Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well that was fun ! ! !

  Nice to have a couple of these.  Wonder how much gold they  would exchange for that @ $35 oz.?

I notice that everything that I was going to get stopped out of, happened last week.

Riffling thru my spreadsheet on everything I am holding, no stops were hit today, which I find telling in so many ways,  a few of which are:  the stocks with technical merit held up well :  well placed stops are designed to take  you out on a Trend Change, not a correction, and work that way most of the time, and ;  sectors with relevance to the current situation, are easier on your peace of mind.  Case in point, a stock I do not own, but monitor, and have not selected yet, the GRAIN ETF, GRU, is down a total of 7 CENTS today.

 My suspicion  here, is " Is this a giant shakeout?"   When I look at a number of my stocks, I find some of them are down a fair amount but each has been down more, on its own, not all at once, so this is probably a giant liquidity withdrawal and fear inspired but un-coordinated shakeout.  If your well set stops did not take you out, perhaps you need a good Jamesison or Johnny Walker and  movie, or SOMETHING, because I dont  think this is the end of the world.  Too much is riding on this one and we were expecting it.  Expecting it takes all the fun out of the ride.  When it comes out of the blue, as a big surprise, well, I think I will figure that is THE BIG ONE.

Yesterday the TOP 30 turned in a Minus 26.  Today the TOP 30 turned in a MINUS 24, altho with larger average losses.  Take  your pick, but rather than naming this one, I am staying in my selections.  For Now.
Tomorrow that might change.  You simply have to ask yourself :  Whats in your wallet ?"