Friday, December 4, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas DONUTS heh ?

Ah yes donuts. Would they be GOLD in this market, or OIL. On Mr.Nasty's monthly chart, OIL is Black and Gold is, well, GOLD. Now, where are the dounts ?? Right before your very eyes. STOCKS anticipated the slide that would be caused in the system by the "Financial Geniuses" that brought us SUB PRIME, ALT "A",Sir Alan's theories and the rest of it. It took the collapse of the crazy borrowing of the Japanese Yen to kick the toothpicks out that were holding up the most recent house of cards.

So is it "GLOOMSDAY" yet ? No, NO, NO not by a long shot. What is in your wallet?

So to speak that is, determines whether its "GLOOMSDAY". Wallet = portfolio.

GOT GOLD ? GOT SILVER ? Eagles? Maples? If not, why not? It takes at least 3 legs to stand easy, IMO, in this environment. CURRENCY ASSURANCE [ got gold ? ],
AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION [ a program ], and one other tried and true method to profit.

Whats in your wallet ? FIAT ? I have fiat in the wallet. FIAT profits from AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION find their way into as much CURRENCY ASSURANCE as I need.
The third leg keeps sending me fiat.

No its not "GLOOMSDAY" or The End of The World as We Know It [ TEOTWAWKI ]. Creating contingency plans has a way of defusing emergencies.

The financial authorities will do as they say their needs FORCE them to do, without
regard for our welfare. Whenever the next "Carry-Trade" collapse comes you will need to be prepared. You can. It might be their "GLOOMSDAY" but with a few simple steps it does not have to be yours.

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