Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yes Virgina, people, human as they are, CONSPIRE.  The "CONSTANT CONSPIRACY"
 is about as incestuous as the NRA where all the paranoids all talk to themselves and take the commonality of opinion as proof they are right.

  I know mocking the common people as Joe n Mary 6PAK is simply an institution and also a defense mechanism against  continually examining things, and measuring them to see if they stand those tests.

Joe & Mary [ ya thats you and me ] go through life, working, living.  Also they can protect themselves by THINKING for THEMSELVES, and  interpreting what they see in their daily lives.  Kids grow, prices go up, markets fluctuate.  Thats why I have PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS.  Selections there because they have the greatest potential to reverse, and grow, or perhaps run.  Its a method and a system, K.I.S.S. that can work for you, let you ride the cycles, not fight them.   Try a trial half price subscription before it changes, and find yourself on top of the wave .  CATCH THE WAVE !!  For less than a latte you can CATCH IT !!

  There are many many many measures out there, abut few that can really WILL interpret them without serious injection of a bias one way or the other.

 Looking at all this stuff through NeW EyE's every day is probably the hardest  thing one can do and yet the most rewarding.

  Truly we live in strange, dangerous and perilous times, but do you ask yourself wherefrom comes the peril?   Read some FerFal and see what I mean.

   PIIGS, EURO, PTB, CARTEL, FRB, FRN's, are all factors reflected in and discounted  in the market movements.  Yes even markets discount manipulation, and indeed manipulation can be countered.  So much  wasted bandwidth I see  here, everyone wound up tightly, thinking channelized. 

   Once your in PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS those guys will mean a lot more and a lot less.

Try it, you'll like it better than that latte !!