Friday, November 20, 2009

I think Mac is thinking: "A thing well bought is as good as half sold already"

and Nixonian as it may be ""Those who know, aren't talking."

Content right out of my conversation with Mac today at lunchtime. I must tell you that I am in fact a bit tired of all this stuff, because

"NOTHING HAS CHANGED", and that is my observation and opinion, at least as it concerns Mac's side of the deal. Just like a mastiff bred and trained as a wardog, I am sure he'd like some rest, but he has as much fight as ever, and a lot more experience than the Opposition Forces [ OP-FOR ].
At this point, their only hope is their historical experience, but that is trumped by FREEWEST's hands on knowledge of "WHAT TO DO".

As to more of this conversation, well, I tell you no more than this, as the rest is for my subscribers, is that Mac appreciates the historical lessons so evident from the Duke of Wellington. Enough said.

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Tired and Sick of being Sick and TIRED?

That is what I think could summarize Mr. Nasty's mood if he could talk.

Looking at the GREY sections in the VLE chart, we feel as if we are looking at the breathing capacity of a runner at the end of a long sprint. Not really a lot of reserve oxygen left. Hence the feeling of nausea and fatigue. VLE represents all stocks equally. So Apollo Gold has the same weight as Goldman Sachs. Thus you see this peak is lower than previous. HMMMmmm wonder what that could mean.

IMO, hold your stocks that are in REAL Uptrends with REAL stops, down where you cant be shaken out, and keep your other stops where they will refresh your cash position as they get hit. They will get you ready for the next buying opportunities. Observe your buy limits carefully. Your fidelity to your plan will serve you well as you hang on to your discipline.