Sunday, July 12, 2009

What I expect now

I expect I will enter the top three numerically rated stocks WHICH are NOT shown on the LINKS under AAA Top Rated Stocks. Based on a Peak Rating of 10, my three top stocks are rated #1/ [ Nat Gas # & P ],10/10; #2 [ Crude Oil Producer ], / 9 of 10 ; #3/ [Agricultural Products ], 8.3 of 10.

The stocks listed on the links are rated as follows: FRG, 7.7 of 10; CKR, 7.7 of 10;
TSM, 7.7 of 10; CYD 7.3 of 10; MVG 7.0 of 10; UMC, 6.7 of 10; HRZ, 6.3 of 10;
DEJ, 5.7 of 10; KGN 5.0 of 10.

COMPOSING the ratings were the Position of Momentum and Trend Measures like MACD,
Money Flow considerations as could be seen in CHaiken Money Flow [ CMF ], Price Action as often summarized by the relationship of various daily price movements represented by Japanese Style Candlesticks, Confirmation by Volume Patterns, plus volatility and risk assessment. Each of these factors is given a numerical weighting and totalled, and VOILA, the above numbers !. Thats what I KNOW.

After screening ALL the listed stocks in the US and Canada, thru some universal criteria, the remaining are then subjected to filtering thru my personal criteria.
Those remaining after that, are then rated on the above criteria by a HUMAN BEING,
Me !!!

Any stock making it into the actual rating process, probably has 10 to 20 times the reversal potential of most unrated stocks in the Universe of Listed Stocks in Canada and the USA. Therefore, a 5 of 10 rating is like receiving a Bronze Olympic Medal, on its potential for a reversal. The top third would be the Gold Medalists, the next third the Silver Medalists, and the Bronze Medalists would be next. Each is a high honor on potential, but you have to watch the Olympic Event to see how they actually place. Those stocks on this list, represent the top 1/2 of 1% of the tops in potential technical reversals, so its a hard one to make.

Anyway have fun with the Silver and Bronze Medialists, and I will post the Gold Medalists by the end of this week.

Good Luck.

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