Saturday, July 25, 2009

TIGER Riding, anyone ? Last weeks PEAK PICKS

With NONE of my cautions lifted, I say, if you want to ride this tiger, you are now getting volume confirmations as well as Mr.Nasty validating the first part of this move.

While its not surprising, you can look back and see the MAJOR BRADLEY TURN DATE, of July 14-15 in the crook of this V up-turn. Playing this upturn may be dangerous, but Price, Volume and Breadth are now in positive correlation to each other.

Last weeks PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS Gold Medalists acquit themselves well, with 19%. 19% and 26% returns in 9 market days. The surprise winner was HRZ with a move from $3.61 to $5.35 in those 9 days, most of it in the past three days of this week. While that is a 75% gain in 9 days, that is never my expectation, nor do I like to see crazy claims like that. It happened and IT WAS GOOD ! !
Accuracy was 83%, 10 of 12 picks, over all, and 100% in the Gold Medalists.

For your interest, the picks for last week were, SD, EGY, GMK, FRG, CKR, TSM, CYD, MVG, UMC, HRZ, DEJ, KGN, in descending order of preference.

This coming week's PEAK PERFORMANCE PICK are yet to be selected, as we see how the GOLD MEDAL WINNERS will fare this week.

If you think your portfolio could have benefited by an overall 20% return on a "FULL SPREAD" selection of ourlast week's Gold Medal Winners, please consider signing up for our Introductory Offer, listed on the sidebar. Its a lot better for you than a Big Mac, IMO, and I like Big Mac's, LOL.

Good Luck All

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Hi Frequency Trading crap, another reason


We noted trades moving weird,and this is no doubt the reason. All the more reason for capturing reversals "In-Motion", to frustrate these guys and their attempts to screw everyone, IMO.

PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS proved its worth last week as subscribers got the jump with the THREE Gold Medal Winners.