Monday, May 3, 2010

GOLD ? Get it, Got IT ! GOOD ! ! !

Coming just like an F-16 Falcon, that Gyr is bringing fate to all far and near, in the form of the gold price.

So far this month as gold starts to form its third of three white soldiers, a bullish Japanese Candlestick formation, what I  hear are directives to gold as to where it may or may not go and why it cant go there.  Apparently either the senders have the wrong frequency to send out such a message or gold is ignoring them.

So whether you call it a "Cup  &  Handle", a "Range Shift", 3 White Soldiers UP, I think any direction from spectators will be futile.   I am not feeling futile however, since my batting order is has all jumped individually or stood solid in the face of markets dropping 100 and  200 points in a day.

    Your invited to take a gander at what we do by signing up for a half price LOOK at PEAK PICKS by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button on the sidebar.   The half price LOOK will go away sometime soon, but you also may not get the forthcoming "cashless" LIBRA STRATEGY currently under development, along with the BIG BASS Tactical mode.

    Those and other specialties under development hold excellent potential for short, medium and Ultra Long time frames, which no doubt be a welcome change from what is out there in the markets.

  Good Luck ya'll, and dont forget those 4 G's [ GOLD, Get it !  Got IT !  GOOD ! ]