm.
Funny most of my measures are slowing their downward momentum, and turning, while the mullets and lemmings run off the cliffs into the sea.
     Below is a current shot of the CDNX, the Venture exchange probably the most speculative and prospective in North America, having a number of indicators in positions overextended to the downside,  and in low position.To me, these measures don't look like a top to me.........what do  you think?I LIKED THAT CALL !! two days ago.  Nice one