Monday, July 13, 2009

Your time NOW? What market ?

You are INVITED to help us launch our PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS. NOW you can subscribe to PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, which were previously only available to consulting clients.

After writing and writing about the challenges facing average investors, it was time to go public, so on Midnight July 12th, PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS went public.

Scanned, filtered and selected REVERSAL Candidates Selection Results to your INBOX,

Yours to test drive for less than the cost of a Big Mac Meal, and a lot better for you.

Done right it can fatten your bottom line, not your waist line. Now really folks, is it all simple.?

Yes Simple, Quick, Effective ! ! Effortless ? No, you must act timely & follow-up.

SIMPLE, yes for you. That was the idea all along

No Tsunami of Text, no conflicting guru’s opinions. No conflict, No double talk.

PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS is based on technical criteria, basic observation, and each stocks statistics. You know when there is going to be a thunderstorm, we all do, it doesn’t take a weatherman to do that. And a trained observer can help you track it even better.

What does it take? Preliminary scans of all the listed stocks in US and Canada, for the first step. Second, filtering the scan results. Third, a “Trained Observer”, not an algorithm, not a “Quant” or black box, to evaluate and sort the next results, and rate them, and apply their OWN relevant statistical measures to them. Sort them into Winners, Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal winners, and track them. And get them to you TIMELY.

PEAK PERFORMANCE Winners you can use to fatten your bottom line, and take a bite out of the market..

Does it always work ? No, it does not. Experience shows me it works about 75% of the time. Did I say your mileage will vary ?? I am sure it will, some.
For every FOUR selected, one throws us for a loss [ Margin of Safety], Two produce reasonable profits over 2-4 weeks, and one turns into a runner. “CHECK-Back” and “Margin of Safety” data is available to help you stay with those runners and not get bucked off.

Your portfolio's performance is worth a lot more than even a year of whatever you care to name, so a wee bit of your time and attention may just pay off.

Tomorrow I will publish the PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS clients had available to them Sunday midnight.

Good Luck