Thursday, September 10, 2009

BIG picture, Little Picture, tired of FEAR - MONGERS ?

Here is Big PIX, MR. Nasty, little PIX UEC & HW
We live in the world, MACRO, we invest in stocks, MICRO, Big Picture, Little picture

Swiss bank flees US, due to taxation uncertainty. Yes Virgina, its bad. No Virgina, not THAT bad, Yet.

Each of us knows Our Own Big Picture. Family, Home, Kids, Car. Or something, Dog maybe. What we sometimes lose focus of is our little picture, checking account, credit cards, brokerage account, yet as in golf or football, the short game builds and supports the long game.

Now the truth so many are unprepared to see: Simplification creates sophistication.
Simplify your life and you can be bullet-proof, until the whole world falls into a heap. Just doesnt seem right does it? People think they must suffer complexity,
but NOT ! The most bullet-proof person I ever met was in a remote village way above the Arctic Circle. She was an older lady, a fur sewing person. Had a bag of fur parts. Everytime she needed "white-man-cash" she sewed up a few hats for people on her waiting list, got cash, buy what she need. No inflation, no currency fluctuations, Period. That was IT. Fini, End, No more.

Few of us can be quite that simple but her banking [ bag of fur parts] was sophistication in the extreme it was soooo simple. She kept her living expense below her income, had VALUE banked and had a Revenue Stream at her finger tips.
What can you simplify in this way, in your life? Do you have some physical, universally acceptable money banked? Do you have a secure revenue stream ?

The more you simplify, the less baggage you have, and since life rolls on like "OL' Man River", and our lives are like rivers, its easier to negotiate with less baggage.

No angst, just less baggage, no fear, just the Big and Little pictures.

Personally I have just had my fill of writers trying to make their messages so compelling that it is a life or death issue in the minds of their readers. So tiring.
Since the minds of my readers are important to me, I cannot think of messing with them in such a way because that in no way at all would ever help them. Do I sound too laid back ? Its because I have been taking my own advice, finally. So simply simplify your investing / speculating, and try a subscription to PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS and see how simply you can profit. While God may be in the details, subscribe to PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS and get the SHORT ANSWERS. Simplify, Because in PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, there Are NO Details, just profits ! ! !

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