Monday, May 4, 2009

A couple selections for SIMULATION

Well screening about 5K issues to find some candidates, came up with a bunch of stock, mostly metals juniors, acting like nervous racehorses going to the starting gate at the "Buy Out Derby", or so it would seem.

The two stocks here I have liked in the past are, and NSU. NSU is mostly a silver play, and has good candlesticks, IMO. The others, TGB, well I know too much about that one, but its acting like it is getting some energy under it.
Evolving Gold [ EVG.v], I cannot speak to except to say I remember good fundo text snippets I have heard about it.

so US : TGB, NSU
Canadian: , EVG.v, and of course the two others are also listed on Canadian exchanges.

DYODD, and good luck all