Wednesday, July 7, 2010

REFLEX Rally -> how much might it fool us ?

I really DONT know but it looked so pretty.

That little curve looks so pretty, just like it was drawn by hand.

Now the fun part is that the current rally which started out about 9600 is accompanied by average volume at best.

Hmmm wonder what that means, and that hook upwards in the MACD is quite capable of volatile moves.  Lets see if it gets to the ZERO Line.

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SECTORS like Coal and Gold run then cycle, run then cycle, like YZC going from  5 to 27 in a 18 mo's, and gold the form of IAG went from 8 to 20, in roughly the same time spread.  I am hearing a lot of  "freakology", about the danger of getting into some stocks, esp non-blue chips.  Now some blue chips will survive and do well, but those with safe dividend and reasonable appreciation can  be attractive.  Sadly, those "blue chip survivors" might be well camoflauged, and take some deep DD to find.  A lot of fear is out there about energy, but I dont see any societies use of energy dropping in any straight line fashion.    Both the Canadian and US sectors have a lot of up and coming energy players that I often list.
   Notably speaking, it is more likely that the Canadian Sector is not as well prices as teh US Sector for any number of reasons, but  I dont see them discounted to the same rate the US energy stocks have been.