Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Touched by the Moon" - > Moon Struck and other

such phrases. In my childhood I hear used the term "Alunae", which the speaker used to indicate the subject was a bit touched by the forces of the moon, or a wee bit off their rocker. This relates in a tiny tid-bit of a way, why I think things move together.

I often look at things like BRADLEY DATES, Fibonacci Date Clusters, and the infamous ARMSTRONG Dates. Even now Jim Sinclair is saying he thinks Alf Fields gold projections will come round right, probably on Martin Armstrong's dates. I dont agree, cause my Interest Differential XAU INDEX price projector shows a slow drift down into the early summer. No matter, because all those date series still have applicability within the other systems.

Fibonacci Dates are immutable, dont move once calculated, but do have windows of various length depending on the length of time used to calculate them. Clearly ARMSTRONG's and BRADLEY Dates are also Immutable,but still have windows. The overlapping nature of these items can be maddening, or enlightening.

I also looked at the Lunar Calendar. I dont discount astrology, but a lot of it is either complex or cryptic enuf I cant interpret it well.
To me, having worked with a certain sector of the public well enuf know to go "mental", I opine that the most dangerous part of the moon cycle is btwn the Waxing Half Moon, and the Waxing Full Moon, in this Case from 1 May to 9 May, when I find people behave most dangerously erratic. So most interesting is that the STRESS-TEST, true or bogus as it might be, had been scheduled for MAY 4, and now has been Re-Scheduled for 7 MAY. Given THIS Lunar "Dangerous / Crazy " window, I will be on my toes.

The picture I am seeing is a long drawn out top, where the MM's, Professionals, and Specialists have been, IMO, lightening their load by selling a lot of their inventory to the public. Had they not been so doing, the upside would be a lot more telling and intense. Truth be told, this is the role of these guys, within the system, mechanically, its not a conspiracy, but in fact, it is an indicator, IMO.
Functionally a long drawn out top instills complacency in the public which is where a FALL could occur.
Everyone who has tired of hearing my endless calls to impose protective stops, have my apologies. BUT I still am calling for protective stops. Specifically under virtually everything ! EVERYTHING ! ! ! What level you situate the STOP ORDER, or what type of order you use, is within your discretion.

Stay vigilant, and keep your powder dry,