Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marginal Vehicles go "Twitchy" First

Generally its the smaller boats the pick up the feel of the waves before the bigger ships can sense it, so here is a picture of the CDNX, the Canadian Venture Exchange,  with mostly Junior Mining and Energy Issues forming a majority of the listings.

THUS I think it curious as we are getting the liver scared out of us by the drops in the Monetary Metals Complex, and yet, the VENTURE Exchange is trying to form up in a preliminary BUY formation, which would be completed once those two lines PURPLE and GREEN cross over in side that circle...........  It bears watching.
That's my take and that is one of the charts I am watching - NOTE, the MACD Cross over is about to occur on the BOTTOM PANEL, my Grapix Program had a bit of an accident............LOL

The Long March

after this view, I ask myself, why I am not down at my Local Coin Shop,(LCS) or
"I BUY GOLD" (IBG)Jeweler yet:
Because I am asking myself how much they are going to have.  Ironically, the supply situation is a bit screwy.
Sometimes savvy buyers clean out all the good stuff, leaving garbage, at the bottom, while the panic that drives John Q Public, also cleans out the good stuff first when the upswing is on.

The other problem appears is that when Paper prices are slammed and we try to
STACK The SMACK(down), we do run up against minimal supplies, so FWIW, I will survey the area and see what I can find.     These reasons are why I don't mind the paper prices when I am seemingly "underwater" because I find the Supply situation validates my concern that silver is getting harder to obtain.

Just like 1947, it will be a Long March until we exit this PM exile, but we will and better for it, IMO.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ARE we There yet? And if we are, "Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

Its kinda like "WHO DO YOU TRUST".  Well truly, I trust what the market is saying to me.............. so lets look

Its certainly easy enuf to see the THREE (3) purple arrows at the  292-295 region that imply Support and in fact can form a Double if not a Triple Bottom in the Commodity Index.........
Now add in the fact that the Downside Objective for the CRB was SATISFIED by this drop to 295 or so....
So now it doesn't mean this is "cut and dried", and ALL CLEAR, but it is a start, perhaps a base..........
so again it looks more like a bottom than a top to me, FOR NOW.............lets now add something SCARY.
      Here we see a longer term (weekly) Point & Figure chart of the CRB done in an Averaged Configuration called AVERAGE TRUE RANGE, which uses the average of 20 periods as a box size for our work here.
SCARY because its next upside objective projection is for almost 603 on the CRB, more than double our current level.   So if the De-flation guys are freaking you out, just show them THIS chart.......LOL.

Now what does it mean?   We know for sure it means I know  how to use the Time "Periods"  and
"Scaling Method" on WWW.STOCKCHARTS.COM Point & Figure charts.
That's what we know for sure.   ME? What I know, in my work and in my gut ?  I "know" that deflation is a lot more temporary than the inflation we are being told is "temporary".   Any "deflation" that is real, will come at the end of this saga, not in the middle. And IMO, we are likely in the middle but beyond the point of no-return.  I think the "29th Day" in the Saga of the Lilly's in the Pond, has been reached and breached.
Soooooooo, does that look like a TOP or a Double Bottom in this Daily, year long chart of CRB ?
     Would you bet that Gold reaches $4,000 to the Upside before it reaches $700 to the Downside ?
Is that a "Sucker"  bet, or an "odds-on" Bet ?   What do you think I am betting ? ?   Better yet, sign up for the FREE 1 Mo Trial Subscription, and I'll share what I know so far......Meanwhile have a great Holiday Season.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Does this look like a TOP, or a BOTTOM?

I tend to follow the simplest explanations of things, therefore I like this chart config for a bottom, rather than top.

I realize that is a loose interpretation but I try not to overthink things:

This one is the Venture Exchange, mostly Junior Resource stocks.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

a Joyous Holiday Season to all

will try to keep posting relevant Technical Materials to assist with  your decision making.

Spend time with your family, taking care of what is FIRST.

See you soon,


Friday, December 23, 2011

All the news about GOLD Is Bad NEWS, so BUY, see this for yourself

On Thursday, my dual MACD lines, Red and Blue posted a buy signal in the GDM Sentiment Index.  The FASTER of the MACD measures (RED) has cut thru the SLOWER of the MACD Measures (BLUE), to the upside.  It is now confirmed by the Banded Oscillator on the Upper Panel, and awaiting confirmation from the conventional MACD on the bottom panel.  Does this mean Gold WILL take off to the upside ?  NO, it means we are seeing a significant signal of strength in GOLD's TREND, and must wait for it to develop. HOWEVER:   We note that  in an arithmetic chart of the $GDM, we are in a TRIPLE Bottom showing considerable support (2nd Chart)

So this concerns GOLD MINER STOCKS, Gold being the secondary play here.

The GREEN Arrows show the Points of the Triple bottom in the $GDM ( GOLD thick Dashed Line) above.

As you can see on EITHER chart, there is clear evidence of a Triple Bottom in the 1400 area.

What is pretty neat about the above chart is that it clearly shows a trading zone btwn 1467 and 1433, with a Reversal Zone @1433, which IF breeched, probably signals a down move.  BETTER than that,  if 1467 is DECISIVELY breeched to the upsides, it would be a Mini-Quad-Top Breakout which would signal a potential move to the 1580 area, which, AGAIN, IF surmounted WOULD TAKE OUT Resistance all the way to the ALL-Time-High of 1855, a fairly impressive set-up, perfectly counter-intuitive to all the news out there.  Typically it would be a 3 to 2 bet AGAINST, were it not, IMO, for the beginning of strength shown by the preliminary BUY signal of the Dual MACD measures, awaiting #2 Confirmation by the Convential MACD.

While I like betting Odds-On, I don't like betting "The Crowd", and I don't like crowds when it comes to analysis, being more comfortable doing the math myself, for myself.  I do best when I follow my own stars......

If you want to share more unconventional analysis, sign up for my Special Free Offer on the Green Header bar.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What the HECK is going on with GOLD ? ?

If change is constant and " the more things change, the more they stay the same" holds true, then the upward bias PLUS the cyclical motion in the TRIX twin lines, what do I think will happen?

I think things will stay the same, on the same plane of upward bias, aided by the cyclical motion revealed by the TRIX.

That's my story so far, no matter how hard "THEY" try to "PAINT the TAPE".

To explain:"  Raff Regression Channel is a linear regression with evenly spaced trendlines above and below. The width of the channel is based on the high or low that is the furthest from the linear regression. The trend is up as long as prices rise within this channel. An uptrend reverses when price breaks below the channel extension. The trend is down as long as prices decline within the channel. Similarly, a downtrend reverses when price breaks above the channel extension." <- Taken from StockCharts, Chart School.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Posted new Picks

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FYI and for those of you who have wondered

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Good Luck and Happy Holidays to all.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Just what is going on?

lets look at what is going on in REAL SILVER, not paper silver.   This is the Silver Bullion Trust, mate to CEF, certified bullion storage in Canada.  Looks a bit diff than the Comex charts of the "Paper Silver", so to get an idea of what silver should be selling at, simply X 1.5 and  you get a rough number.  So now theoretically you could buy silver, physical silver at about 29+ per oz, USD.      Now lets look at the available means of getting and holding Silver in a readily negotiable form, say 1 oz Govt Issues Coins, specifically American Silver Eagles, and Canadian Silver Maples.  For about a 13-17% premium over the calculated price say, either SBT X 1.5 or attempting to use the Comex price.  Perhaps I am looking at U$D 33.75 @coin ( 1 oz), which is not unreasonable.   So now, if we see the "worst case scenario" of about U$D 24 per Oz, or a Coin price of  about U$D 28-29 so if you buy all the way down, you "could" be down $4 per coin, but have the PHYSICAL, so for me that is an acceptable potential (not realized)(temporary) asset pricing.

Considering that there is an on-going degradation of COMEX delivery, and increasing musical chairs as to how the main bullion banks are shuffling to meet delivery, this is a reasonable cost of insuring yourself, and having a seat in the speculative pit when the next Silver crazy train pulls out.  I think the perceived risk of all the "Induced Volatility" is in-fact, not real risk, its probably as irrelevant as the variations in consuming rye bread part of the time and whole wheat bread at other times.   We have a current monetary system of Fiat/Legal Tender Paper money, and a fledgling circulating Monetary Metals system alongside each other, and in fact one is a very good transactional medium while the other is an excellent medium at retaining value.  If  you look at some countries such as Vietnam and India, you see the same thing in operation.  I like to buy things, but I don't like my money to lose its purchasing value over time, so I use both systems.  Might we all ?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another day of hemming by lemmings left Jon Corizone under the bus

seems like these guys are actually going to rat out each other.  "First one to rat the others, gets the deal", Law & Order Season 1.

This might actually get interesting.   As  you all know,  some brokerages have DIRECT REGISTRATION which will (may) protect you from direct theft as happens when they go belly up.  Execute  your Due Diligence to protect yourself.

Holiday Season Shopping?  Make your Jeweler or Local Coin Shop happy and get your shopping done at these give-away prices.  I am shopping sterling and other silver pendants for ladies in my family.  Hardly a better time for a better gift.......IMO.

Your base price on Aces and Queens ( ASE and Maple Leafs) is under U$D 36.00 now, probably a small premium for amounts under 100 oz, say 5%, so this is a good time to make that move.

A number of investors were howling today they had been stung in the Energy and Agricultural sectors, and part of it was true, bad trouble they say.  Well, I dont know any other kind of trouble but bad trouble so I take that with a grain of salt(pun intended).  Lets look back to 2001.
    We see the REAL commodity Index,not the one Goldman Sachs reshuffled, divided by S & P 500( to account for the WEALTH Index), and look at where WHAT WE BUY COSTS has gone.  Pretty scare.
Seven Billion people on Planet Earth, which has about 4 Billion of those souls right there in ASIA.  Now, growth is happening in ASIA, and shrinkage in the R.O.W. ( rest of the world).  That drags us right along with them as far as having to pay more for necessities.  As a result costs rise, and friction of production increases, and REAL PROFITS in investment markets lag, falter, and drag, as is born out by the similar chart of the S&P 500 as divided by the very same CCI, commodity index.  This shows the 100 % negative correlation to the REAL VALUE of investments.

and this is why we feel pretty lousy.  We could rationalize that this was the issue of commodities and even gold or silver would not have helped preserve  our purchasing power, so lets examine that as well
And yet we get the conclusion that GOLD outpaced cost increases by a large margin.  So GOLD was quite price, spendy and a bit out of reach, so what could we do anyway........... WHAT COULD WE DO ? ?
WE COULD and STILL CAN  BUY SILVER.  Aces (American Silver Eagles) & Queens ( Canadian Silver Maples) could be your winning hand, as many of each as you can may as make sense for you.
So now its time for shopping.    And tomorrow I will try to get a new post about LINES IN THE SAND.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Funny I should mention Armstrong for here is his latest piece, angry too


  His logic is good even if he is angry !!

MF Global as he says, maybe the SYSTEM BREAKER

Get Silver or Gold in your possession..........IMO, the best  insurance

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whether you like Armstrong or not, the chickens are coming home to ECB

and in fact the only way they are going to resolve this issue is his idea, quoted by Simone Foxman at BI as follows :"Let's face the facts: the only plan that EU leaders are going to be able to agree to that would keep the eurozone together is eurobonds."

Thats my story and I am sticking to it..........

Search and Rescue

Is this a seach and rescue mission ongoing or are we merely looking for financial bodies ?  The money that MF was supposed to have is gone missing and probably sliced and diced like a sub-prime mortgage of recent note.
   Seems to me, with the CDS, CDO's and all alphabet instruments in mind, at best we are in for the "JAPAN MALADY". -> likely longer than 5 yrs, maybe 10 maybe 20.
Armstrong might be right that the money flows from the bond market into the stock market and makes it skyrocket, as my data occasionally hints at as well, BUT the reform of this system has past possible and now we are on a "Recovery Mission", IMO.
  Review past BK's and how they kept the smiling face on it to the last.  That's the model.  I'd be securing my bets and  only playing in markets with poker or gambling money UNTIL and IF we see the ARMSTRONG MODE kick in.
Right now at the rate they are stealing and slicing and dicing customer funds, I'd be interested to see if the ARMSTRONG MODE every happens.  If so, I'll enter ever so lightly.  If not, I have my physical............
  Precious and Monetary Metal Mining Stocks are still stocks with all the baggage that stocks and specifically mining stocks bring, so timing and selection + agility are paramount, as is savvy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is it in a nutshell

*Silver Volatility is constantly reported- what is not mentioned is that silver has increased in value 7 times over past 12 years
*Silver volatility is artificially induced to scare off savers
*Unless the value of a legal tender coin is stable it cannot be used as money-must be given a firm value
*Need to get people off the drug habit of constant spending- people need to save again 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

here is the Ad all the major networks rejected, judge for yourself

whether it was a political ad or a commercial ad with a political slant, "INFLATOCRACY", about buying silver and gold to protect your assets against inflation.   This NOT an endorsement of the company but rather your vote on the networks. 

  Share with your social media and friends if  you wish.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

When all the news is BAD 11/29/2011 12:58 PM Post on IV-PM


well ALL the NEWS is BAD

   explosions in Iran,  Iranian Students storm British Embassy,  news from Euro-Land is all bad.  US markets rally yesterday but are mixed today.
   So what do you do when the NEWS YOUR GETTING (MOPE)is all good?  The mullets buy.
So what do you do when the NEWS YOUR GETTING is ALL BAD ?  The mullets sell. Hmm.
Funny most of my measures are slowing their downward momentum, and turning, while the mullets and lemmings run off the cliffs into the sea.
     Below is a current shot of the CDNX, the Venture exchange probably the most speculative and prospective in North America, having a number of indicators in positions overextended to the downside,  and in low position.To me, these measures don't look like a top to me.........what do  you think?I LIKED THAT CALL !! two days ago.  Nice one

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its your money, or what do I do when the bank pays next to nothing

This is reprinted from my blog "ITS YOUR MONEY TODAY" and deals with the stupid returns we get from banks on our savings and how to combat that situation............Its about a year old but the situation just keeps gettting better.........

Whats in your Treasury ?

Top coin is the American Eagle with Walking Liberty on the front.                         The next coin, under the banknotes, or greenbacks, is the CANADIAN SILVER MAPLE.               Under that is the MEXICAN LIBERTAD.                  The American and Canadian's have been minted since '86 & '88 respectively.       All of the coins are ONE OZ. of  PURE SILVER, within everyone's economic reach.                                                                                                             
Well you could ask:  " Whats in your wallet ? ", like the Credit Card commercial, thank  you Capitol One.   I would more ask what do you keep in your family treasury?     Further, contemplate this:  " How much interest have you made since 1986 ?"   How do you provide for your family?   How do you hedge ?         Federal Reserve Notes?  Bank of Canada paper money?                                                                                            SAVING $10 per week since 1988 in the form of Silver coin.
Which would have yielded  your family greater wealth and protection, saving paper or saving silver? 

American Eagles and Canadian Maples
back  in the day 
sold for silver price + coin premium.               

Since you could own them legally as savings anchors for your family, you need realize that they now go for $22 & $23 respectively including the coin premium. Author Note, Today we speak of Maples and ASE's in the 35-40 dollar area, at local coin shops.

Since interest rates have tended downward during that time, to approach ZERO on any funds deposited while all your basic items purchased increased in price, as the value of your Federal Reserve Notes stayed static,  you would have been at a terrible economic disadvantage only holding banknotes, greenbacks or cash.

Saving for something, means, IMO,  you must save something of value to later have the value that  you were saving for.  If the price of what you were saving for, increased faster than your savings value, it would have been moving backwards economically despite the increasing numerical value of your savings.

So if you had a $10K Certificate of Deposit, denominated in Canadian or US dollars in 1990, it would have bought you 2000 American Silver Eagles or Canadian Silver Maples.  Today, that same certificate would buy  you 444 of them, so the value of your savings would now be about 4.5 times greater than where you started.  Lets compare compound interest.   Had you had $10 K on deposit, over the same period @ an average of 5% compounded it would have returned 2.7 times its face.

In reality, you must ask  yourself what kind of risks you take, when offered "Deals" on savings.  I do think the real value is in thinking for yourself.

Inflation ? HyperInflation ? CRACK-UP BOOM ! ! !

Inflation - Grocery, Hardware Store, Auto Shop MY INDEX

  Ok, lets look. Last night I thought I'd find equivalent Laptops down in price from 2 mo ago. WRONG, UP, prob due to Chinese Yuan pricing.  OK,   now to to snow tires,  Not quite double from 2 yrs ago.  Car Battery ->  On sale, $87.  Whats wrong with that pix?  3 yrs ago, I thought $59 was outrageous.   Hardware store, nails to hang pix, $4 bux, double 2 yrs ago.  Wifes clothes shopping, up about 20% for the same items NOT on sale at Walmart.  MY INDEX IS UP.  Oh grocery store ?  You dont want to talk about that or go there, no way Jose.  Remember when wheat spiked and came back down HALFWAY ? -> Look at your bread prices now.  Buy some beef, pork or chicken and see what you think.
  Now I know we are told these are "Temporary" Increases, but the problem is that I am paying for them with fiat that PERMANENTLY leaves my wallet, so  its permanently distressing to my budget.
  Lets see:  these are some of the groceries and products that I know have gone up, from buying them on periodic basis:
Maple syrup
Motor Fuel
Motor Oil
Tim Horton's
US Post
Canada Post
AA & AAA Batteries
Dollar Store items
Cut Flowers
Purolator Courier Svcs
Books at Chapters.
   Now my friends, I know this is all TEMPORARY, but so is human life, so how do we deny we have inflation in what we buy to sustain our lives on a daily basis ? ? ?

Let me burst your and a lotta other Peeps bubble about Technical Analysis

  and that includes Guru's and Spewers and some many leeches in this business.

" In fact, if T/A had the ability to forecast the PM Manipulation , I would probably use it .. but it doesn't. "
  Technical Analysis can no more forecast the markets, than a dolphin can tell which way your boat turns before you turn it.   Let me say it again,  Technical Analysis can no more forecast markets, than a dolphin can tell which way your boat turns before you turn it.   Quote me on that each and every time  you wish, please !!
  What I do with Technical Analysis, in just a few forms of its infinite variations is DETECT CHANGES.     Changes in any number of measures you , yes YOU can create using formats like I did in the previous post, which I then use to attempt to figure out what time it is in any given stock or market.  As you have seen me divide the qualities ascribed to two kinds of oscillators,  in another division of labor it is the job of Fundamental Analysis to attempt to set scenarios of what MAY happen if various fundamental situations come about, A, B, C, et cetera.  
    So what I attempt in my TA is Detection, then assessment, then determinant.  You and I know if it is spring, things grow easily.  We know what crops grow in the winter.   It is no simpler than that, and anyone who attempts to portray that it is so, IMO, is a charlatan. 
  Like John Wayne, (Marian Morrison) said : "Life is tuff, tuffer if your stupid", to which I add, and worse yet if your lazy.

Apologies, but I can start out with a chart I like, showing what I watch

When I bumped into LQD it was using it as a second part in a two part Liquidity Measure

  and over time, I found it useful to track money representative of that which comes in and out of the  money, oft on a cyclical basis.  So its LQD, and here is the link to its Yahoo Profile  LQD . IT tracks the price of Investment Grade bonds in an I-Shares configuration.  So I use it a lot as a base measurement.   To help me track the flow of money into and out of LQD, I use the measure known as Chaiken Money Flow, whose definition can be found here  -> CMF here on the Stock Charts.Com site.    The third item I use building this chart, is Mr.Nasty©, or $NASI which for lack of a better description is the 39 DMA of the cumulative advances and declines of the NASDAQ  market.  It is often described as being composed somewhat different but that it is the  39 DMA of advances minus declines ( breadth ) is the short answer.
  On the chart below, we have the SLOPE(20 periods) of  CMF of LQD plotted with the actual LQD price as Invisible , so you can develop a sense for how fast or slow the inflow of funds is coming into or ebbing from LQD via the CMF.
I have to give credit to an assistant of mine, simply observing that the CMF was like the blood pressure of a stock, so therefore, the SLOPE is kinda like the Green Line on the screen of the oscilloscope that beeps when you flatline.
Since $$ are the precursor of volume, and volume tends to drive price, these measures while directly linked to market moves, have variable lead times.  To track  how these inflows or outflows impact the more general market, I use Mr.Nasty©  as a background check, lead time considered to see if we have direction right.  Thus as  you see I have also used the SLOPE(BLUE) for MR.NASTY© ( RED dashed half-tone line), with the BLACK line of the LQD CMF SLOPE showing us how fast or slow the money was coming into or out of  LQD.
       Bascially these guys are in formation, going down but entering a space where they slow down previous to changes or reversals.   The phrase I remember and work with is "Neutrality Pre-Sages Change" and so I look for places where neutrality is manifesting and reversals can begin to appear.
So this is the kind of "SIMPLE" Chart that I like that conveys a lot of information, and the interpretation is pretty straight up -> When the money flows back into the market, LQD goes up and the rest of the market will likely go up as well. Here is where I look for changes if and as they occur. 
   So, combined with a bunch of other charts, this is how I am developing the feeling I want to position for this market, both Gold and Silver Miners as well as others, before it actually goes up. I get to be early at times but I am ok with that.............

Monday, October 3, 2011

Insiders View

"The debt crisis will compel more aggressive taxation and combined with austerity and a rising debt burden, it’s a recipe for social unrest and political instability. The only way out of a debt crisis of this magnitude will be to cleverly default, create a new currency, swap this one for that old stuff, and count on confusing the masses to make them(the masses) think They(the Manipulators) saved their future when ( in fact) They blew it up.". 

Pretty much the best view of a smart guy.  How to prepare? 
Watch our website  Denaliguide Website   

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NET, Net, net

This is what is left over, after some theoretical work of "NETTING" and swapping out EuroZone Countries debts against each other, and it is dramatic when compared against the old picture. What it does not take into account is the individual debt-holder and debtor entity, but they would be at that point, internal,and not contribute to the confusion that now reigns.

You and I know that something like this must come about or the 17 countries of the Euro Zone will fall into a heap, a writhing mass of self absorbed countries in which things become worse by an order magnitude as each period of time goes by.

Why you ask has this not happened yet/. WELL for one ask yourself cui bono in reverse, who not profits but loses ? All the people who sell and administer debt entities. If you said BANKERS your right. Maybe Billy Shakespeare was wrong when he said "Kill all the lawyers." Maybe he really would have meant BANKERS had he seen the upshot of all this.

So if you ask a politician this, anywhere in the world, and they tell you "IT WON'T WORK", I'd be tempted to ask them what it would take to make it work, up to and including their exit from power, and their covert supporters as well.

Seems to me, if we don't make something like this work, we are all gonna be screwed like the frog in the pot where they raise the heat of the water gradually
one (1) degree at a time ( C or F, I dont care), until we are all boiled alive.

I think its time to WEAR BLACK MONDAYS, and demand an end to this destructive little crap game that allows BANKERS to screw the rest of humanity.

Monday, September 26, 2011

How it went, what it is, how they do it. Wow Silver was what ? $26 ?

Given the military principle of “Concentration of Forces” the forces opposing higher specie metal and commodity prices fight a rear-guard action based on initiative, concentration of forces and coordination of forces, air power ( comex paper), artillery ( media ) and boots on the ground ( physical purchases).

In a military metaphor this lays out perfectly.  The big picture is the forces in opposition to higher (real) commodity prices are fighting a delaying rear guard action, well supplied but on the retreating side.   Using initiative, coordination of forces and interior lines of communication, they are able to achieve "local superiority" to achieve "local breakthroughs"
Now go back to 2001 and look at the progress of this.  As many times as "local superiority" has been used to achieve "local breakthroughs", these in fact, are nothing but spoiling counter-attacks with no real hope of stemming the tide nor gaining the objective of subduing commodity prices, unless they do a "M-A-D" nuclear scenario of Mutually Assured Destruction.  While it is a real threat, it will be by miscalculation rather than bravado, if it might come to be.

Looking at more of this, after the Counter-attacks achieve their “local superiority” to achieve their “local break through”, they do a limited advance to try to “spoil” attacks by breaking up formations or destroying supplies or transport hubs, and thus gain more time.

However that comes at a cost. In this case it is the cost of supplies they cannot replace in terms of “Boots on the Ground” and that is what the peasants come in and take, in this case the physical supplies of precious specie metals that are then absorbed by an aware public, thus exerting area and supply denial to the counter-attacking forces, and limiting their reach as they pull back further each time, witness the advance in price of both commodities and specie metals since 2001.

For people holding their speculation assets in physical form like specie bars of precious metals or coins, resources stocks NOT on margin, this is in fact a good time. Just like the civilians that witness these “successful” counter-attacks, they know there are spoil goods to be had from the retreating forces and forage accordingly. Me, I am gonna go visit my “WE BUY GOLD” Jeweler in the next burg over and see what he'd like to lighten up on...........always nice to have some cash around !!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What we know,in Brief, What to do:

    There are enough shocking headlines that I wont try to sensationalize this, as I think we all have been completely de-sensitized to things that should have us howling with outrage, rather than just throwing up our hands.

     Simply put, Europe has the Plague in its Financial Form.  For the EU to survive, IMO, they will need to put their house in order by setting a prioritized sequence for EUROBONDS with differing charges to member countries who borrow money.  One Currency, One Debt, charged  in proportion to the credit-worthiness of the debtor within the EU.  Thats what its going to take to exit this crises.  The only other exit will be the Morgue or Financial Burying ground for stupid politicians.  But if they go down( the politicians) they will no doubt take the populace down with them.  I dont know if it will take more riots to get their attention, but to exit this while the system still functions, some had better sit up and take notice quickly.

Now for the rest of us, unpolitically priveledged or connected are continious decision points where we have to work out way through this maze.

  Basically it works out like this:  To survive this Plague of Paper (money) which is a great transfer medium, but is lousy at holding its value, we must find things of value we can anchor our financial worth fast to, in this storm.  If you use "STUFF" everyday in  your job or biz, you might do all you can to secure a supply of it.
If you can, stash forward the stuff  you use and eat everyday, in so far as possible, for financial hedging.
If you can afford a financial hedge,I suggest obtaining American Silver Eagles, US 90% silver coinage, and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins.  If you wish to see what and how I am hedging in the markets, please use the HALFPRICE coupon code if you order Peak Performance Picks, from out website at

Likely the US will not technically default as they can print or digitally produce the US Dollar which is a globally accepted Unit of Transfer.  Its ok except that the long term holders of Dollar Denominated assets have the Value of their asset transferred away from them through the continual issue of new Dollars.

Grace yourself with some serenity after you have hedged  your dollars, and move on as nothing will serve you to assume the mantle of "Gloom & Doom" and once you have set  your hedges, nothing will be accomplished by worry.

One of the authors I read summed it up best as follows, to your course of action:  "Stack up precious metals, ride the equities markets up and down taking profits, and use those profits to stack up precious metals.  Repeat as often as markets allow".  While that is more easily said than done, you may find trying out PEAK PICKS or AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION with their money - back guarantees, will do a lot more for you and your families security, than any amount of worrying.

An additional post from tonite may be found at

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Good Plan now is better than a perfect plan later

I hope ya'll can get in and out like this. My  PROFIT BOOK  "TECHNICAL ESSENTIALS" can help you do this.

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I hope ya'll can get in and out like that.  My HALF PRICE OFFER of PEAK PICKS + PROFIT BOOK can be yours to use this week, [CLICK HERE] so you can set up for the next UpLeg in what market you choose.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1 oz cmn silver coins, ask prices 11 am 7/27/11 U$D 46.01 US Face 90% 31.5X CDN 24.4X

ah so much theater, so little time.  What is the DEFAULT DATE today my dear? Has it changed again.?

Seems the worst financial event since the Vandals overran Rome looking for their "swag" for being a mercenary army is being shrugged off by the  markets as a Non-Event.

Got Silver?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Unusual situation, IMO

DJI is up almost 150 as if they are hoping for the the default......maybe it's the Greek..?

Anyway, today I did my usual Technical Scan's and came up with the Hottest SCAN on the TSX Venture that I have seen in a long time.
If  you want a copy, please drop me a note at ""   TIME SENSITIVE

1 oz comn silver coin prices, ask prices 10 am 7/21/2011.U$D46.22 USface 90% 30.2X Cdn 80% Face = 24X

Canadian 80% Silver Coins, 24X Face

Thursday, June 23, 2011

come join us in a TA Lab / Workshop

where we can  share what we know, and learn, Free Site, simply bring  your questions and ideas and we will try to strategize  Practical Analysis Lab

Saturday, June 4, 2011

1 Oz common Silver coin price Jun 3, 2011, 5:15 PM U$D 42.05

played hookey and went out all day fri, but here is the price as of the close,
3 sources, 6 most common coins.

Good Luck

I am going to link this YOUTUBEVIDEO with  one more, soon to explain  how you can get the jump on what is happening out there.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Especially Nasty

So the $64 Question is now, what happens next, a 6 mo cycle or a 12 mo cycle.

I can freely admit I DONT KNOW YET without embarassment, BUT if you want to be with me WHEN I KNOW, then visit, sign up [ money back if your not satisfied], and get on-board..............

1 Oz common Silver coin price Jun 2, 2011, 9:45 PM U$D 42.38

3 sources, 6 coins, highest and lowest values removed, remainder averaged.

This accounted for 20 cents of the most recent change.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1 oz common silver coin calculated price 10 AM 17 May, 2011 U$D 38.82

yep and it went back down as well.  This calculated non-exchange prices tends to move less in both measures or price and time, not a bad thing.  It does not eliminate hi frequency pricing but may cut down the confusion.
Good luck


Monday, May 16, 2011

1 oz common Silver coin price 16 May, 2011 9:45AM = U$D 40.19

Default 1 oz common Silver coin price 16 May, 2011 9:45AM = U$D 40.19

Whoops it went up. // Had to correct an error it is 9:45 AM not 19:45AM, I know it did not make sense......

.999 coins,most common, in stock available for delivery over the counter exclusive of sales taxes and any other hidden fees.

Not a guarantee of price, but its where you'd start look to negotiate from, up or down.

Sorry for missing Friday, apparently some Blogger issue, price at that time was U$D 39.41, pretty close to previous day.

Good Luck


Thursday, May 12, 2011

1 oz silver common coin benchmark 12 may 2011 U$D 39.31

today we used 1 LCS price, FR rounds, Koala's, Phil's, Eagles, and Olympic Maples.  We use what coins we are told are inventory and available for purchase.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 PM Calculated price 9 May is U$D 41.12 EOM

calculated to be a starting benchmark price at grassroots for starting point.  FR Round, Koala, & Phil used in calculation

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011


the calculated price of 1 ounce silver coin at 9:30 AM is U$D 41.00

Non-Crimex Silver price

A group of silver watchers have decided to come up with a silver price based one one ounce coins that reflect the true cost of ONE SILVER OUNCE based on the most common coins in our areas.  Tonite at midnite that price was $40.33.   We each are going to post the prices of our local area in various places around the 'Net to see if the idea can go.

Dont like the way things are going ?  WEAR BLACK MONDAYS ! ! !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Rubicon, of sorts

    Love Fridays, Hate Mondays, right?  This will likely not turn out any different, as "Work"the curse of the drinking class, returns each Monday to impose its burden of toil and travail upon us all.

   Monday, June 13, 2011 will likely be no different.  For one thing, a "minor Bradley Turn" will occur ( you should Google that one).  For another thing, Martin Armstrong has defined this date throught his ECONOMIC CONFIDENCE MODEL ( ECM for short) as the day on which the welfare of this planet and its inhabitants will be revealed ( in some manner, however cryptic or not).  The possibilties make me want to consider ordering a few more Johnnie Walker Black, Doubles right now !!

  Finishing serveral hundred pages of his single spaced essays typed in prison on a pre-war Ollivetti, has left me almost numb, and almost blind.  That doesnt matter.  His take on this world may.

So what is on our menu for Monday, June 13, 2011 ?

   Fire ?  Famine?   Pestilence? 

NO each is a bit too late unless they become pandemic as they are already on the move now in a big way.

Maybe, say,   REGIONAL CONFLICT leading to GLOBAL CONFLAGRATION ? ( quite possible).
Perhaps   GLOBAL FAMINE ?  (its a front runner already).
Or,  US DEBT DEFALUT w/ Financial Chaos as a chaser ( always a crowd pleaser amongst gold buds).

Well they ALL have my vote as "MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED AND HAPPEN".

What is in question is how much stress the planet and we as inhabitants, including our less rational members can take before we "Go Ballistic"( in a Nuclear War Kinda way)?

No I dont know.  I am continuing the attempt at digesting his material, and put it in a useful perspective I can understand well enough to use.
     BECAUSE Martin Armstrong was so strong and specific about this part, it bears repeating here:
During the time he was consulting for the Bank of Lebanon using his ECM, he says he was able to detect the movement of capital out of Lebanon that was specifically running away from the Civil War to come.  BECAUSE it was ABNORMAL to the flow of capital within the ECM.
     KNOWING this, the best and most available device we can use is INTER-MARKET Analysis, whose parts you can access and monitor for abnormal movements in the coming weeks.  For that I will be presenting some of the most common and easily used components of INTER-MARKET ANALYSIS in our coming posts.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tomorrow, "An American Rubicon ?" Installment #1

well as I work on it, I hope to post late tomorrow, my first installment of some impressions from Martin Armstrongs most relevant work.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Analysis & Review, Martin Armstrong Article of Apr 21

For those interested, MAY's   AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION will Feature an analysis and review of Martin Armstrong's most recent article ( Apr 21, 2011), information all investors will want

Joyous Holiday everyone

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring turn Point, + Holidays

Just a moment to share with all of ya'll,  Holiday weekend will be long and maybe a bit scary, not knowing what changes will appear when the US and European markets open on Tuesday.

Yes thats one of my boys, a Rex, and yes there is snow on the ground !!

Hope you all have a great holiday.  Got Physical?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Turn date coming, what next after that?

You may want to check out a new style of timing chart, having multi-measure triggers, over at the WEBSITE
These will be published twice monthly in AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION, about the cheapest insurance you can get.  Good Luck

Monday, March 28, 2011

When is the next signal and what will it be?

It was good to be able to show you this BEFORE the move, rather than explain the move AFTER it happened. We have been setting up for this move for a while now.

The NEXT move will be published in  PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, and in an AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION Update Bulletin, since it is a monthly.   Will  you get the next signal before it happens?
Yes if you have a subscription to either DGS publication  [ ].  I know my readers are quite pleased to get these signals FIRST.  Of course,  you know that understanding there is better than getting sound advice.  Yes even the money you either made or saved on this move, stands in addition to the PEAK PICKS PROFITS our readers made.
    There is a new Selection today, but we may wait to see if the market takes it even deeper into a BUYZONE on a decline today.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buy / Sell Gold Stock Sector Oscillator

Alone it didnt mean as much as when it was verified by other Non-Linear confirmations, meaning simply put, other systems said this was likely a true signal.  Further interpretation is available by Subscription

So far when verified the signals have been extremely helpful, especially as the preferred group in the Resource Sector continues to shrink  No interpretation has proved perfect, but in fact, used with specific tactic's, significant profits have come about and continue.

Good Luck.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WHAT These stocks have GOT, others have NOT ???

THEIR OWN FREE SPECIAL EDITION !!!    That comes with every non-trial subscription from DGS 'till Mar 31.
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Yes that's an old gold dredge located out the Steese Hiway in Chatanika, Alaska, left in place after WWII, when the dredging was discontinued.  Its a bit North of Cleary Summit where the Ft.Knox mine, belonging to Kinross Gold Corp is located.   Very much of the placer gold the dredges dug up came from the tops of those domes that overlooked the Chatanika River, and very much more gold will come out it, as it is located in the Tintina Gold Belt, that arc's through the Yukon-Alaska Terrane.

Next is the representation of a hoist building housing a headframe, possibly in the Mayo-Dawson-Keno area of a silver mine, done in a style reminescent of the "Group of Seven.

   What do these miners have, that other dont.   Well its not old mines or deposits that set them apart, but it is an advantage, perhaps not insurmountable, but for sure such a head start that these companies will likely flourish where others will fail to thrive.   I enjoyed writing and researching this which turned out to be seventeen pages generously supplied with charts, including BUYZONES, plus support and resistance for each of  these companies stocks, except the last one, which I am avoiding.  Knowing whom to avoid is as important as which stock to ride.  Waiting is for the RIGHT MOMENT?  See my BUYZONES in this SPECIAL EDITION, and see what your missing.  SIGN UP NOW, No Risk - my loss  in that last stock is  your gain in knowledge !!  Oh yes, while I was checking I noticed an amazing accumulation pattern in one of my BEST KEPT SECRETS    I wonder how long the stock will wait before it breaks out.  SIGN UP and find our BUYZONE for this well kept secret.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Adding a new CORE STOCK is always an exciting event BUT

it is usually a profitable event looking backwards. El Dorado Gold was just such an event as were several other Non-Gold stocks.

Certainly this Month's issue of AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION offers some seriously profitable idea, especially about CYCLICAL trading against a half dozen stocks in our C & C Review. This is the theoretical view, buying and 30, selling at 70, rinse and repeat cycle over again.
and then the smaller chart
Now of course there is the REAL WORD of Rubicon Minerals, everyone's fav stock

Yes this Month's AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION has some new cyclical positions for you, and is available monthly through our WEBSITE,  with our

 same "real world", "top down" approach and money back guarantee,  U$D 17.97 mo'ly,  no contract, or discounted in combo with PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS.  Considering what you can no longer buy for under $20, [ Silver Maples & Eagles - remember we got in them last year under $20 ?], and the guarantee, you cant go wrong.

    We will also be out with our long awaited TECHNICAL ANALYSIS WORKBOOK,

"ALL  YOU NEED TO  KNOW and NOTHING Else", which will be out in a Combo Offer with both AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION and PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS through our WEBSITE.

I want  you all to calm down this weekend, and relax a bit.  We will be back here MONDAY, with what you need to keep your balance in this crazy world.  Until then, spend some time with  your family, do things you like and prepare yourself in balance for the coming week.

Best of Luck.