Friday, October 16, 2009


Two differing timeframes SAME MESSAGE. I wont even bother you with the "GLOOMSDAY"
Scenario. Momentum is running out of acceleration, going into neutrality, and soon, IMO, to change trend. Surprising? No, not to you, if you read here, nor to me, as I watch it shift. Do I say hold your stops tight ?
Liquidity as we see it manifested, is rolling over, and each picture simply serves as confirmation for the others. I dont suggest that each is responsible for the other. What is going on here, is liquidity, funds, are leaving the market, either through destruction, as in going to pay off debts, or finding other places to hide assets. Either way, money is coming out of the markets faster than it is going in, and thus the tide is ebbing. It will return, but for now its ebbing.

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