Friday, August 7, 2009

Mr Nasty's latest mugshot

Mr Nasty in two perspectives. Note our little Run-Up is about 3 wks long. Quite like the little Drop-Out move of Feb-Mar of this year. Similar in slope and duration.
Does this mean Mr. Nasty is showing us a Great Big Drop, akin but mirror to the Great Big Run-Up of Mar to May of this year? "Well I tell ya what....." as Hank Hill is prone to say: " I dont know...." -> thats me speaking, not one of the cast of "King of the Hill". However that said, I am standing "Bear Guard" during all market hours, until I see if the Bull is just that, BS, or will it really climb the corral walls and run. Lots and lots of data suggests bad things will happen, but the Technically Derived Internal Markets Data tells me the markets want to run up,
so I have to listen and heed it or get run over. This Data is for you, and therefore, as in previous posts, I dont suggest optimism, I recommend "AWARENESS".

Good Luck



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What stands out here, in the most recent analysis, is the strength of select PM and Uranium stocks. Not across the board, but specific issues. Not even all of the
"7 LUCKIEST GOLD STOCKS" were involved, altho some were. A couple of "USUAL SUSPECTS" were in fact, there, but a number of new faces as well.

Both Mr. Nasty and the North American Most Active LeaderBoard showed a decline, with
"Insane Volume of 2.7 Billion shares of "Citi" [ C ] topping the list as the financials continued bulling their way to the top, as a counterweight. Probably they will temper a decline here, but I continue on my "Bear Watch" as this untried bull move attempts to climb a wall of worry.

What I do here, is observe my buying limits and stops. Being paralyzed will make you no money. Even if you choose cash, its an ACTIVE CHOICE, so being pro-active in your own behalf is where the action is. Stocks continue to move, and may you find the ones that are right for you.

Later today I will publish the Stop and Adjustment Update for the last dozen PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS thru my subscribers E-mail link.

If you wish to participate in moves as we now how underway with stocks in-play, you may wish to become familiar with your brokerages facilities to offer you
"Trailing Sell Orders" or "Conditional Orders", in order to work more easily amongst
the current volatile and sudden market moves.

Good Luck


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