Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ya Gotta Luv IT

AMAZING how long they can spin out this game. MR. NASTY stands at 532, and the GREEN LINE is @ 530 as of yesterdays close. Lets see what the shenanigans concerning the Bond Market do to the Advances and Declines. Raw Advances minus Declines are the fuel for this index and if the NET does not keep pace with the proportionate movement,
Mr NASTY diverges in the direction the market is most inclined to follow thru with.
Mr. Nasty himself is kinda long term and short term all rolled into one critter, so tis best used to So SLOOOWLY assess which way the market wants to roll.

VOLUME is also a good VALIDATOR.

No point using any more words here, as the pictures tell the story. Failure of the Volume and Net Advances to keep pace basically spell either DOOM or Stagnation for this market, IMO, and the only amazing part is how long they can spin it out.

Prudence would suggest caution and "field awareness" if not hard stops. Time and Gravity will prevail here.

Things are scary enuf I have NOT been able to find anything I like right now for longs.

To emphasize, the first chart on the list shows there are NO MORE STOCKS to Recruit into UPTRENDS........ hmmm, wonder that that portends. ? I think they are out of running room.........


Good Luck