Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tweaking the FREQERS.......

Oh heavens to betsy how complex to we have to make all this.   Above is a chart of "WHATS HAPPENING".

What here needs explanation?
The Value of the DOW JONES adjusted for price inflation, provides all the necessary for understanding.

High Frequency Trading is supposed to intimidate us, by allowing market makers and computer freaks to move prices microscopic cents so we cant feel it?  Maybe buying Kinross under $1.00 makes up for that ?

I sat down to read an article on a popular site, and was confronted not by paragraphs, but almost chapters of verbage, that was killing me.   BREVITY & CLARITY are 21st century victims of GreenSpam Speak.

I WAS shocked at my revulsion to the tsunami of words directed at me as an investor, my conclusion is


I know my better half is oft requesting "THE SHORT ANSWER", which I find reasonable, as I dont want to know ALL the details, just what I MUST know, without clutter.  Sadly I am getting used to my own writing style, a bit staccato & visual, and sometimes painfully briefIt is about me being able to communicate an idea and situation  in under two minutes and in two sentences.

I dont think I need to say a lot more,

Another bifurcation? SIL

Now that it has reared its ugly head, you can decide if, when and where you might want to buy it.....or not............

Yes Peak Performance Picks will have an opinion, when the time is right.

Good Luck

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mid-Week Resource Stock

With bullish sentiment at low levels you have to wonder.  What is that Mid-Week Resource stock?
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Typical of a whole Sector, this group has been a bit under the radar during times when resource stocks rally.  Not so much a surprise, as a dark horse that often runs in resource based rallies.

Good Luck