Friday, July 24, 2009


so many causes, less universal than SANITY have dedicated days to their cause.

In Canada, Wear RED Fridays, commemorate the troops sacrifice and tell people that the families are supported.

Now that people are aware of the fraud that have gone on as part of the monetary authorities involvement with other non-govt financial entities, time may well be right for PEOPLE ACTION. Read the below from Investor Village:
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FED con-plan starting to fall through?
The people's representatives are gradually seeing through the FED con-plan ..

SEC, FDIC heads want new council to be supercop

<< Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the committee's senior Republican, said expanding the Fed's powers as called for in the administration's plan "could be very dangerous" and "inconsistent with the principles of democratic government."
A number of lawmakers of both parties insist that the Fed failed to prevent the economic crisis and shouldn't be entrusted with more responsibility but should stay focused on its primary duty of setting monetary policy.
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told the Senate panel Wednesday that he doesn't believe the central bank's role under the administration's proposal would be "radically different" than its current one.>>

I think these three paragraphs sum it up quite nicely.
Heli-Ben plays dum ... the administration's proposal is just more of the ole same ..
Of course he is right.. the FED's role is THAT BAD already for decades leading up to the current mess.

So why take away the can from Ben now, where Alan was allowed to play with it for 2 decades?
Ben deserves an Oscar for honesty if those were ever to be awarded for parliamentary plays.

JMHO, bbb


I copy that post here, for everyone that reads this blog, is touched by all the financial fraud that has put everyone but the super-rich in a deep deep hole.
If you are moved by it, there could be BLOGS after BLOGS documenting it, a FACEBOOK page organizing it, and CONTACT Campaigns putting the word out TO CHANGE THINGS while the public and media are paying attention.

WEAR BLACK MONDAYS is a protest from THE PEOPLE, to Stop the Fraud and Looting and START the PROSECUTIONS.

My friend MONTY HIGH, who publishes WORLD OF WALLSTREET blog has just such a bumper sticker and maybe its time to start paying attention to his idea also.

Anyway that is my philosophical blast for today. WE all SUFFER, so we are all RESPONSIBLE, so perhaps we all should RESPOND. My view is that if your the one to get hurt, your RESPONSIBLE to RESPOND ! !


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