Monday, August 9, 2010

'FLATION ? Fait accompli, IMO, see it here

  During all of 006 the battle see sawed back and forth but in the end DEFLATION was the  winner,and 2007 confirmed it, so now we have STAGFLATION,about to turn into SUPER-STAGLATION

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 Now no less an "Authority" as the FED of St. Louis publishes the VELOCITY of MONEY chart, which say quite simply, that human excitability is DECLINING, which whether you subscribe to KONDRATIEFF or anyone else's theories or definitions, people are simply not going out there to assume risk and speculate in a declining opportunity environment.

     Gold thrives in a deflationary environment, especially when the ROT RATE of all currencies is compared against it and not themselves against other paper currencies.  Daily, GOLD gains value here.

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Silver Spikes?   $12 Nat Gas?   Which one comes first?  Its like an insane version of the 
3 Stoodges "WHOSE ON FIRST".   The problem is no  one is laughing to the bank, unless they "KNOW who is on 1st".  You can have a laugh or two if you try PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, at my risk, the link is on  the right hand sidebar here.

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Ah the blue sky and pleasant breezes, summer in full swing, gardens full, and yet under it all boils the stuff of nightmares, as the theft of your supposed inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness goes on under the surface of this, the   Strategic Analysis you read, gives you the keys to keeping life beautiful.

   Life is beautiful, even more so with peace of mind, and leaving all the ranting and raving guru's behind would be anyone's goal, since they tend to own both sides of the bi-polar nation