Saturday, November 27, 2010


In a sense,  the remaining N.American Potash Juniors/Developers are not too different than were the few remaining free-ranging bison of the late 19th Century in North America.

Found on the Plains an Prairies of the West, but known in the East as well, they provided Food for the people.  Now, with Potash, it is and will be global food for the people 
    The Multi-Mineral Supra-National Corporations are hunting.   The Canadian Govt, in a spate of nationalism, quashed the potential take-over of Potash Corp by  a MMSNC, but let POTASH One, get hitched to a German firm, K & S.  Hmm?    How many Juniors are out there now?   Whom are worthy ?   Who will be left ?   And whom will make a run for it and who will stand and fight a lo-ball take-out? 

As much as the heartburn hurt watching these Juniors languish, it was obvious in the rising tide of global food production, that a time of PEAK POTASH would rise. 
      Patience AND being Right paid off in a quad off the 52 week low, and a little bit less from its selection.
What I ponder now is, if our prime candidate in this stampede has more than a double left ?   I think it does but have to wait for the next vignette to unfold next week.  will carry Chat Links and DGS Network  links to forums & Chat.

Sunday, November 14, 2010