Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lets talk about winners

Toby Hansen, whose link you will find on the sidebar, publishes a fundamentally based quarterly review that I read due his honesty and skill in finding good stocks. I recommend you request a copy of it if you do not read it.

Further he carries reader recommendations which really cover a lot of ground. Whereas I use fundamental analysis to disqualify stocks, most of the stocks in the review are good stocks from a fundamental standpoint, and can be acquired well with market timing. In this regard I was really pleased to see that one of his readers had picked one of my earliest selections from a fundamental standpoint. I present his selection here, unedited and yes it is still amongst my picks yet today. If you dont get Toby's Review, I can only strongly suggest that you request a copy today !

We selected SandRidge Energy 7/16 for PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS @ $8.30, with a stop at $7.10. It may again be included in PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS.

Occasionally, as in the case of SandRidge Energy, fundamental and technical analysis line up. We have been stopped out of it at least twice and are again looking at it for long term. From a trading standpoint, I'd consider picking it up in the area of $12 to 12.50 where it is now. Depending on your time frame and method, either the $11.00 or $10.00 region would be critical. Trading I'd use a $11.75 Stop [ close], and long term I'd use a $10.00 Stop. If your really long term and think candidates come along all the time, then you could wait to buy it $11.00, with the potential of not filling your order for awhile.

Again its about winners, so enjoy.

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