Monday, June 28, 2010

ROLL OVER, not the movie

Wow, would I be concerned if I was not hedged ? I think you can be sure I would !

Does this mean I dont look for an upmove ? Actually I do, I lifted my short via the 3X Leveraged BEAR ETF, and I will be just as fast to put it back when this drive runs out of steam.........

I think we all could tread very lightly hereabouts.........


Lets look at the same momentum indicator with different measures......

Looking at this you see, while the CCI indicator is in a low space, it still has room to run to the downside, which means, to me, two things. ONE, the pain is not over yet. TWO when it is, it will be a good cycle buying move EXCEPT should we experience a still stronger downward trending channel. As at any casino, you pay your money and take your chances.......

The previous Chart [ Mr.Nasty] was about TREND, lets look at Momentum

This one is about MOMENTUM, which is changes of acceleration inside a trend.

Low as it might have been it appears there is room to the downside.  How much, or how long it might go I DONT know, but there it is. 

Another post with different measures is included.

Here is MR.NASTY - he never lies and he takes NO Prisoners

Pretty much low as we are, Mr.NASTY is showing Down TREND In-Force.

Mr. Nasty is about TREND