Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pivot Day, the tide ebbs before the Tsunami returns "ROLLVER" not the movie

By any measure, today was a real downer across the board.  By every measure, the market rolled over today especially if you follow the GOLD LINE.  How far it will go, is anyone's guess.  If you combine Dire Straits "INDUSTRIAL DISEASE" with the 1980's Finacial Disaster Meltdown Movie "ROLLOVER" and you'd have something like exists today, sans the complacency we see all around us today.  I mean life is better, is it not, since  you have or can get a Bluetooth, is it not.  Actually you dont know if  your food is cleaner, as after I found out how they process beef that  is used in fast food resturants, I KNOW that the subscription to PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS is far better for your health than the fast food meal you can skip for the price of the monthly subscription.  Protect yourself, and your stash of capital.  If you increase it, you have a good shot, if it sits, it will diminish as the price of a loaf of bread creeps up, step by step.
     Gold, silver, copper, coal, oil, natural gas,all are forms of currency insurance.  Some you can own in small amounts without margin or borrowing.  These will serve you well.