Tuesday, July 21, 2009

REDEUX Summer 2008

WOO WHOOOO, Mr. Nasty's "GET UP & GO" is getting a head start ! !

I WONT say MACD doesnt lie, HOWEVER when Mr. Nasty speaks, I heed the message.

Three issues I have NOT listed on PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, for various deficiencies, but perhaps some to be looked spanning the sectors, would be CT, WEN, GGR, CFP.To, WEE.V. These stocks are missing some particular technical element to qualify, or have advance beyond the "LOW RISK" area, while perhaps establishing a trend. FWIW, there they are for your interest.

All our stops have been moved upwards in our weekly advance on profits.

As far as I can see, this rally is as hollow and unreal as last year, and hence our selections and stops acknowledge this in two ways. First we only select stocks we are willing to HOLD if we had to, and second, we set stops to do two things: Preserve capital [ prevent getting trapped], and preserve profits.

I like rallies because I select mostly stocks under $5.00 to maintain strong upwards leverage when they move, and basically lower priced inverse ETF's are hard to trade unless you are RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THEN. Whether this rally turns out to be false or not, will not affect the validity of the profits we take from it, so we shall profit as we can.


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