Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tactical Update, Strategic Review of FREEWEST

tomorrow, after a little more reflection. FREEWEST's Response is Due in the Mail on Wendesday so by Wendesday's market at the latest, we will have the market's view on FWR's stand, maybe sooner. When I do the review, we will be seeing what the TA may be saying to us. So far the TA is FWR 2, NOT 0, but its not halftime yet.

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and was updated today with some of the gladiators in this arena. Make no mistake, even though everyone couches their words in polite terms, and hides behind superficial manners, this is a place where one suffers losses akin to bodily harm and death, it is a fight for supremacy, and ruthless players have no scruples due to the high value of victory or defeat. Thus while everyone need not play in that manner, they at least need to protect themselves against unscrupulous behavior, and ruthless participants.

Freewest and corporate raiders

the story is here