Thursday, June 17, 2010


yes, Virginia, NOTHING has changed.  Today I got in my e-mail several seemingly urgent calls about a miniumum of TWO NEW BUBBLES in the investing world and how to protect myself and profit from them.
I guess we have a BUBBLE  in Bubbles now !

Let me show you above where there is NOT a current BUBBLE forming but where it is bubbling .

I guess I will pass on those two INSIDE CHANCES they were offering me to get the inside scoop on those bubbles and I will have to be stuck with my own technical work to guide me.  Yes the market will fluctuate, and yes the market will crash at times, but not when we are being told in advance that it will.  That  is what makes UNEXPECTED Events, Unexpected.  In fact it makes  you ask  yourself, can there ever be more than one black swan?

Gold, Stock Market, Guts, Guns & Guru's

Pretty catchy title dont you think ??  Something for the search engines to latch onto.

Honestly, I'd like a dime for each time this last month someone has called, or written or asked me in person,
"IS THE MARKET GOING TO CRASH ? " and then they add, "  ' cause that is what I heard someone say.'

So if your that someone, please dont stop, meanwhile here is a VIEW:

Now REMEMBER  MR. NASTY does not lie, nor does  he take any prisoners alive.

So if we have to crash it will be by jumping out a basement window at this time.

Personally I am not betting on a crash just yet.

 Likely what is crashing is any Stock Market Guru's INCOME who is not trying to scare people into action.

I am truly afraid what readers are subject to are the seemingly sensational writings, of some very rational people who realize no one is interested in what they have to say unless it is almost as intense as to be border line paranoid.   Now, I really do love conspiracy theories, and some almost make a little sense in some weird twisted ways, and make great movies.  What they dont make, are good material for any sort of "UNIFIED FIELD THEORY of INVESTING", so, sorry there, as I really do find myself hemmed in by the technicals I find in my market scans and due diligence investitgations.